FAN VID: Batman Beyond Live-Action Featurette

FAN VID: Batman Beyond Live-Action Featurette

Instead of making a standard trailer, I've narrated a faux featurette starring Clint Eastwood & Logan Lerman

More than just a live action trailer, I thought I'd re-work the synopsis of the animated pilot by narrating a faux director's commentary track into the style of a featurette. I'm Australian, so my fake USA accent probably is as fictional as this movie!

Footage and soundbites from Million Dollar Baby [2004], Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief [2010], Inception [2010], Casino Royale [2006], The Green Lantern trailer, Batman Begins [2005], Star Wars- The Phantom Menace [2005], Underworld Evolution, Batman [1989], Batman Returns [1992], Inside Batman Beyond-The Panel [2005], Transformers 2 [2009], Birds Of Prey S01E08, WonderCon Interview, 60 Minutes(US), Blade 2 [2002], Ninja [2009], Batman & Robin [1997], Takers trailer, GI Joe Rise Of Cobra [2009], Ghost Rider [2007] Mephisto Odyssey- Crash music video, The Dark Knight [2008], 'Grayson' fan film, Equilibrium [2002], Batman Beyond animated pilot [1999]
Music By Brand X - Dark Justice; Kara Kul - Green Lantern trailer music

Narration by EditNinja

Here's the TV Spot I made last month:

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