FANCAST: Batman - The Caped Crusader

FANCAST: Batman - The Caped Crusader

It's my simple and new beginning to the Batman's Story. This story will make part of a new trilogy linked with the DC universe. After I will create new stories with others characters of DC universe.


Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman/Bruce Wayne

After millions of requests I decided to change Taylor Kitsch by Jake Gyllenhaal. I think that he’s a good actor. He played excellent roles in films like the main character in Donnie Darko. I believe that he’ll play Batman very well.

Paul Dano as The Joker

I think that he’s a good actor. I like of his roles in Little Miss Sunshine and There Will Be Blood. I believe that he’ll play Joker very well.

Kristen Bell as Vicki Vale

She’s a good and beautiful actress. I think that she looks Vicki Vale and I like of her role in House of Lies. She’ll play a perfect Vicki Vale.

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth

He’s a excellent English actor with excellent roles. I think that he’ll play a perfect Alfred. I like of his roles in The Borgias, Lolita and others films.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Commissioner Jim Gordon

I like his interpretation in Watchmen and The Losers. I think that he looks Jim Gordon and he’ll play Gordon very well.

Terry O'Quinn as Dr. Hugo Strange

My first option for this roles was Ben Kingsley but this actor will play the supervillain Mandarin in Iron Man 3 then I thought in a good actor like Kingsley. This actor is Terry O’Quinn. I confess that I’m a fanboy of Lost and I like of his interpretation in this series and in The Stepfather film. So I think that he’ll play an excellent Dr. Hugo Strange in the Batman's new universe.

Danny Glover as Lucius Fox

I like his films as Lethal Weapon series. I think that he'll play Lucius Fox like the president in the film 2012 that he played very well in my opinion.

Allison Janney as Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Yes I know other actress of Lost series. I always wished see this character in a Batman's film and i believe that she will play a good Leslie Thompkins. Because she's a excellent actress.

Laurie Holden as Sarah Essen

I always wished see this character in a Batman film. My first choice was Joan Allen but i think that she's too old for this role that i see as a Jim Gordon's girlfriend. So i thought in another actress and my new choice was Laurie Holden because of her roles in The Walking Dead TV series and in Silent Hill film.

Chris Bauer as Det. Harvey Bullock

Yes i know he's another TV series actor. But I always see Chris Bauer as Harvey Bullock maybe because of his role in True Blood series. I already thought in another actors like Jack Black and John Carroll Lynch, but I prefer Bauer.

Alice Braga as Officer Renee Montoya

I know that some people will say: - Why a brazilian actress in a Batman Film? - This guy are joking. Yes i'm joking but I think that she's a brilliant actress. I like her roles in I am a Legend, Predators, City of God and others films. I confess that I'm brazilian, but I always saw Renee Montoya as a latin descendent in DC's universe. So I thought about another latins actresses like Michelle Rodriguez for example. But I choose Alice Braga.

And a film

Directed and Produced by Darren Aronofsky

I believe that Darren Aronofsky will be a excellent director for Batman film. I like his films and i think that he can create a new universe for Batman such Christopher Nolan did in his trilogy. I like of his directing styles as hip hop montage. I thought in others directors like Michael Mann, David Fincher, Danny Boyle, Michael Gondry, David Yates and Kathryn Bigelow too.


-> Vicki Vale came from Metropolis because she was replaced by a beginner reporter named Park Bent or something like this.
-> Alfred buys a newspaper with a notice about an emerald man in the skies of Coast City. The people of the city speaks that he came from Mars.
-> Detective Bullock says that he doesn’t like remake movies but the remake of The Terror is better than the original.
-> Lucius Fox talks with Bruce about a new negotiation in Metropolis, but Wayne says “I’ll think about this in another occasion, because I don’t have many friends in Metropolis.”
-> Alfred says “Maybe in another life you retired and married with a pretty lady” and Bruce says “Yes, maybe.”

Post-credits scene

A fugitive Joker arrives in a construction area with men working. One of the men shows him a brilliant green rock similar a piece of asteroid. The Joker says “A gift from skies for me. Thank you but I'll kill you guys”. The scene ends with the gun's sounds and some laughs.

Soon: Superman & Batman: Alter Ego
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