Fancast by ager: Suicide Squad the Series part 2

Fancast by ager: Suicide Squad the Series part 2

There was too much to put the 1st time, so here is the rest

Here is Part 1, for those that haven't seen it.


Opens with Waller seeking out the individuals once again, some up to no good, others hidden away. Waller blackmails the group as she has already given them freedom. Eventually, she pulls the team back together, Hitman being the hardest and Deadshot the easiest.

They must kill Queen Bee of Bialya. She was kidnapped by an unknown source and manipulated. Unlike her mother, this queen believes in peace.

Henri Ducard, the captor, and a member of the League of Shadows, has disappeared. They spend a few episodes searching.

Meanwhile, Ducard and the League's true plan all along was to corrupt Bee. He corrupted her, first through abuse and torture, then, once her body, mind and spirit were broken, through a series of philosophical conversations about the nature of good and evil; he then attempts to use her to start World War III. The devastation, if the plan succeeds, will cleanse the world so that Ras al Ghul can bring about his vision of clarity.

They are thwarted many times throughout the season by members of the League.

Continuing the hunt of the "fugitives" are the returning heroes, who have come together, as a community of super-powered persons, defying the squad by working together, searching for strength in numbers and proclaiming justice.

This Justice Society, falsely informed again, attempt to stop the murder, not knowing that her death will lead to continued peace.

The Queen, passionately/emotionally comes to her senses and kills herself for fear of further manipulation.

Although the mission resulted in a success, it was, for all intents and purposes, a failure.

Waller and the squad are arrested for attempted treason and murder. Boomerang gave up Waller.


Queen Bee is Tatyana Ali
Show: Fresh Prince
Bee Bio:
Queen Bee is in control of the terrorist nation of Bialya. She, unlike her mother before her, fought to keep peace with surrounding nations. It was a surprise to the entire world when Bee declared war on neighboring nations.

Why Ali:
Her beauty and acting are far beyond anything on TV these days. I may have a soft spot for the girl (there was also Alyssa Milano) I grew up crushing on but I stand by this choice.

Henri Ducard is Jean Reno
Ducard Bio:
An associate, if not a member, of The League of Shadows. It is unclear why he familiarizes himself with Ra's and the League. He is a skilled hunter, possibly the greatest ever, and a master detective, always one step ahead of those he deals with.

Why Reno:
Although he is not a small screen actor, Reno is, by far, the best choice to play the Frenchman, hands own, in any form of live action.

Ras al Ghul is Oded Fehr
Covert Affairs
Ra's al Ghul is born over 600 years ago, to a tribe of nomads in a desert somewhere in Arabia. Ra's is interested in science from an early age, and abandons his tribe to live in the city, where he can conduct his scientific research. He becomes a physician and marries a woman named Sora, the love of his life. Ra's discovers the secret of the Lazarus Pit, and he saves a dying prince by lowering him into it. The prince, who is sadistic to begin with, is driven completely insane by the Lazarus Pit. He proceeds to strangle Sora, on whom he has already had his eye for some time. The king of the city, unwilling to admit to himself his son's culpability, declares Ra's guilty of the crime and sentences him to a slow, tortured death in a cage with Sora's corpse. Ra's is set free by [the gentleman will appear in Season 3 and I will reveal him then], he sets him free as he sees great potential in the young man. Ra's convinces the head of his tribe to follow Ra's in his quest for revenge by promising the downfall of the king. Ra's is able to infect the prince with a deadly virus by sending him contaminated fabrics. When the king asks Ra's to cure the prince again, Ra's kills both him and his son. Ra's then leads his tribe to the city and kill all of its inhabitants. Subsequently, Ra's declares himself the "Demon's Head." Ra's grew to despise those he believed were destroying the world's natural beauty. Over time, he builds up vast wealth and creates The Demon, a huge international organization. The League of Shadows, one of the many smaller organizations making up The Demon, is thus sometimes called the "Demonfang."

