Fancast by ager: Avengers Civil War

Fancast by ager: Avengers Civil War

The final chapter of the MCU taken in a reasonable, logical direction

If you're not familiar with the beginnings of these fancasts, her'es a trip down memory lane

Thor 2

Captain America 2

Inc Hulk 2 & Avengers 2

I skipped Iron Man 3 as they already had the cast signed on but I had no clue in what direction the film was taking when I started these. As it turns out, I was completely wrong, guessing the direction of Thor 2,but mine still makes sense.


Avengers 3: Part 1

Avengers 3: Part 2


Nearly 1 year after the fall of Captain America, the superhuman registration (SHR) is in full effect. The result of the government coming down hard on any person or persons willing to work outside of the governed rules, as a vigilante, has caused, to the dismay of the government, many rebel factions and/or individuals to become that which the system wishes to govern.

HAMMER's authoritarian. General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, is arresting any member of society that defies the notion of registration.

Tony Stark has disappeared since Black Monday, the day the registration became law.

The Avengers, or Thunderbolts, as we last saw them, have disbanded into 2 separate organizations, one pro-registration and the other anti.

A secret group, unbeknownst to any non-member, has developed. This Illuminati, as it were, is constantly devising a way to bring unity to a divided world.

On the pro side of SHR is the figure head of everything, Ross AKA Iron Patriot, and his goons, Titan (Nuke/Titanium Man), Constrictor and the Winter Soldier, who has been struggling with his conscience as of late. He is struggling to wipe away the mind control of HYDRA and remember what he once stood for, what CPT America once stood for.

Along with Ross, are former SHIELD agents Tigra, Mar Vehl and Spider Woman, along with soldier turned superhero, War Machine.

These heroes feel that fighting against the changing landscape of the nation is not worth it. They don't see it as a bad thing to control adventures or those with abilities.

Killed rather quickly, is A-Bomb, who crosses Namor by resorting to murder in order to convince civilians to adhere to registration.

No one sheds a tear. Namor settles back to Atlantis, letting the land dwellers "destroy" themselves. "After you've ravaged one another enough, and you've no way to sustain, you'll grow weak, and, like the dinosaurs before you, you're kind will die out."

On the other side of the coin, the anti-reg, headed by Hawkeye, is former SHIELD agents Black Widow, 13 (Sharon Carter), Falcon and Wasp.

Many powered civilians are nothing more then maniacs who are more apt to injure or kill themselves rather than save people. 2 individuals that (A) are capable and willing to save lives and (B) absolutely against the SHR are the super-strong and durable Carl Lucas AKA Luke Cage and Maya Lopez, AKA Echo, the woman whose powers bare a suspicious resemblance to former double agent ,Tony Masters. Luke Cage informs his new teammates that he was a former inmate and was lucky enough to be chosen. THAT'S IT!!!

Black Panther has resolved to, much like Namor, return to his kingdom. Wakanda will have no part in the world wide histeria and will continue to partake in trade as though nothing has changed.

The Illuminati, orchestrated by the MIA Tony Stark, who does not wear the suit these days.

Not making him apart of the pro side was integrel, as something must be a surprise and full of suspense for the smart fans.

Though, keeping him as the center of the MCU, and part of the glue and Illuminati is staying true to what has been done thus far

As a result of this, Stark has grown tremendously as a team player and a leader

He has gathered other like-minded persons to help restore normalcy. These members include-

-The criminal twins from the dark side of the moon, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

As I've written before (hopefully), the term mutant is probably owned by X-Men, so the twins are now escaped criminal Inhumans, the deadliest criminals ever. Their father is still missing. They are trying to make amends for their alliance with their father.

(They represent both mutants and Inhumans, replacing Professor X and Black Bolt, but leaving the door open for an Inhuman movie.)

(Quicksilver also represents the antihero mindset that replaces an important aspect of Namor)

-Goliath, (replacing Reed Richards as the science-based member) who is torn away from his wife, Wasp (loosely, in this manner, representing Sue Storm)

-Thor represents Magic, replacing Dr Strange (who was made mention of in Avengers 3 as a way to open that door as well) He also represents the ruler/king archetype of Namor, replacing him there.

As magic and science are played as the same thing, yet opposite sides of the coin, in Avengers, I chose to use Thor as Mysticism and magic over the intelligence and science.

-Maria Hill, who was near absent in Avengers 3, has been broken out of jail and joined forces with Stark. She takes on the every man aspect, being without powers, that Stark represents in the comics. It could be argued that he is the same here, but he almost becomes more than that in these movies.

