Fancast by ager: Batman Begins revision/recast part 3

Fancast by ager: Batman Begins revision/recast part 3

THE DARK KNIGHT 2010. The 3rd part of the 4-part Batman movie franchise, if it were up to me.

Refer u to Batman 2: Shadow of the Bat 1st (itself refers you to the Batman '06

The screen flashes '07

The Dark Knight opens with Batman disrupting a police sting operation by shaking down a drug dealer for information on his supplier, a gangster named The Black Mask, before the police could make their move on him.

The detective, in charge of the sting, Bullock, tries to apprehend Batman but fails. Incensed, hr reports to Commissioner James Gordon and demands action against Batman for undermining his work and the morale of police officers. Gordon argues that Batman actually helps the police and helps morale by supporting them on the streets. Their argument is cut short as Gordon leaves for a late-night news show appearance.

On the news show, Gordon is interviewed alongside Gotham's current Mayor, Wilson Kauss, and prominent Arkham psychologist, Dr. Hugo Lestrange, on the subject of Batman and this marking the 5th year of his vigilantism in Gotham.

Strange accurately theorizes that Batman must be motivated by a traumatic loss wrought by violent crime, but goes on to claim that Batman's costumed vigilantism is primarily an exercise in power and control for his own benefit, rather than anyone else's. Gordon rebukes Lestrange's analysis, explaining that the costume is simply to scare criminals and Batman is honestly trying to help Gotham.

Gordon brings to mind the numerous 2-bit criminals Batman has captured, as well as mobsters.

But Mayor Kauss sides with Strange and takes a hard stance against Batman, announcing on-air that he’s forming a police task force to apprehend Batman, holding Gordon responsible.

Gordon insists insanity would've taken storm if not for the Batman. Serial killers like the Riddler and Victor Zsasz would have torn this city apart with fear if they weren't captured and outwitted by Batman.

Gordon, again, brings attention to the likes of Poison Ivy, the Joker and another. "Please, don't forget your colleagues Dr Crane and Dr Quinzel. Need we remind the city about Crane's fear gas and the hundreds we lost by mass murder and suicides? And Quinzel, who carved her face to express her love for Joker and then murdered herself as a way of distracting Bolton and the other guards while that lunatic escaped. It would seem as the most insane within the Asylum are those with the keys. Might we say the same of you, doctor?"

He continues "Chastising Batman does us no good. Criminals need to see that our city is united by Batman, not torn apart. This witch hunt to find a man that has only served to clean up Gotham is unbearable to me. We have a man kidnapping young girls, some turn up dead, while others are still missing. The media did nothing more than dubbed this maniac the Mad Hatter, while trying to elicit an angry mob to find a burn Batman. Why are we not knocking walls down to find the children or the Mad Hatter?"

After the discussion simmers down...

Kauss offers Lestrange a job as a police consultant, which he accepts. As a caveat, Lestrange demands full access to all police records, beginning with notable murder cases in Gotham, so he can start profiling the caped crusader and unravel his true identity.

Reluctant to fulfill his new responsibilities to the task force, Gordon secretly withholds the complete police records from Lestrange. Gordon also recruits Detective Harvey Bullock to work under him, believing that the gung-ho detective is ill-equipped to keep up with the Dark Knight.

Essen, now retired and married to Gordon is understanding of hos role with Batman.

However, Bullock proves that Gordon underestimated his determination to rid Gotham of Batman by recruiting a band of like-minded officers to join him on the task force, without Gordon's permission. Bullock and his men find Batman cornering the Mad Hatter inside his hideout.

They immediately open fire on Batman, causing him to flee and letting Hatter escape.

Bruce, although already reclusive to Wayne Ind, is seen less than ever, distracted with Lestrange. Fox, though, has it on lock.

Lestrange, we learn, is putting the heavy attention on Batman to take away from the fact that he is conducting experiments on his Asylum patients.

We see what appears to be Solomon Grundy and Man-Bat; dead.

Meanwhile, the depths of Dr Lestrange’s own unstable psychosis and obsession with Batman are revealed as he is shown alone in his penthouse, dressed up in a makeshift Batman costume, lamenting to a female mannequin about the simultaneous envy and hatred he feels towards Batman for the power and freedom he wields.

Mayor Kauss invites Bruce Wayne to a dinner party where Dr. Lestrange attends.

Batman and Gordon secretly meet to discuss their current predicament: Batman’s work is being derailed by Bullock's interference and Strange’s smear campaign, while Gordon’s own career is in jeopardy unless he can deliver Batman to the authorities.

More scenes are shown in the way of Lestrange's experiments. (Killer Croc)

Bullock breaks into Gordon’s office and uncovers evidence of his collusion with Batman, including the data he was hiding from Strange and takes the evidence directly to Lestrange who deduces that Batman must be a man of wealth.

Unable to shake Batman, Lestrange takes his obsession to the next level. He sends his Croc, who claims he is under the employ of Batman, to break into Mayor Kauss's home and assault he and his wife. If the Mayor doesn't disband the task force he will kill the 2 socialites. The next day, Kauss institutes a 'shoot to kill' order against Batman and his Killer Croc within five days or Gordon will be fired from the police force.

