Fancast by ager: Suicide Squad the Series

Fancast by ager: Suicide Squad the Series

1st, the Dirty Dozen, then The Losers followed by The Expendables, now The Suicide Squad

As with most of my fancasts, I set limitations and rules I must adhere to as best I can.

my X-Men '78, Batman '86 and Avengers '70 fancasts adhere to a very specific timeline not allowing ant actor not established by that year.

Or my recent Fancasts re-imagining what Superman '78 and Batman '89 would be like with different directors.

This particular fancast is a TV series and, along with some of my other series (like my GCPD Series) can only have TV stars (with notable exceptions and strong reasons why) or, more recently, my manipulation of Arrow into what should have been: Flash, using only CW stars
(with notable exceptions and strong reasons why)


(the cast is different than what is to be expected)

Season 1
The Suicide Squad is a covert black ops government strike team. The team is made up of imprisoned supervillains (save Hitman, an imprisoned ant-hero) who agree to serve as expendable agents performing an extremely dangerous mission, which is officially denied by the US Government, in return for a full pardon for their actions.

The Suicide Squad are shackled with an explosive bracelet that will detonate a certain distance from the field leader, Hitman, who wore a remote control that could detonate or disengage the bracelets as desired. The group is handled by Amanda Waller.

Waller commissions the team to kill a youth with powers he can no longer control, possibly resulting in turning the world inside-out, so to say.

Johnny Thunder is the seventh son of a seventh son, born at 7 a.m. on Saturday, July 7, the seventh day of the week, the seventh day of the seventh month in the last year before the turn of the century. This causes him to be kidnapped and sold to a group of men from the fictional country of Badhnesia who had been looking for someone born at this time on this day.

As an infant, Johnny is given possession of the genie-like "Thunderbolt" named Yz during a mystic ritual on his seventh birthday, which was intended to allow the Badhnesians to use Johnny to rule the world. However, the plan is soon aborted after an attack from a neighboring country.

Johnny eventually summons the Thunderbolt with the magic words cei-u (pronounced "say you").
His control over his Thunderbolt is weak. Johnny is kidnapped again by agents from Badhnesia, with the intention of using him for world conquest

Notable Villains try and stop the Squad from killing Thunderbolt on behalf of the terror and thrill that would come with the world-twisting wishes of the weakened boy.

Many heroes hear of the squad's goal, unaware of the government sanction, and attempt to thwart them.

They are aided by 2 notorious, magical heroes along the way.

In the end, the group accomplishes the mission, a task that weighs heavy on the entire group, no matter how hard they appear.

They are pardoned.


Amanda Waller

Penny Johnson Jerald
TV Series: 24
Character Bio as it pertains to the series:

(she promises each member something more than full pardon)
(each season, she tries to keep her promises to the squad)

Waller's tenure as the official in charge of the Suicide Squad is controversial. Despite many successes, she makes a habit of defying her superiors in Washington in order to achieve goals both legitimate and personal on more than one occasion. The earliest conflict between her and her superiors revolved around the leadership of the Suicide Squad. Her relationship with the Squad itself was one of mutual dislike. The team did not really take to Waller's methods (most notably Captain Boomerang). Those type of conflicts, however, were not only limited to her superiors and her team, but also extended to Jason Blood and Dr Fate, who opposed the forming of the Suicide Squad. Nonetheless, the team remained loyal to her. It was ultimately revealed that the reason that Amanda Waller even kept Hitman (and later Flag) around was in order to act as her conscience. Over the course of her run with the Suicide Squad, her actions became increasingly erratic as she fought to retain control of the Squad.

Why her:
Although the Boston Public actress, Loretta Devine, is the spitting image, and as perfect an actress she is, I wanted a more original choice as well as a woman who is lighter on her feet, given the action sequences that may happen. Jerald was so impressive as the always strong and always sneaky 1st Lady of 24.

Jon Bernthal is Hitman
TV Series: The Walking Dead
Character Bio:
Tommy Monaghan, an ex-Marine turned contract killer from the Cauldron, a lower-class Irish district of Gotham City. Granted x-ray vision and moderate telepathy by a means he cares not to explain (although Waller reveals to him she knows the origins of said powers). A side effect is that his corneas and irises are solid black, indistinguishable from his pupilsand massive migraines. Monaghan decides to specialize in killing targets typically shunned by conventional contract killers as too dangerous or too expensive. Despite his powers, Monaghan relies most on his creativity, improvisational abilities, and impressive gunfighting skills to take down a majority of his targets.

