Fanart: General Zod in Man of Steel

Fanart: General Zod in Man of Steel

Fan made Man of Steel artwork with Michael Shannon as General Zod, reigning down destruction over Metropolis.

Hey everyone,

My second fanart for Man of Steel. Last weekend I made one with Henry Cavill as Superman and this time I wanted to create one for Michael Shannon as General Zod.

I apologize for the quality of Zod. I've had little material to work with regarding photos of Zod in costume. Except for screencaps from the trailers but that's not that great to work with.

Poster format

Wide format *click for larger size*

The artwork was loosely based on these "events". I used them as a sort of reference.

P.S. Dont forget to check out my other fan poster here on CBM.

Hope you enjoy!
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