Including Hill was needed as there was no way she would be forgotten by writes and Whedon.

-Vision rounds out the group as a way to keep him involved, like Hill.

He and Wanda have fallen in love and the over protective Pietro dukes it out with Vision, whose mind patterns are that of Coulson, remember. The speedster summons a spell from the demon, Dormammu, and Vision loses his soul/brain patterns.

Pierto doesn't want anything to hurt his sister, not even the potential for love, which may worsen over time. He wants to keep her alone so that no other can hurt her.

We learn that Wanda's fragile psyche was a huge factor in their villainous portrayal back home. She shows signs of snapping that frighten everyone when her relationship with the soulless Vision and her sinister brother are strained.

Every time she slips and gets a little crazy, reality is mildly altered, like maybe a different president than what was a minute before. Nothing that shifts the direction of the movie, but something monumental it's own way.

The members of Illuminati that have super hero id all go under aliases

-Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver go by Wiccan and Speed respectively (a poke at Wanda's "children"

(While Quicksilver's costume is a dig at... well you'll see) (Scarlet Witch's mask will stretch to cover her eyes like a masquerade mask)

-Goliath goes by Hornet

-Thor becomes Sentry (an obvious jab)

-Vision goes by Shade (the dig is quite obvious in the pic, the name, tho, is his true alias)

If you recall, Songbird rescued Stark at the end of Avengers 3. She was found out by Ross and co. and swiftly murdered by Constrictor.

All 3 sides are pit against the other 2.

Stark, straining more than ever to bring the warring teams together, reasons with Bucky Barnes and Sharon Carter. "In memory of all that Steve Rogers stood for, not just America, but a world built on morals and strength in character, we can't crumble under international civil war. We can't lose ourselves now, not when their is a universe waiting for us to show a weakness. Help me."

Wanda begins to grow more unstable and Thor and Goliath have to take her out. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch battle the 2 to a knock down drag out before the siblings disappear.

-------"Today alone, in New York, we just apprehended 3 people. the Teenager was scaling walls. After we took him in, he told us he was Spider-Woman's biggest fan and he was gonna be her man one day. Guy number 2 was a blind ninja, or so he thought. The devil couldn't dare me to listen to him go on any longer. Guy number 3 was some nut job who was packing more heat than than an 80's Dolph Lungred movie.

You know, there's fan clubs out there. Thor has one. They're running around the city dressed like him. They call themselves a team, the God Squad. We have found there base, not surprisingly, they call it the temple.

The God Squad: Thunderstrike, Valkyrie, Ares, Triathalon, Gilgamesh, Sersi and Hercules

Dr. Pym, AKA Goliath, has a fansite dedicated to his genius called the Ant Farm. This wouldn't be anything to worry about except that it's founder, Amadeus Cho has discovered the formula of Pym Particles. He, his friend Eric O'Grady, his sweetheart Cassandra Lang, her father Scott have ran a muck through the city. They have given themselves code names which honor Dr. Pym. Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, Stature and Atlas. Assault teams are attempting to take them by force.

The fallen CPT America has built quite the following in his memory as well. They call themselves the Defenders. Each one has publicly stated they are willing to become the next Captain America. Until then, they will defend the world under their current monikers. I give to you, Captain Britain; the man claims to be a descendant of King Arthur. Union Jack; his daddy put him to sleep with tales of fighting alongside CPT America in WWII, he wants to carry on the legacy. U.S. Agent believes that it is his destiny to don the mask of the CPT. Patriot, like Union Jack, is the grandson of another fellow who claims to have fought by the side of Cap; Gabriel Jones. Justice; who announced to the world that he will one day, centuries from now, after having also never aged through freezing, wield America's shield and guard the galaxy from evil. Their leader, Citizen-V refuses to speak to anyone about anything.

We just received word that the elusive duo, the actor, Simon Williams, and his simian friend from Westchester have been captured as well.-------"

1/2 way through the movie ,we see Ross' strings are being pulled by Kang, whose origin (rules the year 3000 and jumps thru time doing what he pleases) is quickly explained to Ross and his 2 goons.

Kang later reveals himself as Red Skull, explains that back with that whole cosmic cube and CPT America thing, he's been jumping time. looking for the Cube again.

He kills Ross.

After everything crumbles and it seems like all is lost, Carter hands Barnes Cap's mask.