(Waller promises... to cure him of the side-effects)

Why him:
Bernthal may just be the perfect Logan, but a turn as the Gothamite, Hitman would be just as exciting. He has a physicality and rawness that is not matched by many on TV these days.

Jamie Dornan is Deadshot
TV Series: Once Upon a Time
Character Bio:
Deadshot is a hired assassin, regularly boasting to "never miss." He is capable of using a large variety of weapons, but is most frequently portrayed as using a pair of silenced, wrist-mounted guns. Deadshot's past is revealed in subsequent appearances. He is a young boy named Floyd Lawton, living with his mother, brother, and abusive father. Lawton's father on one occasion attacks his brother, whom Floyd loves. Lawton attempts to shoot his father with his own rifle. However, the branch of the tree that Floyd is sitting on breaks, and he misses. The bullet hits his brother instead, killing him. His most defining trait is a desire to die in a spectacular fashion, this being his primary motivation for joining the Squad. He feels he has no reason to continue living, and, while he does not want to commit suicide, he simply does not care if he dies.

(Waller promises... that he will die a famous and glorious death)

Although the show losy me pretty early on, Dornan sparked my interest as one of those rare, younger actors that was a throw-back kind of cool that actors these days don't often have. Deadshot is the pivotal character and he must have a magnetism that draws the audience in. I'm very confident that Dornan would be truly fantastic in his role.

Liam McIntyre is Boomerang
TV: Spartacus: Vengeance
Secretly the illegitimate son of an American soldier and an Australian woman, Harkness was raised in poverty, during which time he developed great skill in making and using them as weapons, his specialty was forging a deadly boomerangs with edges so sharp, none could duplicate. Harkness' grating personality and misogynist perspectives caused considerable friction among his teammates, and he was considered to be a dangerous, vicious, cowardly and undependable member of the team. He also tries to manipulate other team members into running away from the action just to see if the explosive bracelets the Squad members wore really did activate if the wearer attempted to escape. Although, when faced with enemies he proves more than competent in upholding his end of the fight. He is the unhinged, insane member. He is in love with a woman who claimed to from the future.

(Waller promises... to help clear his name for that woman)

McIntyre would be a completely insane version of Boomerang. I've come to see Boom as a fat, crazy but would love if the strong, young Aussie played him as a deadly, unhinged nut.

Janet Montgomery is Cheshire
Human Target
Born to a French father and a Vietnamese mother, Jade Nguyen was sold into slavery. As a young adult, after killing her master, Jade was informally adopted and taught about guerrilla fighting. She acquired knowledge of poisons. Sentenced to life imprisonment for a number of crimes and murders, she gives birth to a child. She is told the child dies at birth. Waller releases her and tells her that her daughter is alive.

(... to locate Wildcat and find out the truth about her child)

Montgomery has the right, balanced look and can play the rookie of the team to perfection. She can be the younger sister-type to Shiva and play on her youth but her comfort behind the camera would show enough to identify her as an elite killer.

Han Ye-seul is Shiva
Han renounced her U.S. citizenship in 2004 for South Korean citizenship to establish herself there as a Korean actress.
In order to avenge her sister, Sandra Wu-San becomes a master combatant. During the course of her training, she discovers that she is a prodigy, rapidly mastering several martial arts and eventually dubbing herself Shiva. When Shiva tracks Richard Dragon, the one she believes responsible, he reveals the truth. The Swiss, Carolyn's real murderer and Guano Cravat's underling, had already died in battle with Dragon, rendering Shiva's vendetta moot. Shiva begins a wandering existence, training herself further, and eventually parlaying her skills into a career as a master assassin.

(,,, to find Guano Cravat)

Ye-seul is both beautiful and steely-eyed. I didn't want to use the usual suspects here believing a foreign touch was much better. She is ready to become a western star as one of DC's most deadly and respected (Asian) characters.

