Fanart: THOR: The Dark World Character posters

Fanart: THOR: The Dark World Character posters

A set of character poster for Marvel's Thor: The Dark World featuring Thor, Loki & Malekith.

What's up everyone!

It's been awhile since I've made some fanposters. Last time was back in May for Man of Steel. That whole hype is over now for and I'm a bit bored now because I have some spare time inbetween my freelancing projects, so I decided to give a go at the new Thor movie!

Made some character posters. I know they ain't the most creative ones out there but I think these type of posters always work.

Hope you like them!




I am planning to do more in the future!
If you have some requests for future posters, drop them in the comment and I'll see what I can do *if I can find the proper photo resources ofcourse ;)*

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