Barnes, as Cap, Stark and Thor rally the heroes and clean up the mess the registration left. It takes over a year.

At the Virginia Potts Memorial site (wherever that is) Avengers annouce a new heroic age and the Avengers are divided into 2 teams, 1 stationed in California and 1 in New York, and will dispatch across the entire globe accordingly.

Avengers West Roster

-War Machine
-Hawkeye (Leader)
-Luke Cage

Avengers East Roster

-Iron Man (Leader)
-Mar Vehl
-Cap (Bucky)

Mid Credits Scene...

A shuttle lands in the middle of the celebration. Out walks Hulk and his warbound.


END of Avengers

I suppose World War Hulk could finish the story in animation. I wouldn't mind if [email protected] came up with the voice cast for that.



Anti-Registration/Avengers (sans Cage and Echo who will be highlighted further down)

Illuminati (with there new duds as well as old)


Let me rule my kingdom in peace

The joke heroes

New Additions

Red Skull as Kang
Played by
Alexis Denisof

Having worked with Whedon several times, Denisof has familiarized himself to Whedon quite effortlessly. You may be thinking that I made a mistake as Denisof played The Other in the mid credits scene in Avengers. However, that is the very reason he is my pick for Red Skull. Covered in 8 tons of prosthetics and Make-up he would essentially be doing the same thing as Doug Jones (my 1st choice, BTW) in Hellboy, that is, playing multiple characters.

Why No Weaving? It is my understanding, be it correct or incorrect, that Hugo Weaving wants little to do with the Red Skull character.

Why have Red Skull be Kang? 1) a way to bring everything full circle and leave nothing unanswered 2) Kang is Reed Richards' relative and that would mean he's property of Fantastic 4. Yet, that character is all over the place and is so important to many aspects of Marvel, I had to use his character. He is the perfect villain to end the trilogy.

Played by
Morena Baccarin

Baccarin, the long time fan favorite for Wasp, was the very reason I didn't choose her for said role. Perssonally, I, among others I presume, was thinking she would land the role of Maria Hill. The Brazilian actress is great in the role of Echo.

Luke Cage
Played by
Nate Parker

At 32 years old, Parker is young enough, to spawn a spin off of the MCU. I purposely chose a younger man, with some age, in order for prequels and sequels to happen without him aging too much. Although the Avengers should end here, I've made it quite possible for Dr Strange, The Inhumans, Black Panther and Luke Cage (and any Cage affiliates) to Spin off if popularity insists.

Parker is a big man with the natural ability to bulk up tremendously. A little about the actor...

In a nutshell, he was a high ranking collegiate wrestler in Penn State and a computer programmer, upon graduating, until he was picked up noticed by an acting/model agency while waiting for a friend.

After bit parts that he shined in, Denzel Washington directed The Great Debaters and selected Parker for the role of Henry Lowe.

Parker immerses himself in character development and history of each part. He was nominated for the 2008 NAACP Image Awards in the best supporting actor category in this role.

Not only is the new comer great to build the character around but he has a great look and is a fresh take from the usual Luke Cage suspects around here.

***Parker aspires to provide scholarships to youth between the ages of 17 and 25 at Wiley College through the 100 Men of Excellence Initiative. He has been a supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs of America as well as a program called Peace4Kids, which is a program for foster youths and underprivileged youth in South Los Angeles, California where kids are involved in daily activities that stimulate and nurture creativity and intellect. Parker also coaches a wrestling team of 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds at Rosemead High School and he assists in coaching wrestling at Rio Hondo College.

Here's a list of actors I was tempted to use

Isaiah Washington (Wasn't big enough)
Henry Simmons (I'm not comfortable with his acting)
Kevin Grevoix (Was actually my number 3 choice, but not quite "on the money" for Cage)
Ving Rhames (Originally, I was looking to age Cage, but thouht that was too radically different from the mythos)
Idris Elba (If he wasn't Heimdall, than Cage, Black Panther and Blade would all work)
Shemar Moore (Too pretty)
LL Cool J (He may be big enough, and he has become a trusted enough actor, but I feel he wouldn't be excepted as Cage)
Rampage Jackson (Definatelly big enough, but not enoughof an actor to carry the weight of the role)
Boris Kodjoe (Also, slighty too pretty)
Common (Great, if Marvel brought Cage to the small screen, where emphasis wouldn't be on larger than life heroes as much as focusing on the grimy streets. He is absolutely my TV pick and my 2nd choice for a movie)

The Warbound

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