Fancast: 52

Fancast: <i>52</i>

Come and check out my cast for the missing year in the DC Universe!

Welcome to my cast for 52! For those of you who don't know,  52 was a weekly comic series that covered the missing year between Infinite Crisis and the One Year Later event. Basically, the Big Three (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) are missing, and the series follows second-stringers of the DC Universe. And the series had a variety of talented writers on it, including Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Keith Giffen, and (my favorite comic wroter of all time) Grant Morrison. I was originally planning on posting a Batman cast, but I actually thought that this cast would be much more easier to post. 

Anyway, enjoy the cast!

Chris Pratt (The LEGO MovieGuardians of the Galaxy) as Michael Jon Carter/Booster Gold: A superhero from the future, whose attempts to become the next big name hero starts falling apart as he begins to lose his coporate sponsorships and the public's attention being captured by a new hero called Supernova. Booster Gold is armed with a variety of future gadgets, which include a legion flight ring, powersuit, gauntlets, time travel circruitry, and a visor that allows different types of vision. 

Reason for Casting: Yes, I know that Pratt is the star of a Marvel movie right now, but here's something that you should remember: this is a fancast, and it's not that big a deal. Anyway, I was mainly convinced to cast Pratt becasue of his role in Guardians of the Galaxy. But I also took in the fact that he has an excellent sense of comedic timing, which would greatly benefit Booster Gold. 

Seth MacFarlane (TedA Million Ways to Die in the West) as Skeets: Booster's robotic companion, who is soon discovered to be malfunctioning and suffer from continual temproal distortions.


Reason for Casting: First off, I don't care if you love or hate Family Guy. I'm mainly basing this casting pick off of MacFarlane's voice acting, and he is very talented when it comes to voice acting. I think he could do a really good job as Skeets. 

Michael Trucco (Battlestar GalacticaFairly Legal) as Supernova: A mysteriosu new hero who has arrived in Metropolis, and many predict that it's Superman in disguise. Supernova wears a suit that has futuristic technology that allows him flight, light emission, energy projection, teleportation, and shrinking. 

Reason for Casting: I have seen Trucco casted for Superman before (including in LEEE777's awesome JLA Earh 2 cast). I thought that if he was good enough for Superman, he'd be good for Supernova. Plus, he has the heroic build necessary for the role. 

Morris Chestnut (V: the SeriesKickass 2) as John Henry Irons/Steel: A superhero who works at S.T.A.R. Labs, and who is trying to repair his strained relationship with his neice, Nastaha. Irons is a technological genius, and wears a suit of powered armor that grants him flight, superstrength, and other cybernetic enhancements.


Reason for Casting: For those who have seen him in knows that Chestnut has more or less already played Steel. Plus, Irons is a great actor who can handle his own against other good actors. 

Amandla Sternberg (ColumbianaThe Hunger Games) as Natasha Irons: Steel's neice, who's relationship with him is so strained, that it drives her to join Lex Luthor's Everyman Project, whoch grants everyday people the genes of metahumans, granting them various powers. 

Reason for Casting: I admit that I don't know a lot of child actors, but I decided to go with Sternberg, ainly becasue of her perfromance as Rue in The Hunger Games

Guy Pearce (Iron Man 3The Rover) as Lex Luthor: The owner of Lex Corp, and the founder of the Everyman Project. He is currentlu obssessed with discrediting and ruining Supernova, whom he thinks is Superman in disiguise. 

Reason for Casting: Yes, I was aware that Pearce has a role in Iron Man 3, but that doesn't mean he can't plau another CBM role. Anyway, Pearce is a phenominal actor, and what convinced me to cast him was his performance as Charlie Rakes in Lawless. I think he would do wonders as Luthor. 

David Tennant (Hamlet, Fright Night) as Ralph Dibny: The former hero known as Elongated Man, who has been devasted by the recent death of his wife. He begins to investigate into a Kryptonian Cult who are interested in resurrection of Superboy. Dibny posses excellent investigation skills, and is considered to be among the world's best detectives.

Reason for Casting: I previously casted Dibny in my Justice League Europe cast, and decided to keep him here. He's a fantastic actor who I think ca portray the emotional turmoil that Ralph his going through. 