Holt McCallany is Cain
Lights Out
David Cain, the aged vet among the group, is one of the world's premier assassins, whose victims have included some of the most famous and powerful people on the planet. He trained the young Bruce Wayne.
Cain desired a perfect partner with whom to carry out his assassination plans. Attempts to train young children resulted in failure, so he decided to conceive one himself. He has yet to find the prefect mother.

( find the genetically perfect mother to bare his child)

McCallany is older, but not too old, and, as this is years ago, Cain, and others, would clearly be younger. He always plays, at least in my eyes, that ultra tough, silent badass.


Tahmoh Penikett is Hawkman ([email protected])
Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse
Prince Khufu lives during the reign of Ramesses II in the 19th dynasty of ancient Egypt. Khufu believes that his soul and that of his betrothed, Chay-Ara, are fated to remain in the mortal world. A spacecraft lands in Egypt. He, Nabu, and the champion Teth(Black)-Adam search the desert, finally coming across the remains of a Thanagarian ship styled with a hawk-like motif. Nabu casts a spell translating the strange language of the female space traveler. Just before dying, she whispers the words, "Nth metal", the name of the substance that powered the downed ship. The remaining Nth metal is examined, and its most obvious property proves to be its ability to negate gravity. The remaining sample from the ship is melted and used to create several remarkable devices, including a scarab which allows Khufu to fly, a deadly knife, and a battle glove referred to as the Claw of Horus. However, the metal also strengthens the souls of Khufu and Chay-Ara, binding them together in their love and imprinting them with the collective knowledge of Thanagar. Although the villainous priest Hath-Set murders the two with the knife of Nth metal, their souls live on in the mortal plane. They are reincarnated over many lifetimes, always finding true love in each other, but cursed to be repeatedly killed at the hands of evil.

Like I wrote, I saw this on [email protected] Hawkworld fancast and thought it too perfect. His size and look, not to mention his acting is perfect for Hawman.

Rachel Nichols is Hawkwoman
Re: Hawkman

This one was all me back in my JSA/JLA fancast in which the team evolves from one to the other. It was perfect then and stays now.

Ella Rae Peck is Black Canary
Gossip Girl
Dinah Drake had been trained by her father, Detective Richard Drake, and intended to follow in his footsteps on the Gotham City police. She was turned down by the force, however. Her father died of heart failure shortly thereafter. Dinah was determined to honor his memory and fight crime and corruption by whatever method possible. This led to her debut as a costumed vigilante; she would use her inheritance to open a florist shop as her day job. She possesses no super-powers but is highly proficient in Judo.

Peck shares similar qualities to Janet Montgomery (Cheshire) and plays the young rookie team member here. The 2 align in many ways and that is definitely and underlying theme to the series.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Wildcat
If Canary is like Cheshire than Cat is like Cain. Ted Grant found himself unemployed in the big city. One night he saved "Socker" Smith, a boxer, and he took Ted under his wings. Soon Ted fought like a heavyweight champ in his own right. In addition, he is credited for being an expert at several other martial arts, including Krav Maga, Hapkido, Muay Thai, and Capoeira, though he prefers to trade punches as part of his brawling style. Even in his advanced years, Ted has, on several occasions, knocked out experienced fighters with a single punch. Smith was murdered and Grant took the fall. The killers, afraid Grant knew too much and would tell the feds, arranged a hit on the young fighter. Ted Grant survived, but the policemen with him were dead. He became a fugitive and took the name of Wildcat and vowed to clear his name. He brought the killers to justice and Grant's name was cleared. A young Bruce Wayne received some training from Grant.

Morgan has the perfect, gruff, worn out look for a street fighting twilight hero. He would be great as the voice of reason and wisdom in JSA.

Powers Boothe is Slam Bradley (I love using Slam, I've used him in 2 fancasts, Alfred MI6 and the aforementioned GCPD and referenced him in the, again, aforementioned SM'78)
JLU, Deadwood
In a letter to Jerry Siegel, "We want a detective hero called 'Slam Bradley.' He is to be... called in by the police to help unravel difficult cases. He should combine both brains and brawn, be able to think quickly and reason cleverly and able as well to slam bang his way out of a bar room brawl or mob attack. ...with swelling biceps and powerful torso ala Flash Gordon." Slam's first appearance after his run in Detective Comics ended in 1949 was in 1981. Bradley (with graying sideburns) assisted in "The Too Many Cooks... Caper!". The current incarnation of the character is a former police officer in his late 50s who worked in Gotham City.

