Fancast: Batman - Assault on Arkham

Fancast: <i>Batman - Assault on Arkham</i>

Check out my cast for this awesome animated movie!

First off, I know it's been a few days since I've posted my last cast (and if you haven't, then go check out my Sinestro Corps War cast). However, I decided to post this cast because there has been nothing good in the Fan Fic section in a while. I hate to sound like an asshole, but I'm speaking my mind. I've decided to keep it alive with my casts. 

Anyway, this cast is for Assault on Arkham (or as I call it: "The Closest We'll ever get to a Suicide Squad animated movie"). Despite the film's title and the fact that Batman is prominently featured on the cover, the Suicide Squad are the main focus of the movie with Batman being in a supporting role.

Anyway, enjoy the cast! But first, an introduction to the Suicide Squad:

Norman Reedus (?The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead) or Logan Marshall Green (Dark Blue, Prometheus) as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot: A  mecernary and assassin for hire who serves as the field leader for the Suicide Squad. Lawton is an excelent marksman, and posses a cybernetic eye that helps increase his accuracy. He is also skilled in using various firearms, but prefers to use a pair of gauntlet mounted machine guns. 

Reason for Casting: I decided to go with two picks for Deadshot this time to mix things up. I casted Reedus because he played a badass marksman on The Walking Dead. Green, on the other hand, wowed me in Dark Blue, where he played badass and charismatic, which would work perfectly for Deadshot.

Sullivan Stapleton (Strike Back, Animal Kingdom) as George "Digger" Harkness/Captain Boomerang: A frequent member of the Suicide Squad, whose grating personality causes friction among the team. Harkness is an expert with boomerangs, and carries a variety of gimmick boomerangs along with ordinary ones, including bladed, explosive, incendiary, and electrified boomerangs. 

Reason for Casting: I'm not casting Stapleton because he's an Aussie. I'm mainly casting him becasue he's great at playing badasses and assholes, which would work for this role because Digger Harkness was the Team Asshole in Jon Ostrander's un on the title. I think he could own this role. 

Sterling K. Brown (Supernatural, Person of Interest) as Eric Needham/Black Spider: A former heroin addict turned muderous vigilante. Needham is an excellent marksman, athlete, and acrobat, and mainly uses knives and a wrist-mounted pistol as his main weapons. 

Reason for Casting: I know that this may seem like a weird pick, but I was mainly convinced to cast Brown in this role after seeing him as Gordon Walker (the asshole vampire hunter) on Supernatural. Based off of his performance there, he;d be great as Black Spider. 

Amanda Seyfried (Lovelace, Gone) as Doctor Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn: A former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, and associate of the Joker. Quinn possesses an immunity to poisons and toxins, talented gymnast, and posses above average martial arts skills. 

Reason for Casting: While I still like Christina Ricci in the role, but I decided to go with a new pick. Amanda is great at plating quirky and ditzy characters lie Karen from Mean Girls, ?and she's played disturbed before in Chloe. ?Add in the fact that she's freakin' adorable, and she's a shoe-in!

Derek Mears (?Friday the 13th, Arena) as Nanaue/King Shark: A humanoid shark known for terrorizing Hawaii. Shark possesses superhuman strength, endurance, powerful claws and teeth, undersea adaptation, and regeneration.

Reason for Casting: Mears is a really big guy, and is great at playing characters in prosthetics (like Jason Vorhees or the Predator). He'd do great as Shark. 

Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, Riddick) as Louise Lincoln/Killer Frost: A former scientist turned supervillain. Lincoln has the abilities of ice and cold manipulation, and can create ice daggers and defensive walls out of ice. 

Reason for Casting: I mainly casted Sackhoff because of her role as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica. I think she can really capture Jennifer Hale's deadpan performance of the character.

Taraji P. Hanson (Hustle and Flow, Person of Interest) as Amanda Waller: THe head of the Suicide Squad, who forms the group in order to break into Arkham and steal a hardrive created by the Riddler that contains  information about the squad. 

Reason for Casting: I have to admit that it's been hard to cast Amanda Waller, because it's difficult to find a heavyset black woman that could do the role justice. Plus, I've seen people casted people like Monique or Queen Latifah, or worse of all, this:

However, the New 52 has made Amanda Waller much more thinner now, and I'm thanful for that. Anyway, I went with Taraji P Hanson for Waller. She's not only a great actress, but I was convinced she would make a Waller that's every bit as good as CHH Pounder's take on Waller. And what sold me on casting her was seeing her as Detective Carter on Person of Interest.

Jim Caviezel (Frequency, Escape Plan) as Bruce Wayne/Batman: The local protector of Gotham, who breaks into Arkham Asylum to stop the Suicide Squad. Batman is a master martial artist, gymnast, and detective, and uses a variety of bat-themed gadgets, including his trademark Batarangs. 

Reason: Yeah, I decided to go with my old pick of Jim Caviezel as Bats again, mainly because I really wanted to feature him in a cast again. Anyway, Caviezel is pretty badass, and already plays a vigilante on Person of Interest, and has the charisma and rugged good looks for the role. He'd do great as Batman. 

Matthew Gray Grubler (Criminal Minds, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) as Edward Nygma/The Riddler: A notorious criminal who was rescued from a black-ops assassination from Amanda Waller by Batman, and imprisoned in Arkham Asylum. Nygma posses a genius level intellegence, and is capable of doing astonishing feats of inductive, abductive, and deductive reasoning. 

Reason for Casting: I'm aware that Grubler voiced Riddler in Assault on Arkham. He was really good there, and I think he's a shoe-in for the Riddler. 

Sharlto Copley (Elysium, Chappie) as the Joker: A psychotic murderous criminal, and a notorious mainstay at Arkham. During the Suicide Squad's break-in, the Joker escapes and wrecks havoc on the institute. 

Reason for Casting: I have to thank MrDonut for coming up with this ingenius pick. Anyway, Copley is great at playing batshit insane characters, as seen in The A-Team, Elysium, and that really shitty remake of Oldboy. He'd own a role like the Joker. 

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I hope you've enjoyed this cast, and I'll post another cast up soon. Hopefully, RoaddogXXIV or Rob Garlen will post something in the meantime. 

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