SON OF A [email protected]!!!! I just wiki'd Fehr and saw he voiced Ghul in Young Justice. I knew he voiced Fate but had no idea he voiced Ghul. I hate that as I thought I had this groundbreaking fancast I was so proud of. Although it seems less original now, I 'm still sticking with it and was contemplating making a fancast movie focusing on the early years of Ra's starring Fehr.


Begins as a flashback. We see SGT Rock gathering his close friend, Rick Flag, a superior martial artist known as the Bronze Tiger and a group of captured criminals. Tiger owed Rock and Flag a debt for releasing him of his brainwashed path from the League of Shadows.

Rock enlisted these criminals to go on a deadly mission to shut down Project Cadmus, a government research program, while in it's infancy. He hand picked a small group of those he had encountered over the years, believing there was some good left in each.

As the episodes move forward we see the evolution of, what was, the original squad, known as Task Force, to the current, captive group, Suicide Squad.

One by one, in present day, the members of the Suicide Squad are broken out of jail after being locked up for a year, permitted by no legal venue this time.

The man that has gathered the team, Waller included, is Rick Flag Jr. He has learned of the existence of the group through tales of his father.

Cadmus is rebuilding itself and they have taken more in more casualties through experiments. The son of the first hero, known as Starman, was their 1st guinea pig. His death results in his daughter's (that would be the granddaughter of the 1st hero, Starman) quest to take them down.

Flag Jr and Stargirl, as she is to be called, are assisted by the squad in taking down Cadmus. The members, grateful for the escape, are all on board.

The man behind Cadmus hires/creates adversaries to battle suicidal anti-heroes.

Hitman does not survive this season.

The fate of the original Task Force is left a mystery for now.

Cadmus is shut down but the man in charge evades capture.

Hawkman, wanting to capture and kill the Suicide members once and for all is captured by Cadmus and mutated into Hawkgod. He is tragically killed by Hawkgirl when he loses his sanity.

She is then killed by Cadmus' greatest assassin,

Cain and the assassin lock horns and Cain is easily outclassed.

Completely separated from the government, the Suicide Squad are literally on their own.

(filler episodes describe the history of Hawkman and Hawkwoman after the ep in which they die)


Sgt. Rock is John Hamm
Mad Men
During the Korean War, Sgt. Rock fought in the infantry branch of the U.S. Army. Promotion came quickly as his superiors were killed. His time within the Army has caused him to run across many different individuals, some good, some bad. Rock made a name for himself as the guy not to screw with. He fought for preservation of his country's rights. When he was met with obstacles that defied what his country stood for, i'e' corrupt government officials, he was locked away for treason. Upon further investigation, Rock made it his mission to fight for what he believed in, the freedom of every American and a government for, not in control of, the people. Those least apprehensive to assist Rock were fellow criminals locked away in the military prison with him.

Hamm has the look of a classic man. He was a finalist for another character, however this was more suitable for the actor.

Rick Flag is Max Martini
The Unit
Rock called on his good friend, Flag, the only individual not considered a criminal, when he created Task Force X. Flag takes on the daunting responsibility of trying to abolish Cadmus before the project gains strength. Doing this, he knew, would surely put him at odds with his beloved country.

Martini was excellent in The Unit and would essentually be duplicating the essence of said show. I've wanted to use him as a more gruff version of several characters, such as Aquaman, Antman and so on, but could never find the right approach to a story.

Bronze Tiger is Aldis Hodge
Ben Turner decides to travel to the far East in order to finally come to terms with his demons. There, he meets the O-Sensei, and studies under him, with later recruit Richard Dragon. He and Dragon are hired by King Faraday to work for the C.B.I. (Central Bureau of Intelligence). Assigned to take down the League of Shadows, Dragon and Turner are discovered by the League, who kill Turner's fianceé, Myoshi, and proceeded to brainwash Turner. Turner copes by forming the identity of the Bronze Tiger, a masked assassin working for the League. As the Bronze Tiger, Turner developed a fearsome reputation in the world. He became one of the most wanted criminals, a professional assassin, killing on three continents. Learning of Bronze Tiger's true identity, Rock encounters Tiger during one of his tours and, after learning Tiger is brainwashed, settles to deprogram him and set him free of the League. Task Froce X was mostly populated by criminals, but the Tiger, along with Flag and Rock, is one of the Squad's 'good' members.

