A group of aspiring filmmakers and I got together to make a film project for school based on the popular character Batman. From that short film spawned an idea to make a feature-length Batman film ourselves, much like many Batman fans have. Here's a quick look at our upcoming non-profit fan-film "Batman: Dysfunctional".

For the longest time, I have been a huge Batman fan. I loved watching the 60's show, the animated series, and the movies (with one exception *cough cough Batman & Robin cough*). Point is, I couldn't get enough of the Caped Crusader.

Last year, a few classmates and I did a Batman short film for our Theatre class. It was just a small scale, really simple project. And because I know someone's going to ask, we got an A on the assignment.

That short film inspired us to create a true Batman fan-film to be released on the internet. Non-profit, of course. So, we spent the majority of last year gathering up funds. We held some fundraisers, sold some of our junk, and spread the word on the project. Soon enough, we had enough money for the correct costumes and camera equipment.

With the script being finished soon after, we set out to make a trailer to hype people for the project. So, here it is:

I hope you enjoy it. Please, show us some support on the project by visiting and liking our Facebook page:

This non-profit fan-film is purely for the entertainment of ourselves and others. Batman and all related characters are property of DC Comics and Warner Bros.
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