Batman spends the next evening being hunted by the police across Gotham.

Batman deduces that Lestrange must have a hand in framing him. He confronts Lestrange in Arkham. Lestrange taunts Batman without revealing any information and hits him with a shot of Dr Crane's fear gas that causes him to relive the night his parents were murdered.

Completely disoriented, Batman is attacked by Croc and is knocked into the rocky waters, but not before stumbling around the room, crying out for his mother and father, which gives Strange the final clue he needs to piece together Batman's identity.

For good measure, Croc dives in after him and the hallucinating hero battles the blood thirsty humanoid.

Batman narrowly escapes Croc after knocking him unconscious.

Batman nearly drowns as he is washed out to sea. He wakes up the next morning under a pier, bruised and battered. When he walks back onto shore he is attacked by a mob of civilians. Batman manages to escape but is shocked by how much the public hates him and how little fear they showed.

When Batman returns to the manor he can't find Alfred but is greeted by what appears to be his mother and father sitting the dining room. His father, after both patents taunt him for being a failure and blame their deaths on him, fights him, nearly killing him.

Alfred walks in and tries to calm Bruce down, telling him nothing is there and it's all a hallucination; the yelling, the fighting...he collapses in exhaustion.

Trapping himself within the Batcave for three days, ( to which we see the vast improvements to the cave. (It is the high tech wonder from the comics) Bruce regains his bearings but remains shaken by the visions he experienced. He considers whether the path of Batman is one that his parents would have approved of or if it is simply the course of an insane man as Lestrange suggested.

Today is the final day of the deadline against Gordon, and Batman can do nothing to help his friend.

Catwoman breaks into Lestrange's penthouse and finds him once again dressed in a Batman costume and conversing with a mannequin.

She's beats him down until he admits guilt. He teases her, alluding to batman's identity, how she is so close but so far. How he, himself has discovered who she is. He teases that Batman knows who she is and how he's to good for her.

He adds, "Money will do that to a man. Especially one that has seen the world through his eyes; only a child and they were killed in front of him," he says

She doesn't let him finish. She beats him some more. He fights back, but, in the end, stands no chance.

Bullock and co are closing in on the Hatter, surrounding the pedophile. "You are under arrest. You have the right to remain..."

From over the rooftops, cape spread wide, pounces the the man in the cape and cowl...

Mistaking the masked vigilante for Batman, the officers ignore the Hatter and react to the Bat. Acting on Mayor Kauss’s shoot-to-kill orders, they open fire.

The man behind the mask, an unconscious Lestrange, dumped over the roof by a hidden Catwoman, is hit numerous times before falling dead onto the street.

A note is later found in his 'utility' belt, detailing his experiments and involvement in the assault on the mayor.

Bullock and co realize what they've done and quickly return to apprehending Hatter, who has now, again, disappeared.

The Mayor, Gordon and Bullock publicly announce that the orders to shoot-to-kill Batman have come to an end. They explain that no man will live outside of the law, however Batman has saved too many innocent victims to be hunted. From this day, he is neither an enemy nor a partner.

Bullock and Gordon are unpleased and uncomfortable with one another

On the roof top we see Catwoman lurking in the shadows. We see over her shoulder. We see nothing

She speaks without taking her eyes off of the announcements "Lestrange must have dowsed you with a lot, you're still weak from Dr Cranes toxins. I heard you 2 roof tops away. Normally you'd have me pinned against the ground by now. (she turns to him as he walks out from the shadows) This is a lot less sexy, but if you want to pin me now, I'll play along". (she goes to kiss/lick him)

(He grabs her wrist/forearm hard) "Where is the Mad Hatter?"

"He's where he belongs. I guess you can say he got his just deserts."

"What does that mean, Selena."

"The world's greatest detective and you can't figure out a simple little pun. It means that I've cleaned up all your loose ends and I don't even get a thank you. I got rid of the doctor... who knew too much and I, at least, postponed your dinner invitation with the Killer Croc-thing but making sure his belly was full.I saw no signs that read 'Don't feed the Crocodiles', so I fed the poor fellow. I wonder if child rapists taste like chicken "

"I don't condone murder, Catwoman. We are better than that."

"No. You are better than that, not me. You're better than a lot of things, aren't you, Bruce?



Tahmoh Penikett
Age: 35
Battlestar Galactica

Batman, now in his 5th year, has faced a plethora of foes and garnered a name for himself on the streets to be feared. I want 1 scene where hes hold an identical charm to the one he gave Talia years ago. His lust for Catwoman is self-loathing.

I want Batman's self loathing to reflect, and I choose that word carefully, on 2-Face. They are opposite sides of the same coin *pun intended indeed* however batman has become almost as self loathing as 2-Face was. It emphasizes the struggle, or how long he was struggling, of Harvey Dent.

Batman is there, now. He must fight to not be overcome. He takes this into great consideration in a thorough scene.

Jim Gordon
Michael Biehn
Age: 54
The Terminator

Gordon is firmly planted as a force of good and has the respect of the entire city save a few aggrivated officers.