Simon Baker (Land of the Dead, The Mentalist) as Buddy Baker/Animal Man:  One of three heroes who find themselves stranded on an alien planet after a teleporter accident. Buddy has the ability to temprarily "borrow" the ability of an animal (like a bird's flight). During his journey home, Buddy discovers that this ability extends to all animal life in the universe (such as the Suneaters). 

Reason for Casting: I'm a big fan of The Mentalist, and I have to admit that Baker's a pretty good actor, who I think can thoroughly portray all the aspects of Buddy Baker.

Lee Pace (The FallThe Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies) as Adam Strange: Another hero stranded by the teleportor accident, who has now lost his eyes. Strange wears a spacesuit that allows him flight and interstellar travel, and the suit also allows him to create solid light equipment. He also carries a variety of blasters. 


Reason for Casting: Pace he is a really great actor who I think is perfect for strange. He has that old pulp hero look to him, and if you've seen him in The Fall, then you know he's perfect for the role. 

Rachel Hurd-Wood (Perfume: Story of a MurdererTomorrow, When the War Began) as Koriand'r/Starfire: A member of the Teen Titans, who is another hero trapped in the teleporter accident. Starfire's powers include super strength and supersonic flight, and can fire starbolts from her hands. 

Reason for Casting: I have to thank Robert Garlan for coming up with this pick. ANyway, Hurd has the right bodytype for the role of Starfire, and is a great actress, who I think can give a good performance. 

Kevin Durand (LostResident Evil: Afterlife) as Lobo: An intergalactic bounty hunter who briefly joins Animal Man, Strange, and Starfire on their journey home. It's revealed that Lobo has become a cardinal in an interplanetary religion of non-violence, dedicated to the space dolphin.

Reason for Casting: Durand's a popular pick for the Main Man, and I can see why since he's a big dude at 6'6". If he can give a performance similar to Brad Garrett's take on the character, then he'd be a shoe-in!

Angelina Jolie (ChangelingMaleficent) as Lady Styx: The figurehead of an intergalactic cult, who has but bounties on the heads of Animal, Adam Strange, and Starfire. 

Reason for Casting: I'm mainly basing this casting pick off of Jolie's performances in Maleficent and Beowulf (both of which are movies that I dislike). She'd be great in a role like Lady Styx. 

Arnold Vosloo (The MummyBlood Diamond) as Black Adam: A recurring enemy of the Marvel Family, who is now the violent protector and ruler of Khandaq. Black Adam is magically bestowed the powers of super strength, speed, stamina, invulnerability, and flight. 

Reason for Casting: I know that Dwayne Johnson has been casted as Black Adam, but I decided to go with a different pick. Anyway, Vosloo is a great actor, who I was convinced to cast him as Adam after seeing him in The Mummy. It also helps that he voiced him in a DC short. 

Alice Braga (Repo MenElysium) as Reynee Montoya: A former memeber of the Gotham City Police Department, who joins the Question in his journey to take down Intergang and the Religion of Crime.


Reason for Casting: I didn't want to go with a pick like Michelle Rodriguez (who I personally think is overrated), and decided to go with Braga. She's an excellent actress who I think would do wonders as Reynee. 

Rachel Nichols (Conan the BarbarianContinuum) as Kathy Kane/Batwoman: A hero who is predicted by the Bible of Crime to be killed. SHe joins forces with the Question and Montoya to fight Intergang. Kane is an excellent athelete, martial artist, and detective, and has access to a variety of Bat-themed weaponry and equipment.

Reason for Casting: I have to again give credit to Robert Garlan for this pick. Anyway, Rachel is an underrated and talenetd actress, who knows her way around action. I think she'd be great as Batwoman.  

Mischa Collins (KarlaSupernatural) as Vic Sage/The Question: A hero who recruits Reynee Montoya to investigate Intergang. However, it's revealed that Vic is slowly dying of lung cancer.

Reason for Casting: Collins is a very talenetd actor, and judging his performance as Castiel, he;d be great as Vic Sage.

Matthew Morrison (GleeThe Muppets) as Doctor Will Magnus: The creator of the Metal Men, who has been abducted to Oolong Island and forced to create various weapons and technology for Intergang. 

Reason for Casting: I'm basing this pick off of Glee, where Morrison plays a smart and nice guy, similar to Will Magnus. Plus, he has that right look for the part as well. 

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I hope that you have enjoyed this cast, and I'll try to upload another cast soon. 

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