Hodge has a string background in action oriented hits like Leverage, Supernatural and Buffy and has expressed interest in the role of Black Panther. Clearly, he is eager for this genre and would be great as one of DC's greatest ninjas.

Major Disaster is Sam Witwer
Being Human
Paul Brooker was a pompass, high-ranking, former OSS officer who turned on his country by applying his knowledge of secrets and tech savvy to orchestrate high end robberies and murder. Rock new that his tech support would come in handy and that he would have no reservations with trying to take down any form of his government.

Witwer possesses the perfect jawline for a comic book hero. Disaster, who would not be referred to as such, would be a great way for him to wipe clean the stain that Doomsday left on some. Witwer has come a long way since being Bloom and would be a solid addition to the original Task Force.

Nightshade is Missy Peregrym
Rookie Blue
Eve Eden was a government super-spy forced to participate in the massacre of innocent civilians at an airport. She never revealed to anyone the reason by which she felt forced her to do so. As a result of the mission, Eden was removed from her position as a spy and locked away. Eden's code of ethics and her superior tactical skills made her a great choice for Rock.

Knowing very little about the character save that she was, in part, the inspiration for Silk Spectre II, I went with an actress who, behind, Taylor Cole, is my choice for Wonder Woman. I will admit, if I was basing this character on anyone, it would be the theatrical Black Widow.

Nemesis is Bradley James
Thomas Andrew Tresser is a vigilante, turned operative for the U.S. government and a master of disguise.
He was an applicant to an unnamed government agency whose brother Craig was an undercover agent infiltrating a criminal syndicate called "the Council". Craig was brainwashed into killing their family friend Ben Marshall and was subsequently killed in self-defense by fellow agents. Tom thus became "Nemesis", and seeks revenge on the agency. He is eventually caught but regrets nothing. Nemesis is essentially he is a Jason Bourne-type with Punisher-angst.

James has an aloof swagger to him perfect for Tresser. We have seen James go from prince Arthur to King and I expect the same evolution for this character.

Stargirl is Dianna Agron
Courtney Whitmore, the granddaughter of Starman Jack Knight, this world's 1st super hero, is betrothed her grandfather's enhanced staff, and dons a costume, paying homage to her grandfather and seeks to take out Cadmus with the help of Rick Flag Jr. after her father is killed by Cadmus experiments all because of his lineage. She calls herself Stargirl.

Admittedly, I've never watched Glee and chose this actress based solely on her looks as she is exactly the personification of the Stargirl I envision here.

Rick Flag Jr is Charlie Hunnam
Sons of Anarchy
Rick Flag Jr. is, in many ways, exactly like his father. A heroic do-gooder that dislikes any association with criminals, but knows when something works. Flag learned of the resurfacing Cadmus and immediately research the stories he grew up with.; the truth behind what was task Force X and is now the Suicide Squad. He saved Stargirl from going in too deep and over her head and collected the imprisoned members of the current team for assistance. His natural ability to lead earned him the spot as team leader, replacing Hitman.

Hunnam is the perfect candidate for many characters. I needed someone young, with a certain toughness that viewers would immediately be aware of. He could also pass for the son of Martini, whose young age is a result of flashbacks.

Vandal Savage is Christopher Meloni
The Man behind Cadmus. His longest-standing enemy is Ra's (whom he saves, as alluded to in the past SEASON). In the days of prehistory, Savage was a caveman. He was bathed in the radiation of a mysterious "green flame" (a meteorite), which gave him incredible intellect and immortality. He claims to have ruled hundreds of civilizations under hundreds of names: Khafre, Cheops (builder of the pyramids), Alexander the Great, he has also claimed to have participated in the murder of Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Blackbeard, and Vlad the Impaler, to name a few. He also terrorized Victorian era London as Jack the Ripper. He was the court physician in France and even used the royal family for syphilis experiments. He has a deep history with Ra's, whom he refers to as "kid", "junior" and the like, as well as with Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Black Adam, Nabu and Jason Blood.

