FAN-ticising: Streets of Gotham

FAN-ticising: Streets of Gotham

Fancast for a Batman live action Tv Series

Out of all the comic book characters, Batman is by far my favorite character. If I was choose between DC and Marvel, I would choose Marvel. But my favorite character would be Batman even though he is not a Marvel character.

It's been a while since there has been a show about Batman, and please do not bring up Batman: Brave and the Bold. That show is so bad that if I were to call it crap, it would be an insult to anything that is crap.

I have been thinking that there should be a live action TV series about Batman, we've had a Superman TV series and that lasted ten seasons. The freaking Sopranos didn't even last that long!

I would like to see a live action Batman TV series that brings out more of the detective in Batman more than brute with brains. I still want to see the same Batman that could take on 20 guys at a time without even breaking a sweat, but in the comics, Batman is known as the world's greatest detective and some of us forget that, because he is breaking the bad guys bones.

We can still have the same Batman that can kick the crap out of people, but mostly the series should be about Batman as a detective, solving crimes, mostly the weird and violent ones.

Armie Hammer as Batman

He's not the biggest name in Hollywood, and seeing how it would be a TV series, a big name wouldn't do. He is a up and coming actor and his status will rise even higher after J.Edgar hits theaters. He is tall and built enough to be Batman, and if you've seen Social Network, you know he can act.

John Hurt as Alfred

I would have chose Ian Mckellen but he didn't seem Alfred enough to be Alfred.

Paul Bettany as the Joker

He is a good actor, good enough for the role. He was interested in the role of the Joker in the Dark Knight, he of course didn't get it. I saw some pictures of him as the Joker and he looks creepy in a way like the Joker in the animated series did.

Michael C Hall as Scarecrow

We all know he can play the crazy role, and we all know Scarecrow is crazy, so I don't see why not.

Timothy Olyphant as Mr. Freeze

We've only seen Mr.Freeze once in a Live Action movie, and the way the role of Mr. Freeze was played, it was like watching a parody, except it wasn't even remotely funny. I think Olyphant can play a cold blooded Mr. Freeze.

James McAvoy as The Riddler

Riddler is a cunning enemy of Batman, and he needs somebody that could give the Riddler the same kind of Smart/Sneaky feel. I'm not real good with explaining things, so forgive me, if that didn't make sense to you. McAvoy is a really good actor, and he could play the Riddler with some charisma.

Seridna Swan as Catwoman

I really like her. She has the flirty Catwoman thing about her that I like about her. Me picking her could be because of some sick fantasy I have, but I like to think I picked her because she fits the role.

Kevin Grevioux as Killer Croc

The picture is worth a thousand words, and I don't think I need to add anymore.

Tony Shalhoub as the Ventriloquist

I already know this isn't going to be a popular choice with you guys. But what I've seen when he playing as Monk, he would be great an the Ventriloquist.

Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon

There is nobody else I could think of. Bryan Cranston is doing Breaking Bad, so I don't think it would work out.

Alexandra Daddario as Taila Al Ghal

I have no explanation to be honest with you, if you can think of somebody better, please tell me.

Daniel Day Lewis as Ra's Al Ghul

I saw him somebody else's cast and I agree with them.
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