Fancast by ager: Batman recast/revision part 2

Fancast by ager: Batman recast/revision part 2

Batman 2: Shadow of the Bat ('08). The sequel to The Batman, a 2006 movie rebooting the 90's disasters.

As I already explained in previous fancasts, namely Superman revision '05

and this movie's prequel, Batman '06

This is the DCU, if brought to the fans by me, ager... starting with Superman and followed by Batman

...See those dates? They're set a few years back. I don't know if that was caught in The Batman fancast but it is important to future installments.

The Screen flashes '04

Batman has protected his city for 2 years and has developed a great and trusting partnership with Commissioner Gordon.

His relationship with Catwoman is another story. It is what we know it to be however.

He has built the Batcave and has a Batcycle. After thinking about it, Batman is a lone hero in a busy city, no matter how fast the car, why have it?

I went with the batcycle. It fits one and can zip around anything.

Ra's al Ghul is an international criminal mastermind whose motives stay familiar as well. There are no deviations.

When the League of Assassins invade Wayne Biotech and Wayne Enterprises, it sends Batman away from Gotham and after Ra's. Up to now, Batman has only dealt with street level criminals and/or the mob. There are no such things as super criminals/villains up to this point.

He leaves a crippling Wayne Ent under the control of new CEO, Lucius Fox. He sees this move as an excellent step towards improving his father's company.

He leaves Gotham under the midnight eye of his anti hero colleague, Catwoman.

He must use his detective skills to learn about, and prevent, Ra's plans.

Meanwhile, Ra's is already in a heated game of cat and mouse with David Cain, a ruthless assassin, that has kidnapped his daughter, Talia.

Ra's regards Batman (whom, out of respect for his brilliance, he addresses as "Detective") as his most worthy opponent, and seeks to make the Dark Knight his successor, much to the dismay of Ubu, Ra's' greatest warrior and his apparent successor, who also happens to be in love with Talia.
We learn that Cain is the former leader of the League of Assassins. Batman, whilst trying to dismantle Ra's plans against Wayne BioTech, must work with Ra's (indirectly) and Ubu (directly) to save Talia.

It is eventually revealed that the League is just one part of Ra's al Ghul's organization, The Demon. Batman, not able to trust Ra's, must learn why the estranged leader, David Cain, one of the world's greatest assassins, is now a former employee, stricken with vengeance.
Cain was assigned to kill his daughter, Cassandra, whom he ruthlessly trained to be an elite killer. Upon her 1st murder, as a result of her empathy, the 12-year-old felt her target's pain, from beginning to violent end. She ran away so fast, she out ran and out maneuvered her father.

Aware of too much, the child was now a liability. Cain was ordered, by Ra's, to kill her. When he could not bring himself to do so he was attacked by the League of Assassins.

In retaliation, he kidnapped Talia, and threatened to kill Ra's daughter.

In the quest to save Talia, Ubu grew worried of Batman's skills and attempted (and subsequently fail) to kill him in order to, once again, gain the favor of Ra's.

Although Cain is defeated by the combined efforts of Ubu and Batman, he is left to live another day by Batman. Much in the same way Batman alluded Gordon and Flass years ealier, Cain disappeared before Ra's ever got a hold of him.

Once saved, Talia did as Ubu feared, fell in love, at 1st sight, with the Dark Knight Detective, and he with her.

Despite letting Cain live, a perceived weakness of Ra's, the detective was still considered Ra's heir.
Talia is torn between loyalty to her father and her love of Batman throughout Batman's mission to take down Ra's. However, she proved herself an important 'ally when she encourages Batman to return to Gotham City after he decides to stay by her side and dismantle The League of Shadows.

In the end, Talia concludes that she can never be with Batman, as he will continuously be forced to defy her father. She will never leave her father, but cannot bare the thought of turning her back on him.

After revealing she is pregnant, she fakes a miscarriage and vanishes, promising never to associate with her father, the League or Bruce, for his safety, again.

The epilogue...

Talia gives birth to the child. The child is left at an orphanage; he is adopted and given the name Ibn al Xu'ffasch which is Arabic for 'son of the bat'. The only clue to the child's heritage is a jewel-encrusted necklace Batman had given to Talia which she leaves with the child.


Tahmoh Penikett
Age: 32
Battlestar Galactica

Batman Bio:

2 Years into the cowl, Batman has it down pat. He's improved his resources by way of a low tech Batcave and mobile. He's makes great use of his detective work in this movie aswell as having a physical challenge he has yet to experience in Ra's and Ubu. I'd love a sword fight, really emphasizing the old school ways of Ra's.

I'd like for the audience to understand his relationships with Gordon, Alfred, Selena, Ra's and Talia. Each one is layered and complicated.

Ra's al Ghul
Jimmy Smits

Ra's al Ghul Bio:

In a story he tells to a captive Batman Which we watch as if it's unfolding before us...