Meloni was in this cast one way or another. I had him pegged for several different people and finally settled on Rock, giving him the freedom to create a character largely unknown by viewers. He is an outstanding, chameleon actor that could portray anything from Cain to Ra's to Luthor.

Slade Wilson is Callum Keith Rennie
Slade Wilson was sixteen years old when he first enlisted in the United States Army, having lied about his age. After serving a stint in Korea, he was later assigned to Camp Washington. In the late 1970s, he met Captain Adeline Kane who was tasked with training young soldiers in new fighting techniques in anticipation of brewing troubles taking place in foreign land. Kane was amazed at how skilled Slade was and how quickly he adapted to modern conventions of warfare. She immediately fell in love with him, and realized that he was without a doubt the most able-bodied combatant she had ever encountered. She offered to privately train Slade in guerrilla warfare. Chosen by Savage, he was imbued with enhanced physical powers in a attempt to create metahuman supersoldiers, Slade became a mercenary for Savage.

Not many actors can portray Slade the way he should be portrayed. An actor needs to convey an equal amount of edge and self-pitty whilst still being somewhat likable for the world's most elite assassin. Rennie can accomplish that in his sleep.

General Wade Eiling is Terry O'Quinn
General Wade Eiling is a military operative in charge of Cadmus. Eiling was so eager to create the perfect weapon he used lead scientist, Captain Nathaniel Adam as an unwilling guinea pig. Adam did not survive the experiment but that did not stop the General from trying to create an even better weapon.

The grit O'Quinn has is undeniable. Every character he plays exudes a kind of toughness that shines on screen. I trust he could make an incredible villain for the original hit squad.


Mercenaries, with enemies across the world, both good and evil, the Squad does what they do best. They set out to finish unfinished business with the League of Shadows.

Their goal is to kill Ra's and take out the league.

Black Canary and Wildcat are alerted after Bradley learns of the squad's plans. The head towards the action in order to apprehend both parties.

They are accompanied by 2 other veteran heroes. Fate is asked to join the team but wishes not to intervene, reffering them to Shazam/Captain Marvel, and Blood has his hands full with a new menace in Gotham, which the JSA detain by elimination. Causing them to ponder if they are no better than the Suicide Squad. Blood stays back to research the remains problematic villain.

Vandal Savage also rears his head again, alongside a group he calls Checkmate, led by Slade, targeting his age old nemesis, Ra's.

The season climaxes in a 4-way battle royal between the Suicide Squad, the Justice Society, Checkmate and the LoS.

In the end, the question is asked who has been the informant to all parties concerning the actions and whereabouts of the others involved.

Stargirl leaves the Squad to join the ranks of the JSA.

(filler episodes about Fate's origin)

Solomon Grundy is Conan Stevens
Game of Thrones
As the story goes, in the late 19th century, a miserly pedophile, Cyrus Gold, is nearly killed at the hands of an enraged mob and dumped into the swamp in the which he ran to for haven. The swamp immediately engulfed the man in an eerie "green flame". Whether this is true or not, or that Gold could just as easily have been an innocent victim of a misunderstanding, is not nearly as important as the fact that Grundy, as the incarnation is referred to, innocent or not, exists, and exists only, to cause harm. The corpse is reanimated as a huge shambling figure (composed partly of the swamp matter that has accumulated around the body over the decades) with almost no memory of its past life. The creature, a cross between Jason Voorhees, Swamp Thing, Freddy Krueger and Frankenstein, murders a young teenaged couple making out in the marsh. He was given the name Grundy due to, if this was truly Cyrus Gold, the chronology in which he was killed...
Gold raped a murdered a new child every day for seven days.
He was sentenced a court hearing Tuesday
Sentenced to death on a Wednesday
Escaped the following Friday
Captured, beaten, nearly killed and dumped in the Swamp Sunday
He, the creature, ironically, rose on a Monday
That was the beginning,
Of Solomon Grundy

Stevens is a hulking monstrosity befitting the zombie. It's as simple as that.


