Let's face it, Power Rangers is awesome (well the first series) but I see strong potential in a franchise that is nearly dead, a reboot that can take the franchise back on its feet in movie-form!


Now, POWER RANGERS! The show yes is very cheesy and corny and maybe a bunch of teenagers who are superheroes and gay high school students in the day MAYBE ISN'T POTENTIAL. But seriously, I see it. A dark reboot as a matter of fact, LIKE PG-13 rated and good actors and good writers and a good director as well. So here is my whole brand idea of Power Rangers as a film and MAYBE AS A TRILOGY!

1. Story- Story wise the movie should focus on the origins of the Power Rangers and how they became Power Rangers. In the show they seemed like they were all friends but let's look at this for second. Each character represented a different clique in high school. Jason is a high school jock, Kimberly is the pretty and preppy school spirit girl, Billy is the typical nerd and know it all of high school, Zach is the ghetto I'm from the streets guy with a heart full of gold but ends up in trouble a lot and Trini who I believe falls in the I AM THE EMO GIRL OR I AM THE HIPPIE GIRL. Either way these 5 teens all represented a different clique. So let's make the story about them as a person as well. For example, they all knew each other the first episode but what if they didn't? Which makes sense 100%, again I don't know if they weren't friends or if they were (seems like they were) but point is it should focus on how they need to deal with each other because they are all different personalities and how they finally came together to be the Power Rangers. Another thing is that this is also a movie about teenagers being superheroes. The movie SHOULD BE A TEEN FILM in a sense but also keep the seriousness to a level, meaning TEEN ANGST, TEEN DRAMA AND BULL CRAP, all that needs to be as a genre for the movie. As for the origin of Zordon and Rita's history, I think it should be kept EXCEPT FOR ZORDON TRAPPING HER IN A SPACE TRASH DUMP ON THE MOON, the moon is find but a trash dump........NO!

2. Villains- Like I said this is an origin story so the villains need to stick to plan 1. Meaning its best to keep Rita Replusa (change name of Replusa) as the main villain and Lord Zedd as a force to be reckon with in the movie. I feel Lord Zed may yea be super awesome but I think just the way he looks he should be how Doomsday is to Superman, he should feel like an unstoppable force of evil that Rita controls. What's Rita's master plan though? To conquer Earth no less but if something as destroying Angel Grove and creating hell on Angel Grove in the process is part of it, THEN OH YEA!

3. Crew (Director, Writers, etc.)- Now I thought about this hundred of times and I think the main person who should is really Michael Bay. Michael Bay has experience destruction and chaos in films such as Transformers and The Rock. He is a talented director when it comes to making action films that could blow your freaking mind, but then again character development maybe screwed. Another director I thought would be awesome would be David Yates (Harry Potter), he has experience in making awesome action sequences and creating a world where your actually there with characters who are not even real but yet he still keeps you emotionally invested in this world as you are part of the movie. Also he has dealt with teen angst films as well.

4. CAST- The big motherload on who could play who in this movie. Frankly I have no idea at all. I seriously say a bunch of nobodies who never made a movie of this magnitude but then again your trying to start a franchise not ruin it. So oddly enough I HAVE NO F'ING CLUE. If anybody has ideas PLEASE LET ME KNOW LOL I am stumped lol.

5. SEQUELS- Now for the sequels I would like to see how the Power Rangers develop more as a character. The show never showed it at all, and when it did it was rather in a cheesy and comedic way. What about if the second film focused on how the Power Rangers are superheroes to the public and teenagers by day and they see how it really has put a halt on their own personal lives so it bothers them. AGAIN TEEN ANGST PEOPLE! Also the villain for the second one I believe should no doubt be THE GREEN RANGER! Seriously! YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME THAT WOULD BE! Green Ranger just kicking the shit out of the Power Rangers! If he is in the sequel then Tommy and Jason need to be sworn enemies through out the film and in the end become friends (after the sword of darkness is destroyed of the show) but then again who knows. For the third and final one, it needs to be as big as an alien invasion sent by Rita. I literally think of her in the film as the woman version of Loki and Magneto for the movie. But seriously an alien invasion where in all odds they really HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD instead of Angel Grove, I think it should.

Well thats it, LEAVE COMMENTS AND OPINIONS BELOW, Let me know your fan cast too!

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