Detective Bullock
Vincent D'Onofrio
Age: 49
L&O: Criminal Intent

Bullock appears to be an oafish loser cop but turns out to be a huge thorn in the side of both Gordon and Batman. He is not bad, as he was originally intended to be in the comics, but more a cop who believes crime fighters should wear badges, akin to his persona in the animated U.

D'Onofrio is a new pick for this role and one I'm quite proud of. I hope it doesn't come off as typical being his character on L&O, as this is very different. He is intense actor I enjoy fitting in my fancasts, from Kingpin to Rhino to Bullock.

Ben Kingsley
Suspect Zero

His shining moment in another movie he takes a back seat in comes when Bruce breaks down before locking himself in the batcave. Alfred will really show how broken his heart has become for Bruce.

Lucius Fox
Carl Weathers

A few quick scenes should let the audience understand how perfect Fox is for the business and how a control freak like Batman is able to trust someone with his father's legacy. After all, Bruce still sees Wayne Ind as his father's business.

Rhona Mitra
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Catwoman doesn't shine u til she takes matters into her own claws. When she sets up both Lestrange and Hatter up to die, she feels that she was doing what was best for batman, whether he wants it or not. I think those actions are very powerful and speak volumes.

When Lestrange hints at Batman's true identity she also proves her loyalties by ignoring him/pounding him till his teeth fall out and his face is so swollen he can't talk =). It is unfortunate that she puts his words together and figures out who Batman really is.

When Bats confronts her her pain should bleed through the screen after calling him Bruce and leeting the audience know that Lestrange's words did, indeed, effect her.

Detective Sarah Essen
Téa Leoni
Bad Boys

Essen, retired is there to support her loving husband. I want to show that, although they found each other under shady circumstances, they do truly love one another. That is very important going into the final movie of the franchise...

Dr Hugo Lestrange
Christopher Meloni

Lestrange is beyond nuts. Carmine was cold and heartless. He was a mob boss that looked out for himself only. 2-Face was tragic. He was the 'flip of a coin' and just as self loathing as Batman was. Ra's was a revelation that their is an entire world out there full of crazy, and quite deadly. Lestrange is obsessive. He's a new kind of crazy.

He is to Batman what Quinn was, off screen, to Joker. Veeeerrry creeepyyy!


Mayor Kauss (pictured is Mayor Hill)
Alec Baldwin
Age: 50
30 Rock

From The Juror to The Edge to The Departed to a dozen other highly intense movies, Baldwin has more than proved himsels a great actor. The true reason why I chose him is that he was the perfect Batman back, well, perfect back in the late 80's... But instead of stinking up the screen in The Shadow, I wish he would have palyed, 1 year later, in Batman Forever. This is a subtle apology for that.

The Mad Hatter
Michael Emerson

If ever there was a character for the Nolanverse, this is him. Hatter is as chillingly real and uber creepy as they come.

Emerson has one of the scariest voices. He sends shivers down my neck and I don't see anyone not being so uncomfortably afraid when we hear or see him play the Mad Hatter. I want people to forget about the drama of Hugo Lestrange and Batman when Hatter is on the screen. I am looking for a sranding ovation for Catwoman when she reveals that she fed the creep to Croc.

Emerson can pull that off in spades.

Killer Croc

As long as he's done, or performed, in better taste than Bane from Batman Forever than I'm not concerned with the man that plays him. As ling as he stands near 7ft, be it on stilts or by way of camera tricks, the man in the rubber suit aided by CGI will be a great and very scary part of this movie.

As for his look, it's a combo of the visuals I've displayed.

When we see the dead bodies of what are Grundy and Man-Bat, we understand thathe's taking patients and going all "Island of Dr. Moreau" on them.

We see him grab Jones, a scaly, black patient with razor sharp teeth. He holds him steady with some electroshock theropy and narrates for our understanding.

"Poor Waylon Jones, born with epidermolytic hyperkeratosis. Tsk Tsk. a pity to have been born with such a disfiguring skin disorder. Scales, blah!"

"It's no wonder your aunt grew to hate you.You became what society forced you to become. At 8 years old you killed your aunt and became a criminal."

"Well, my cannibalistic friend, you've sharpened your teeth and eat humans. You have, indeed, taken on the qualities of a predator, one that predates man."

"With my help, you will become something greater. Waylon Jones, you can thank me later" (he proceeds to go doc Frankenstein on him. screams cam be heard across the entire asylum. Officer Bolton Smiles, laughs and threatens the others of the same)

Consequently, he now has several extraordinary physical abilities relating to his endurance, strength, and speed.
His skin is hardened to the degree that it is nearly impenetrable to ordinary forms of abrasion.

His appearance will gel the three displayed, together.

I like the fact, as mentioned, that he is a scaly, black man with filed teeth. He doesn't have to be large; it doesn't matter.

When transformed, he becomes the albino version, but less proud. Can you see the dispair in the grre version pictured? Can you tell that he is hunched, thinner and more vampiric? Take those elements and combine them with the fearce albino version and there you have my Film version of Croc.

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