Fan Made Trailer for SIN CITY 2, Plus A Potential New Cast Member?

Fan Made Trailer for SIN CITY 2, Plus A Potential New Cast Member?

Is Angelina Jolie even still rumored to be in SIN CITY 2? The creator of this trailer certainly hopes so. And could the sultry, infamous Alexis Dziena be the next casting addition?

Posted last night by kickassvideosus, this trailer is pretty subdued. Still, with all the eagerness built up over the last seven years, I had to replay it multiple times. And with all the recent progress, I had forgotten Jolie was even rumored for this. But yes, most early discussions of the film revolved around which actress might be devastating enough to play the title role.

A few nods to Devon Aoki make me wonder if this was put together at an earlier date, or if I'm possibly not the only one sad to see her go. Other flashbacks were a bit too iconic, Nancy on stage or bandaged Marv, and broke the illusion for me. And why is there a KostMart in Sin City?? Too funny.

As a last bonus, here's a pic from the recent party Frank Miller hosted to kick off production.

It's not easy being Marv!

Plus Alexis Dziena, who Bill Murray and anyone who saw Broken Flowers will never forget, can be spotted in the background. Could she be the newest addition to the girls of Old Town?

Anybody else foaming at the mouth for this movie? Thoughts/criticism of the trailer? Who do you want to play The Dame? Anybody else you really want to see return? Other hopes?
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