FAN FIC: UniBeam11 & BombBasticBagMan13's Issue #7

FAN FIC: UniBeam11 & BombBasticBagMan13's Issue #7

UniBeam11 wants to introduce his silent partner in this comic script, so meet the guy who has been with me since the beginning; BombasticBagMan13. Shout outs to : Cipher, JonathanIsMagnum, JackofSpawnington, WorldBreaker, rockerdude22, BattlinMurdock and many others!

So, if you have read up this point, you have read the previous 6 issues and know that our heroes, Captain America and the Punisher were left to face the arena. Find out what awaits them as they enter the fight of their lives! Meanwhile our heroes Ares, IronMan, Spider-Man and Hellstrom are all locked up with the Sentry, see what Doom has planned for this raggedy bunch.

We would like to address, that at the beginning of the issue is a big paragraph form description of the action and what is going on. We weren't completely sure how else to format it because we know that our current format is not professional grade by any means but it works for us and feels easy to read and follow, hope you feel the same. But reading the action directions are not necessary, they are more for people feel compelled to read on and imagine what it would look like in panel form. You may skip it and it will not hinder your reading experience. So, please, no format comments :)

We would like to give shout outs to the people who have given great feedback and have read on here since the beginning. Big thanks to Cipher,Worldbreaker, The AmazingSpidey63, rockerdude22, JackOfSpawnington, Cardiakid,IronLeprechaun, BattlinMurdock, tweeeeenkies3, JonathanIsMagnum, RaimiSpiderMan and MarauderM. Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy the read, thanks for the time and all of the great advice and feedback helping to shape this issue. Without Further Adieu, BombasticBagMan13 and UniBeam11 present Issue #7.

Issue 7

The Links to the previous issues are as followed if you feel so compelled to catch up if you have not already: (Issues 1&2) (Issues 3&4) (Issue 5) (Issue 6)

Thanks for reading and please leave your comments in the usual place. Feedback is welcomed and will be well-received, please keep it constructive! If you feel compelled, hit the thumbs up button! Help us make main! Thanks guys.

UniBeam11 & BombasticBagMan13
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