Cpt Marvel is Owain Yeoman
Marvel's alter-ego, a 13-year-old boy, Billy Batson, is sent to live with his uncle after the murder of his parents 3 years prior to becoming the Captain. His uncle ridicules and degrades the youth before kicking him out on the streets. Billy survived by selling newspapers until one day when he followed a strange cloaked man to a part of the subway that tunneled into the unimaginable. The cloaked man was, in fact, the ancient wizard Shazam who had protected mankind from the Seven Deadly Enemies for thousands of years. Shazam had observed Billy as he dealt with and endured the trials and hardships of his young life. Shazam determined Billy was the worthy and proper recipient of the power of the Elders. Shazam was dying and no longer had the strength to protect mankind, especially with Black Adam back, and it was then that Billy was chosen to become Shazam's latest champion and granted the powers the Elders whenever he spoke the wizard's name aloud.

I've seen Owain used before, possibly by [email protected], whether he was the 1st or not doesn't make this pick any less marvelous.

Sentinel (AKA Green Lantern. He will be known as Sentinel to avoid confusion) is Mark Valley
Human Target
Thousands of years ago, a mystical "green flame" (a meteor) fell to Earth in ancient China. A voice in the flame prophesied that it would act three times: once to bring life (new life to Savage), once to bring death (Solomon Grundy) and once to bring power. After having already fulfilled the first two-thirds of this prophecy,a hunk of the meteoric metal was discovered by Alan Scott, a young blacksmith. Following a bridge collapse, the flame instructs Scott in how to fashion a ring from its metal, to give him fantastic powers as the Sentinel. His ring is ineffective on both Savage and Grundy and the 3 are linked as "brothers".

Valley has that defined, heroic look many of us fancasters enjoy. I think he personifies many-a-grizzled, aged hero. He also has a golden-age look to him; he is a throw back to movie stars of yesteryear which is all but perfect for the Sentinel.

Flash is Colin Ferguson
Jay Garrick accidentally inhales chemicals due to a tear in his protective MOPP gear in his laboratory where he had been working. As a result, he finds that he can run at superhuman speed and has similarly fast reflexes. He then begins to fight crime as the Flash.

Ferguson has, as Valley has, the perfect old school appeal while slightly thinner and more intelligent looking. I imagine these 2 to buddy-cop thropugh the series and show signs if the wise mentors they will become.


Tigress is Katee Sackhoff
Battlestar Galactica
Paula Brooks is a big game hunter who wanted to earn more money. She pimped herself out as a human hunter, targeting anyone for any price, which eventually caught the attention of Vandal Savage, who opted to enhance her strengths ala "The Pack" from Gargoyles. She meets and falls in love with Sportmaster although has an intense obsession with Wildcat bordering between lust and hate.

Sackoff, in all her geek cred glory, has been long rumored for the part of Typhoid Mary. For that reason she always comes to my mind when casting. This seemed like a fine opportunity to cast a character I know nothing about short of her Young Justice character that is nothing like her comic counter part.

(Count) Vertigo is David Anders
Being raised in a noble family, Vertigo was trained in classical martial arts combat and the sports of boxing, fencing, and equestrianism. He has also been trained in judo and general karate. Seeking out a means to lash out against a world he believed was mocking him for being deaf, he came into contact with Savage. He was enhanced with a "Vertigo Effect", internalized through circumstances that have not yet been revealed. He uses his power to disrupt his enemies' balance. In hand-to-hand and melee combat, Vertigo uses his power to disorient his opponents. He also uses the Vertigo Effect to disrupt the aim of gunmen, snipers and the like. The exact range of the power is unknown, however, he can effect even those that see his actions over TV or other means of electrical nature. This ability is also capable of disrupting guidance systems on missiles, vehicles and detection systems of all kind (lasers, cameras, pressure sensitive floor plates, infra-red, thermal and night vision).

