FANCAST: Blood+ (By the SoulEater)

FANCAST: Blood+ (By the SoulEater)

Not expecting a bunch of people to know what this show is about, but I've recently come across it, and decided to fan cast it as I saw made sense.

Breif introduction to the series

A young girl named Saya discovers a mysterious cello playing stranger named Hagi, who reveals himself to be her guardian in the vampire world, and aids her in combatting vicious, shape-shifting demons in Okinawa and discovers a plot for world domination and humans irradiation thats been set in motion since the Vietnam war.

For the main characters of Saya and her evil twin sister Diva, I choose Ashley Greene.

Ashley Greene Diva

She's got that innocent nice, yet seductively wicked look quality to her which I think could help her play the duel roles well.

For her chevalier and companion in heart and blood, I choose

Milo Ventimiglia as Hagi (Hah-Jee)

He's got the face and the demeanor of Haji down, all he'd really have to do is have few lines, look determined, calm, and fierce when in battle, and the lines he is given to have aren't crappy twilight stuff.



and now for Saya's adopted family

For her adopted brother Kai, I choose Freddie Highmore, hear me out about this one, aside from having his looks down (I think), he also could successfully portray his character as it transitions through from his teens to his young adult life. And his acting is considerably superb, not to mention his flawless american accent.

I think with the creativity he showed in deviating from his nice guy typical role and playing an aloof and spaced out headstrong american boy speaks volumes as to how well he could play the character of Kai.

Freddie Highmore Kai Saya
Highmore Kai
Kai Freddie Highmore

For Saya and Kai's little brother, Riku, I choose Jared Gilmore from Once Upon a Time, he's not SO much of a pivotal role but I can speak for Jared's acting.


For their father (Saya's adopted Father) I choose Kurt Russell as Good ol' George


Now for the key members of the Red Cross (League dedicated over the centuries to capture and kill vampires/chiropterans.

For Agent David, I choose Aaron Eckhart.

Basically take his character in TDK, minus his transformation into Two-Face...and make him a bad ass secret agent who's only concern is getting the job done and killing vampires...and you have David.

David Eckhart

For Julia, the technician and scientist at Red Cross, I choose Melissa Sagemiller


For David's partner Lewis, I choose Kevin Michael Richardson.


A personal favorite actor of mine, as well as favorite voice actor. The man's voiced nearly everyone and everything in TV, Movies, Games, Commercial announcements, you name it, he's a king in that industry. POINT being, that it will not be problem for him doing an Islander voice effective and flawlessly.

And he looks the part incredibly, and i'm sure will be a favorite "funny" character in the movie just like his character is a favorite on the show.

For the Leader of Red Cross, Joel Goldschmidt, I choose Vincent Kartheiser from Madmen...

vincent kartheiser


Need I say more?

Anyhow, for the opposition.

Diva's chevalier servants...

For Amshell Goldsmith, the one in charge, and using Diva for his own sinister like schemes like he's been doing for years...I choose Jimmy Smits
he's got the class, deep voice, and menacing qualities needed in Amshell.

Amshell- Jimmy Smits

For the character of Solomon Goldsmith, the chivalier who falls in love with Saya and betrays his brothers, I choose Alex Pettyfer.

he's basically a pretty boy, who sounds/looks/is noble, makes fan girls swoon, and good in action scenes, Alex's got this trust me.


For the Captain James Ironside, I choose Taye Diggs.


After seeing him in Equilibrium, I was convinced he can play the noble seeming man of the military, but have a truly devious and malicious side to him that takes joy in supremacy.

For the Chivalier Karl, I choose Wes Bently. A good surmising of his character is....stare at you like he's street rat crazy, then attack you in like manner while smiling.


For a basic role like that, I say give it to Wes...I mean he's going to be playing a vampire who half the time gawks at you and the other time smiles like a banshee wearing a PHANTOM costume.



For the fourth Chivalier, I choose Jamie Cambell Bower as Nathan.

No need for "No homo" on this one.

His character is as straight as a wet noodle, but can immediately change into be effing scary/creepy.

Jamie can do that.


Onto the human counterpart to Diva's ranks, the power hungry, candy loving, frenchman Van Argeno, I choose Jullian McMahon. If he just gives a rationally believable french accent, I'm sure he could play the tall french prick everyone can hate, as well as have that...holier then though air about him that he had as Doctor Doom and in that show Nip and Tuck.

Van Argeno Jullian McMahon

For his creations made from vampiric/chiropteran dna mixed with human; the schiff, I choose Ben Barnes as their leader Moses


For Irene, the one who trusts humans in spite of what they've done to them to create them, I choose Evanna Lynch. I could she her portraying a distant, strong, and optimistic vampire hybrid who cares for humans.


for his second in command in the revolt to escape from their creators, I choose Aaron Stanford as the hot headed Karman.

Aaron Stanford

for the smallest member Lulu, I choose Abigail Breslin simply on the merit of how she kicked butt in Zombieland


and now for the final two members;

The reporter who follows them around, and the annoying schoolgirl crush of Kai's who follows the reporter around in an underaged awkward way.

For Akirho Okamura

I choose Liam Hemingsworth


and for Moa, the comical jailbait, I choose Shailene Woodley


And that ladies and germs is my BLood Plus fancast

like or leave it as you will...

You owe me your Soul, have a good night.
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