"There is a story of a child born in the 15th century to a tribe of nomads in the deserts of Arabia. The child has an interest in science from an early age and abandons his tribe to live in the city, where he can conduct his scientific research in secret."

"As the child, now a man, becomes a physician, he marries a beautiful woman named Sora. The 2 are happy. Through his studies the young man discovers the secret of eternal life, an areas no larger than your cage, filled with restorative chemicals that could not be explained by religion."

"He dug a pit deep enough for one to bathe in the chemicals. As the brightest mind of the city, he was ordered by the king to save the dying prince, who sought the affections of his wife. With no other way to sve the prince, he lowered him into the pit. The prince, who is sadistic to begin with, is driven completely insane by the chemicals."

"The prince overpowered the doctor when his wife tried to save her beloved. The mad prince then strangled Sora. The king, unwilling to admit to himself his son's culpability, declared the physician guilty of the crime and sentenced him to a slow, agonizing death in this very cage with Sora's corpse."

"The legend has it that the man was freed by another immortal, born long before Christ, before men discovered fire. He, they say, would have you believe he was the one whom discovered fire. Alone and vengeful, the doctor crawls back to his old tribe and begs them to assist him in the downfall of the kingdom. He promises that, if they follow him on his quest, the kingdom will be theirs."

"Intelligently, the doctor infects the prince with germ warfare. When the king asks Ra's to cure the prince again, he swiftly kills both of them when the 3 are left to tend for the prince. He then leads his tribe to the city and kills all of its inhabitants. From then he declares himself the 'Ra's al Ghul, loosely translated, the Demon's Head,'"

"He grew to despise those who were destroying the world's natural beauty. Over time, he created The Demon. What we are, what this is, is merely a unit within The Demon, The League of Shadows. This, young detective was here long before your ancestors and will be here long after you."

Later, Batman discovers that Ra's is, well, Ra's; he is the doctor of legend.

Why Smits:

He is freakishly perfect and I can't even take credit for this. I did look at EVERY possible actor with a Middle-Eastern ancestry and when I came across him I instantly recalled someone using him in the past and how much I loved it. The age, the look, the credibilty, it all adds up to a genuinely fantastic choice.

He can come across as intelligent, evil and strong. He could make Ra's the character you hate but understand, the mark of a great villain.

When Batman and Ra's have the inevitable sword fight, Smits would look flawless while swashbuckling.

A no-name actor would perform as the young Ra's as no words are spoken. It's all done with Smits' voice-over.

Talia al Ghul
Paula Patton
Déjà Vu

I'll give you that Talia's mother is of Chinese and Arab descent, however, the future Ghost Protocol actress has the chops and the looks to play Talia. When you read 'looks' please don't take that to mean the traditional looks of Talia; the heritage I just wrote of.
No, Patton, although the last choice anyone would come up with, has a distinct look like no imagined Talia, before. What she does have is a look that bares a striking resemblance to Smits.

That, alone, won her the role over the next, oh-so-close runner up...

Deanna Russo
Knight Rider

Russo, a little too white for me, lacks the exotic beauty Talia should possess. Her Caucasian face does not match her amazing eyes and yet, go together so well. This beauty, to me is sexier, and more sensual, than Patton, but what her her in the end was how Caucasian she felt. Sure, like Patton, one can assume that her mother was not the Asian- Arabian mix from the comics, but I was still unsettled on her non-foreign look.

I tried telling myself that those eyes, as gorgeous as they are, could belong to a woman who was a quarter Chinese but it still left me flat. I was even more excited to learn of all the unbelievably intense training she underwent for Knight Rider (really, wow!) but then I guessed that Patton would have gone through that during Protocol (maybe not quite as intense, however), so why not assume she could have done it even better a few years younger.

David Cain
David Morse

Fresh off of Disturbia, this man would crush as Cain. he is not only physically imposing but is one of the most underrated actors today. His turn as one of the world's greatest assassins would take the audience on a roller coaster.

At 1st, we wouldn't understand why he kidnaps the daughter of one of the most feared men in the underground. We may question where his motifs lay. Once, we learn he's as bad as Ra's we quickly want Batman to get him. Then, in a blink, we are torn between sorrow, for a man pushed to kill his daughter, yet refuses, to hatred for a man that would drive his daughter to these depths of sin.

He would have us so confused, he would surely walk out of this movie the sleeper hit.

David Bautista

The Filipino-Greek bodybuilder, mixed martial artist and WWE performer has the ideal look for Ubu. It's as simple as that, really. I do think that his mild acting background in WWE would lend itself accordingly to his role as Ra's number 1. I also felt that, if Batman were to become a series, Bautista would play a great Bane, having a few reoccurring roles, never a main series character.


These actors, as the same characters, continue their roles, although they take a back seat to Batman's assault on Ra's and The Demon.

Jim Gordon
Michael Biehn
Age: 52
The Terminator

Ben Kingsley
Suspect Zero

Lucius Fox
Carl Weathers

Rhona Mitra

NEXT: Batman 3: The Dark Knight
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