Boothe is built to play Slam. From the voice to the demeanor, Boothe is the personification of the slam bang, graying detective that can combine intellect with toughness aspect that was the blue print for the character.


Simon Baker is Jason Blood
The Mentalist
Etrigan is summoned by the wizard Merlin, his half-brother. Unable to gain the creature's secrets, he bonds the demon with Jason Blood, a knight in King Arthur's Camelot. This renders Jason immortal, though at times he considers this either a penance or a curse. Over the years, Etrigan is guided by his own whims and Jason's attempts to turn his infernal power to good use.
After the Fall of Camelot Jason Blood battles Ra's al Ghul and Vandal Savage. Jason Blood resurfaces in recent times, becoming a prominent demonologist in Gotham City. When Jason Blood's daughter was born, Morgan Le Fey decided to destroy Etrigan and hired Tommy Monaghan to help her. Tommy realized quickly, who the villain was and fought to help Etrigan. The two of them rescued the baby and Hitman was able to steal the sorceress's heart, essentially neutering the demon and binding him to his soul, forever effecting him (the powers and such). However, in the end, Blood left the child with her mother. "I think it would be best if she never knew about her father."

Baker possesses an uneasy, intellectual look befitting of the immortal.

James Purefoy is Dr. Fate
Nabu the Wise, an adviser to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, became the keeper of several powerful talismans. In the 26th century BCE, he created the Scarab of Kha-ef-re with the help of a time traveler from the 20th century. This was an attempt to overthrow Vandal Savage, who was at that time the pharaoh called Khafre. He was also on hand when a Thanagarian starship crashed. In 1940, Nabu (kept in suspended animation) was wakened by the young Kent Nelson. Nabu transformed Kent into a full-grown man and taught him the magic of Order, then gave Kent the golden Helmet of Nabu, Amulet of Anubis, and Cloak of Destiny. When Kent wore the Helmet, Nabu was part of him. Kent Nelson is the son of reincarnations of Prince Khufu and Chay-Ara. Unbeknownst to either of them, however, Hath-Set's curse also concerned any children that might be conceived by the pair. The curse of Seketh, the Ancient Egyptian God of Death, prophesied the combination of the Silver Scarab and the Eye of Ra, which would practically mean the end of the world. As such, when Kent was born during an archaeological dig near Cairo, he was born without a soul, destined to be a vessel for the Helm of Nabu.

Purefoy wears the tormented face of a burdened man. All though his face would be covered almost always, we are safe knowing that his voice carries with it a convincing tone.


Asa Butterfield is Klarion
Klarion is a young practitioner of the dark arts. Klarion and his cat familiar, Teekl, embarked on a journey to learn all there was to know about witchcraft, as well as cause some chaos along the way. It had not been long before he attracted the attention of the demon Etrigan. A rivalry sparked between the two, and their battles often came down to a competition of spellcraft.
An exceptionally gifted young actor with the right combo of creepy and foreboding look, Butterfield, with his big screen pedigree, would make for an outstanding Witch Boy.

Dominic Purcell is Black Adam
Prison Break
Teth-Adam is the son of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II, and impresses one of the high priests, the wizard Shazam, with his good deeds. The wizard gives Teth-Adam the power to become a champion of good by speaking the name "Shazam", an acronym for the powers. He serves as Egypt's champion for many centuries, but becomes corrupted by the charms of Shazam's evil daughter, Blaze in disguise. Shazam learns of this treachery and strips Adam of his powers, encasing them in a mystical scarab necklace and the former hero withers away into a dried cadaver in seconds. In death, the former hero is referred to as "Khem-Adam" ("Black Adam"). Some years ago, an unscrupulous archaeological aide named Theo Adam finds himself obsessed with the newly discovered scarab, and kills both of his partners, the married Batsons, in order to claim his prize. Adam realizes that he is a reincarnation of Khem-Adam. Grasping his stolen scarab, Adam transformed into Black Adam.
I stand by the idea that Thw Rock is the perfect Black Adam, but Purcell is a very close second, and the one more likely to play the role on TV.

STAY TUNED FOR FOLLOW-UP SEASONS. I didn't want to overload you guys!!

Everything is mapped out, I just need to load the pics
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