FAN MADE: Scandinavian Short-Film LOGAN

FAN MADE: Scandinavian Short-Film LOGAN

Have a look at this impressive short from Swedish filmmakers André Hedetoft and Andreas Climent, who describe it as "a dark Scandinavian spin on the origin of Wolverine." It stars Wallander's Tobias Nilsson and is well worth a watch..

We are two filmmakers from Malmö, Sweden. Our shared interest in making movies grew out of the geek culture we absorbed growing up. We got to know each other five years ago on a film shoot and became friends. Without knowing it, we had grown up at the same place, gone to the same schools and shared a childhood that through different paths had taken us to the same place. We decided to make something together.
This is the result.

We’re huge fans of the character Wolverine and as an exercise we just wanted to make our own scandinavian spin on his origin story together with our friends. This is a non-profit fan film made by fans for fans. It is in no way affiliated with Marvel Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox or The Walt Disney Company. All characters inspiring the film, and their likeness, belong to their respective owners.
Please don’t sue us. We’re already broke.

Andreas Climent & André Hedetoft

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