Fan Made: The Best Mods For BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

Fan Made: The Best Mods For BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

PC gamers REJOICE! XBOX and PS3 gamers will grow with envy as they see these amazing fan made mods to the hit game Batman: Arkham City. Mods like having the The Dark Knight Batsuit, Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, Adam West batsuit, Robin & Nightwing freeroam around Arkham City, and is that? It is. Deadpool in Arkham City? Hit the jump to check it out.

A year ago this month, probably the best superhero game ever released in Batman: Arkham City was released. Arkham City won numerous Game of the Year awards, holds a 96/100 for the Playstation 3 on Metacritic, as of February 2012 Arkham City has sold over 6 million copies and was the 7th best selling game of 2011 and game-rental service GameFly said that Batman: Arkham City was the most requested game of 2011, beating out Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Batman: Arkham City has been nothing short of amazing and yet it still getting better. Mods that are made by and for PC Gamers show us some amazing mods that only PC gamers can enjoy. I hope that all of you enjoy these mods.


Adam West. Really the first actor to ever play Batman. Who doesn't remember the 1960s Batman TV show? Now you can enjoy playing as Adam West in Arkham City. This suit was made for the Batman: Year One Batsuit.


For me, Batman Beyond was one of the coolest shows ever. In the Skins Pack you receive the suit from the series but someone modded it and took a suit that was a 10, up to a 21.


The Merc With The Mouth is taking over Arkham City. That's right, PC Gamers can play as the one and only Deadpool in Arkham City. The bad side is he has no guns but your still Deadpool. This mod was made using the Red Robin suit.


Ah the Flash. You doesn't like him? You can now play as the Flash in Arkham City. This mod was made using the Red Robin Suit.


In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight, let those who do evil's might in Arkham City beware my wrath. GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!!! GL has come to Arkham City. This mod was made using the Nightwing suit.


Ah Michelle Pfeiffer. Who doesn't remember her? While Anne Hathaway is the new Cat on the block, Michelle will always remain. This mod was made using the Catwoman Animated Series skin.


In my mind, the best movie in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. You can play in The Dark Knight suit.


Spawn, while not a well known hero, is one who has teamed up with Batman before. You too can play as Spawn and journey around Arkham City.


If any of those mods didn't make XBOX and PS3 owners jealous, this will. One bad thing about Arkham City was that you couldn't play as Nightwing or Robin around Arkham City. You can only play as them in the maps. Thanks to a PC Gamer you can play as Robin and Nightwing in Arkham City, ONLY ON THE PC. You PC gamers suck. Enjoy.

What was you favorite mod? Tell us below in the comments. Enjoy. Peace.
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