FAN-FIC: The Peter Stone Saga - The Sky Cities

FAN-FIC: The Peter Stone Saga - The Sky Cities

FAN-FIC: The Peter Stone Saga - The Sky Cities

Hit the jump to read a plot summary for the first part of a brand new sci-fi trilogy created from my fertile imagination, The Peter Stone Saga - The Sky Cities!

Hey all,

So, I haven't done any fan-fic in a while. I'm trying to get together a Captain America fan-fic and maybe something else, I'm pretty interested in DareDevil at the moment. But recently I've been developing an original sci-fi idea, which would be a trilogy. The story is centered around the leader of a rebellion towards big business and modern technology, and humanity's eagerness to prolong life as long as possible. Intrigued? Read ahead for a plot summary of Part 1...

In the year 2166 the head of the Arama Corporation (Jonathan Arama) actively campaigns to abandon Earth and live in the sky with his concept of 'Sky Cities', as Earth is too polluted and dangerous to now support life, with genetically engineered monsters and mutated canabillistic humans roaming certain areas.

He wins his argument, and the population takes to the skies and it is designed as a Utopia. There is no more hunger, no more suffering. Everything is paradise. Peter Stone is a man greatly against this and is trying to raise a rebel army to send us back to our natural habitat. Jonathan realises that people will never adjust to the fact that they have left Earth whilst knowing all the details. He creates an elaborate plan and a new drug to shroud a veil of secrecy around him, and the drug is called the Eternal drug.

The Eternal Drug prevents the body from aging or attracting any natural illnesses/diseases. They are still subject to immediate death though, e.g if he is shot he will die. He takes it, and becomes immortal in some ways. But somebody else takes it as well. In an assault on the Arama Corporation, Peter Stone manages to sneak into the offices and injects some of the Eternal drug into his system, after a fair bit of research beforehand. 2 billion years later, people believe that Arama is God. He created the world they live in and they worship him, and the Earth below is Hell.

Peter Stone has a massive rebel army, and they are considered evil amongst some, freedom fighters amongst others. Arama's vision never really came true, as the two forces have been at war for millions/billions of years. Arama wants to end the war, and makes his first public appearance in billions of years and is met with humble worship etc. Stone plans to thwart this, and when Arama is in the right position he shoots him in the head. The population is in a state of devestation, and the rebels are hunted down and executed. Stone is given a punishment worse than death, forced to live in the harsh environment known as Earth. He is beamed down, and is given some tools to help him survive as the government believes the population would like to watch him fight for survival.

He finds various tribes of people who have been beamed down to Earth over the years, and begins forming a new army. Arama is put into a cyborg body, but people believe it will stop functioning soon. After battling tons of monsters and finally arriving in London, the final stage of the fight begins. Arama and an army of fighter robots head to Earth of fight Stone and his new army. They have gained the trust of monsters, and they ambush the fight overpowering Arama's army. He has had enough of being overpowered by Stone, and the two engage in battle.

Stone stabs Arama's cyborg body in the chest and he falls to his doom
(they're a top some tall building). His army are destroyed, and Stone has one. Back in the Sky Cities, the Rebels are in celebration as their leader has won the battle. They manage to gain control of the light beam and bring Stone and his new army back in to the Sky.

One of the major sub-plot's of the story is that, as it's billions of years in the future, the sun is on the verge of a supernova which will wipe out Earth. So the Sky Cities need to leave Earth and find a new planet to live above. Stone gets home in time, and they leave Earth and the ending is the entire population watching the sun destroy Earth.

The story of the sequel will consist of humanity's pursuit to find another planet that can sustain life in the same way as Earth, as they know that they cannot drift in space forever. And before you ask, I am aware that the title sucks. If you can think of a better one, let me know in the comments. The story is basically what I wrote in the summary, the rest is action (assaults on the Arama Corporation, Stone fighting monsters on Earth etc). Casting-wise, Jeremy Renner would play Peter Stone and Cillian Murphy would play Jonathan Arama.

I hope you enjoyed it, and as always leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!

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