FAN-MADE: Fantastic Four Reboot Poster

FAN-MADE: <span style="color:blue">Fantastic Four Reboot Poster</span>

Thought I'd upload my newest poster for Marvel's greatest family. Hope you like it!

Okay, where do I begin?
Basically, I got the idea after watching the Star Trek reboot and thinking just how much I'd love to see J. J. Abrams take on the Fantastic Four. I pondered some more and decided I'd see what a poster might look like in the style of a Star Trek one.
The result was decent enough so I thought I add a few bits and pieces and upload it.


I'd suggest looking at it on my DeviantArt page if you want to see it in a higher quality and size. The link is here:
I went with the cast that I've wanted for a while now of Jack Davenport as Reed, Charlize Theron as Sue, Ryan Kwanten as Johnny and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ben. I edited a picture of the original Thing costume to look more like the comic version by making the brow much larger, the nose much smaller and the top of the head much lower.

Overall I really hope you like it!
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