Fan-fic: The NEW 52

Fan-fic: The NEW 52

Check out my awesome fan cast!

Background Info:
The New 52 has been out for a while now and seems to be the basis for the new generation of films from Warner Bros. based off of our beloved characters from DC Entertainment! This is my take on a future cast the would come together to form the new 52 universe on screen. Starting with the Justice League!

Movie Synopsis:
The story would be influenced with the storyline from tower of babel while still using the main elements from the new 52!

Superman:Henry Cavill

Cavill is the first casting decision in a new generation of joint films based on the new JLA in the new 52. I think he is the best casting decision for Superman he will bring it to new heights but with a contemporary feel.

Batman:Lee Pace

This is always a hard decision for casting most actors are over used for this role so I wanted to be original. I settled on Lee Pace he screams Bruce Wayne from this picture and he has the dark presence needed for a great Batman!

Wonder Woman: Taylor Cole

Taylor is a great actresses she has had a steady career but this role fits her acting style and she has the looks for it as well. She would make for one bad ass amazon while fighting for justice.

Aquaman:Liam Hemsworth

Liam was almost Thor for Marvel until his brother beat him out. This role would be almost identical accept for the under water elements. He just needs to let his hair grow a little longer and you have the perfect Aquaman.

Flash:Ryan Gosling

Gosling deserves to don a super hero outfit sometime in his film career. The role of Barry Allen/Flash is the perfect role for him he can be serious while also bringing a comedic arch to the character which is needed for the Flash.

Green Lantern:Matthew Bomer

This would be the ideal time to reboot the Green Lantern...While I enjoyed the Reynolds version it lacked certain elements needed for a good film in particular a good script & director. Bomer could play both Superman & Batman however I think he fits better with Green Lantern!

Cyborg:Nick Jones Jr.

Nick Jones was originally going to cameo as John Stewart in the Green Lantern movie but those scenes were never shown. I think he looks just like the new version of Cyborg and would bring the character to life in new and exciting ways.

Darkseid:Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn was great as Worf in Star Trek:TNG! He would be an AMAZING Darkseid!He could use motion capture or special effects make-up to bring the character to life!

Lex Luthor:Leonardo Dicaprio

Cavill needs a young apponent to his Superman and I think Dicaprio would be the ultimate pick for Lex he would just have to shave his head and boom you have a seasoned Lex that is ready to wreak all kinds of havock.

The Joker:Wes Bentley

Some fan cast Bentley as Batman however I think he would do better in the role of Joker he has the menacing look of the character and could bring even a darker side to him then Ledger did.

Sinestro:Mark Strong

Sinestro was one of the bright sides of the GL movie. Strongs brought the character to life like no one else and for that reason I have decided to re-cast him in this film.

Cheetah:Gina Carrano

Gina is an amazing fighter and up and coming actress she is a favorite for Wonder Woman but I think she would be an even better Cheetah and hold her own against Taylor Cole.

Black Manta:Djimon Honsou

He is one of my favorite actors and he would be a great Black Manta..He wouldn't even half to change is voice for the character.

Heat Wave: Mark Wahlberg

A formidable villain for Cyborg Mark Wahlberg has not been in any main stream movies for a while so this could be his role back in with the movie going audience.

Captain Cold:Guy Pearce

Finally Captain Cold Guy Pearce has an interesting acting style and should play a bad guy in a super hero film he would be great trying to slip up Flash in his tracks.
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