FAN FIC: Updated Rules & Regulations On Posting

FAN FIC: Updated Rules & Regulations On Posting

What constitutes fan-fic? What can and cannot be posted in that section? There has been some confusion over this in the past, so as the new fan-fic moderator I thought I would lay out the basics for anyone planning on posting..

For those who don't know, several weeks ago Jim/Galactus/Big G asked me if I would be interested in being the Fan-Fic moderator. I graciously accepted because I had noticed that the Fan-Fic section was littered with poorly written, half-assed work. After a few hiccups, the process seems to be working fine and I have gotten some feedback, good and bad, about it. But a lot of users still seemed confused about what constitutes as Fan-Fic.

1. What qualifies as Fan-Fic material?
Obviously anything based off a comic book (Batman, Spider-Man, Archie, Nemesis, etc.) counts. If it is something that at some point and time has been a comic book (Tim Tebow, The Expendables, Django Unchained, etc.) then it also counts. If it is something related to what we cover on the site (Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, Mission: Impossible) then in most cases that could count too.

2. What exactly is acceptble stuff to post?
Fancasts, where you cast the characters for a film and/or tv series.
-Fancasts must contain the following: pictures of both the actors AND the characters. It is preferred that the pictures be together, like this,

Beast-Joel Edgerton

but it is not required. It just makes it look better. You MUST also have descriptions for why you chose the actors you did. Example (from MrBlueSky's Iron Man fancast):

That is how you give a description. NOT one like this: "He's a good actor. He could do it."....that is not a description. That's an uninformative statement.

Fan scripts are also acceptable, as long as it falls within the criteria of Question #1 (scroll up if you forgot). The main rules for the scripts are: a) if you post it within the article (and not an embedded script) SPACE OUT YOUR PARAGRAPHS. No one is going to read a mass cluster of words. Spacing helps A LOT. B) No more posting stories in parts. Either post the entire story/script in one article or wait until you complete it to post it (in one article).

The third and final thing people post is fan art. The only rule for posting fan art is that you must post your own art, not someone else's you found through Google. If you feel compelled to post art that you find, post in Features, where another editor will decide if it's worth an article.

NO PREVIEWS OF UPCOMING WORK! Post the completed work only.

3. The Rest
If you post anything that only needs a little tweaking (you need descriptions, you need more pictures, etc.) here is what happens. I move the article to post on a later day, usually 3 or 4 days, depending on how much you need to change. I also send you an e-mail telling you what you need to change. When the artcile reposts itself, if you haven't made the neccasary changes, I'll again move the article ahead 3-4 days and e-mail you again. If it still doesn't have the needed changes, I will delete the article. It's not my fault if you don't check your e-mail. You have to give us one when you sign up for a reason.

DO NOT STEAL OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK. A few weeks ago someone posted a fancast and all their pictures had been made by MrBlueSky. The article was immediatly pulled. If another user has a picture(s) you want to use, ASK THEIR PERMISSION FIRST. If you do not hear from them, move on.

DO NOT REPOST SOMETHING IF IT HAS BEEN DELETED. This also applies to something I've delayed. Do not repost it without the required adjustments or the article will be deleted.

I really enjoy reading people's work on here. We have a lot of talented users who contribute great stuff. I look forward to seeing what we get next. If you have any questions about anything discussed above or you think I forgot to adress something, please let me know in the comments below or e-mail me through the Contact Me tab on my profile. Cheers!
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