Anders is my go to for many devious characters. To date, I may have used him more than any other actor, if not the most than damn close to it. I love his style and performance that there was no question I was going to use him, it was just a matter of when. Vertigo is such a cool villain, that, ever since I saw him on B:TAS, I knew that, if treated well, he was a very formidable and vary scary opponent.

KGBeast is Desmond Harrington
Anatoli Knyazev, code-named "The Beast", and known to the C.I.A. as the "KGBeast" was trained as an assassin by "The Hammer," a top secret cell of the KGB. In addition to being the master of several martial arts, his strength was cybernetically enhanced by Savage, and he had also mastered the use of every deadly weapon known. He was rumored to have killed at least 200 people.

Harrington has a stern, cold stare that I think is perfect for a comic villain. I once chose him as my TV 2-Face and now i can see him equally impressive as The Beast.

Sportsmaster is Jeffrey Donovan
Burn Notice
Lawrence Crock, a frustrated athlete who turns to a life of crime. Savage aligns himself with the athlete and gifts him with "photographic reflexes".

Donovan is an extremely athletic, chamelean actor who can portray a wide variety of characters, shown week in and week out on the hit show. Donovan looks like an arrogant jock.

Ultra (-Humanite) is John Glover
Genius youth, Gerard Shugel, was born with both an intellect that surpassed the world's greatest minds and a degenerative disease that was slowly eating away at him. Working Satanna, a fellow college researcher, they worked together on their brain/transplant and animal hybridization technologies. Driven out of the US and into the Congo, Shugel and Satanta stumbled across a lost, albino gorilla with the uncanny ablity to speak. The intelligent gorilla was mortally wounded by rebels and was dying. The ape explained to the 2 scientists he thought would help him that he was from the hidden Gorilla City. Satanna killed the innocent albino gorilla at the behest of the mad scientist and transplanted the healthy brain of Gerard into the altered body of the gorilla to stave off the attacking rebels, save her life and his and so that he can finally be as strong as he was smart. He returned the gratitude by tearing her apart in order to see how strong he was.

Lionel Luther was based on the shaggy-bearded, red-headed version of Lex Luthor in all his evil who, in turn, was created by artistic confusion which combined the look of Ultra-Humanite and the original Lex Luthor. Choosing Glover, who played The Floronic Man (Jason Woodrue) in the utterly horrible Batman and Robin and Riddler on B:TAS is the best choice out their, with his brilliant voice, to play Ultra.


reaches back into past missions of the Task Force. They battle the original version of Grundy and come into conflict multiple times with an insane biochemist, who may have something to do with Grundy's emergence. They also battle the original, malevolent Queen Bee.
Unrelated, the present exposes an on the run Squad after the unresolved 4 way collision which ended season 4.
Blood contacts the JSA and issues them an explanation connecting the biochemist from the past, Cadmus, the LoS and the informant. Never explaining to the viewer yet.

We see Savage and Ra's over the centuries. They are sometimes allies, sometimes enemies, sometimes both evil, sometimes one has evil intentions and the other has true, moral intentions. Most of season 5 is of their journey with one another.

Presently, Bradley arrests an unpredictable and violent teenager who lashes out against the hit-men who offed her family. Deadshot breaks the child out of prison and enlists her.

Waller has the squad looking for the informant (of previous seasons, mentioned earlier), never asking Blood, unaware of his knowledge.

Blood reveals the manipulative mogul pulling the strings (to the JSA) and speculates as to why.

The child, the newest killer to the ranks, of a group so despised, so depraved, so sinfully lethal, they are hated by the mystical, the maniacal, the mundane, the majestic and the marvelous; always,

Out of fear that the JSA will grow stronger over time, Ra's and Savage, once again, are aligned against a common enemy. They work together bringing in old faces to aid them.

