FAN MADE: Check out these BATMAN V SUPERMAN posters and MORE

FAN MADE: Check out these BATMAN V SUPERMAN posters and MORE

With all this talk of BATMAN V SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE I've been wired up to my computer editing different posters and manips of my favorite heroes. Hit the jump to view a compilation of BATMAN V SUPERMAN manips and other upcoming DC FILMS.

NOTE: These images are from my flickr account. If you wish to get a hi-res copy of any manip below, you must go to my page HERE. Enjoy!


Batman v Superman RETURNS







I had spent most of my time making these posters at Starbucks. So I drew this on one of the cups, you think I got the Dark Knight right?


So I went to Super-Con (Comicbook Convention in Miami) and there I so happen to see Jason Momoa. Actually, I knew he was going to be there prior to the convention. So the week before seeing him, I made THIS manip of him as AQUAMAN! and I GOT HIM TO SIGN IT! The look on his face was priceless and I even gave him a copy. I asked him if it was close to what his actual outfit will look like, but he kept his lips sealed (even though he couldn't wipe away his grin). Well I hope you guys like this!


Thats all folks, thank you all for viewing my work and I appreicate it if you reframe from claiming it as your own sweat and tears. If you wish to use any of the images just let me know please. Also if any of you have any bright ideas on what I should try and tackle next (maybe something MARVEL related) just leave me a message. 

Till next time...


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