FANCAST: Aquaman

FANCAST: Aquaman

“The sea summons your hero.”


Alexander Skarsgård as Aquaman/Orin/Arthur Curry

I think that he’s a good actor. He plays Eric Northman a main character in True Blood TV series and casted in Melancholia and Battleship. I believe that he’ll play a good Aquaman in a future movie.

Eric Dane as Orm Marius/Ocean Master

I think that he’s a good actor. He played his roles very well. So I think that he’ll play good this role like he played your old characters for example the Multiple Man in X-men: Last Stand that was bad development in the story of this movie because of the responsible by the project.

Malin Åkerman as Mera

I choose her because of her role in Watchmen where she played Silk Spectre II. I believe that she’ll play Mera very well principally because of her exotic beauty that combines with Mera’s beauty.

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Black Manta

I think that he’s a good actor. He played his roles very well principally in Four Brothers (2005), American Gangster (2007) and Redbelt (2008). So I think that he’ll play good this role. He is a talent actor who received three Golden Globe Awards' nominations.

Jim Broadbent as Nuidis Vulko

I choose him principally because of his cast as Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter’s series film that he played a kind of tutor very well. I believe that he will bring all of his experience to this character.

Daniel Craig as The Pilot

I choose him because of his ability to play action characters like James Bond in 007 series films. I believe that he will play very well this role. I don’t talk more because I want to show about this character later. And I did not put the character's picture of this character because I want a kind of surprise about this role.


As a baby, Orin was abandoned to the death on Mercy Reef by the soldiers of King Travis of Atlantis because of his blond hair which was seen by the superstitious Atlanteans as a sign of a curse known as "the mark of Kordax." However, the baby was found and adopted by a widowed lighthouse keeper and sailorman named Tom Curry that named him “Arthur Curry”.
In his early teens, Arthur discovers his abilities and helps his adoptive father with job, but one day, the Tom's boat is attacked by a group of pirates under the leadership of a pirate named Black Manta. Tom is killed and Arthur is left unconscious and hurt in the sea until he is saved by sea animals, include Porm, that carry him to Poseidonis where Orin is chased and placed into the Aquarium Prison by the Atlantean guards because of his blond hair.
In the Aquarium Prison, he meets three members of the resistance against the wizard Orm Marius. The members of the resistance are Nuidis Vulko, the Atlantis's old queen, Atlanna, and a beautiful woman called Mera. So Orin will become an important ally of the Resistance and the last hope to the Atlanteans and the surface people while he searches his adoptive father's killer.


-> The song “La Mer” plays in the radio when Tom finds Orin.
-> In an Atlantean map of the Aegean Sea appears briefly the localization of Themyscira.
-> In a scene, the logotype of the LexCorp appears in some crates on the Black Manta's Boat.
-> Television announces the surprising return of a famous millionaire that disappeared for several years.
-> Mera is reported like a descendent of an Amazon that married with a Atlantean.

Post-credits scene

The scene shows us a military airplane that flies in the Maine, the pilot says in the radio "HQ, no signal in the perimeter. It's a false alarm". Few seconds later, He sees one signal in the radar, but the point disappears mysteriously. The HQ asks him what happened and he says: “Nothing, just a little problem”. But an OVNI appears and a light hits the plane causing an electrical failed. The pilot says before he falls in the sea. He says “HQ. It's me, Trevor, What's happening? According the coordinates, I'm in somewhere at Aegean Sea. Answer me, please."
The scene ends.

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