Fan Fic: Marvel Land

Fan Fic: Marvel Land

Three second string Marvel super heroes converse as they wait to enter Marvel Land.

Hello CBMers!!!

Hello greatly appreciated reader. I write various comedic articles here on, and here is another. This is an idea I was kicking around in the same nature as my other work, with similar comedic elements but with a more narrative driven premise. Anyway, that premise revolves around a place called Marvel Land, a training facility for bright eyed, inexperienced superheroes in the Marvel universe.

The building is rather unremarkable, quite common in appearance. It stands four stories high, neutral in color. Few windows and a small two door entrance give the building its limted features. Just through those two doors, is a rather impressively sparse large foyer. Three people shuffle about the wood paneled floor. These are the new applicants to Marvel Land. Here Squirrel Girl, Cloak, and Captain Britain wait...

CB: "Course they build this place in New York. These people seem to think the whole world revolves around this bloody city. Glances at Cloak Say mate, innit two of you? Yea, aren't you in some kind of team?"

CLOAK: "Stares at his feet and sighs If you must know. Yes. I once had a partner. More than a partner actually, she was my girlfriend. Dagger."

CB: "That's right! See. I knew it. Cloak and Dagger. So, what happened?"

CLOAK: "Not that it's any of your concern, but she met someone else."

CB: "Oh. Sorry mate. You're right, none of my concern. You seem a little touchy about it. Did she meet someone named CapeMan? Haha. Sorry. Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Sorry."

CLOAK: "Oh, I've heard it all this last week. And, just to please you, his name is Hoodie. The three break into laughter"

SG: "That sucks dude. What's worse, you and her created a whole thing out of being together. I mean, your superhero identities almost require you to be together. Man, that has got to be weird."

CB: "Certainly not as bad as being known as Squirrel Girl, innit? Honestly, why? I mean, was raccoon already taken?"

SG: "Actually..."

CLOAK: "And what? Captain Britain is so much better? How original, never heard of anything at all like that."

CB: "Oh, come on mate! Squirrel Girl is a rather odd name. Lets not get off on a bad foot here. So, how did you guys get the invite to this place? Now I know you must have a recommendation, from a respected mask. And I'll have you know, I got mine from none other than Captain America' friend Falcon. What about you guys?"

SG: "I'm very proud to say that I got mine from the X-Men's coolest, sexiest, and most bad ass member. Dazzler! Hate all you want! She's one of my idols."

CLOAK: "I actually got mine from Spiderman. At least I like to think so. Although there's a chance it may of been a clone. Or someone inside his head, in control. I don't even know anymore. One time, I heard he turned into a giant spider and gave birth to himself!"

CB: "Yuck. The lord must truly hate Spiderman. Ehh, can't say I blame him. Spiders are rather icky."

SG: "Ha. I'll have to remember that. The Queen's champion doesn't like spiders. Are you going to change your name Cloak?"

CLOAK: "Naw. I don't think so. You know it took me and Dagger twenty six months to just come up with that!"

CB: "It must bite though, she gets a name like Dagger and you got Cloak. I don't think people even use the term Cloak anymore, less they're describing Sherlock Holmes villains, right?"

SG: "This place is kinda creepy. You guys ever wonder why they call it Marvel Land?"

CLOAK: "Never really thought to much about it. I suppose any name, would've been weird for a superhero training company. But I've heard nothing but good things. At least, Moon Knight can't stop praising this place. But he's kind of crazy."

CB: "Across the pond, there's a similar place. Not as well reputed as this one. And they've got an incredible name. Something like, dawn of justice."

Suddenly a door slides opens with and a pale light shining into the foyer area. A bombastic voice sounds, it says...

VOICE: "You've been expected Squirrel Girl, Cloak, Captain Britain. Please step inside. Your path to super heroic greatness begins now."

The three began to make their ways to the doorway, Captain Britain is noticeably giggling.

CLOAK: "What the hell is so funny?"

CB: "Sorry. Sorry. It's just...he said Squirrel Girl."

Thanks to everyone who read as always. Mostly this was written in part, to my lack of Marvel characters. And in part to see....well, nevermind that. But please comment and let me know what you thought. Thanks.
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