The JSA confront the squad over the mishandling of the young girl. They want her taking a stand against evil and joining their team.

In an odd confrontation of apparent equals, the child takes up the offer to serve alongside the JSA.

The end of the season deals with the death and disappearance of the Task force in a thriller-esque ending with a Machiavellian foe.

(filler episodes about Blood's origin)

Queen Bee is Bianca Lawson
The Vampire Diaries
The original Bee, mother of the one previously starring in SEASON 2, gained control of the terrorist nation of Bialya by forging an alliance with its former ruler Colonel Rumaan Harjavti then assassinating him. She solidified her power by brainwashing the Global Guardians into serving her. The Queen had far-reaching influences, managing to put one of her own operatives in the United Nations.

Lawson has as much cred as David Anders. Like Anders, her face can be seen in a multitude of programs and, like Anders still, often times in multiple shows simultaneously.

Anton Arcane is Richard Armitage
Robin Hood
Arcane is a scientist whose obsession with gaining immortality has led him to create monstrous creatures known as "Un-Men" as well as other monstrous biogenetic experimentations involving the dead.

Armitage has a quiet subtlety about himself that drove me to picking him. Originally, by desperatley wanting to tie the Swamp Thing mythos into this, thus tying the "green flame" of green-growing life by way of Grundy into it, I was aiming to use the aforementioned Floronic Man. I was going for the in-joke by looking to use John Glover in the repeat role, clearly better written however, Arcane was much more an evil, solo enemy worthy of facing the Task Force X. I was then going to use Glover as Arcane as he was so close to the TV live action appearance of Arcane, to me, it was incredible. After I decided to go the not-in-your-face mad scientist, I felt Glover was better in the also ironic role of Ultra while Armitage was perfect for the new look I intended.

Huntress is Lourdes Ciccone Leon
Helena Rosa Bertinelli, the daughter of one of Gotham's mafia bosses who, after seeing her entire family murdered by a mob hit, vows revenge. Although the original Helena Wayne version joined the JSA, this is a way to pay homage to that while staying relevant, hence her young age.

Leon has no experience acting, yet I'm going out on a limb and happily picking her for the role. Going out in left feild and picking that one person to play a small, but integral, role has happened a million times over. This would/could launch her career. Who is she?
On October 14, 1996 (making her 16), Madonna gave birth to Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, her daughter with Carlos Leon.
Hate me? Keep reading
At 13 she has been the creative consultant for her mother’s Material Girl collection, which is a junior’s line of clothing, and has enrolled in a New York acting school. She has begun preparing for a career as a celebrity. She registered for acting lessons at the Manhattan Professional Children’s School in January of 2009. She was courted for the film The Secret Life of Bees in 2007 but turned down the part because her mother was against her starting show business at such a young age.

Lourdes appears to be determined to prove herself in the acting world. She has told the Daily Mail that she is desperate in her desire to become an actress and intends to be extremely diligent in studying acting techniques.

Lourdes has apparently made some inroads towards achieving celebrity status. She has been cited as being a teen fashion Icon.

She has also been compared in her facial looks to another major celebrity other than that of her mother. Her facial futures have been compared to those of Angelina Jolie at 16 years of age.

Lourdes Ciccone Leon has the potential to become as famous or even more so than her mother as long as the determination she has voiced becomes a reality.

Did I lose you Yet?

Lex Luthor is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
New Amsterdam
What more do you need to know about this megalomaniac.
meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a (mg-l-mn-, -mny)
1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

Coster-Waldau 1st popped up on Fancasts, by my memory, as Dr Doom, by [email protected] and I've seen him tons more times as Aquaman. Shave the man's head and he makes for the perfect dapper, younger (not young) Lex Luthor.


Luthor, now a Mayor, plots the end of JSA, Suicide Squad, Savage and Ra's, hoping to rise in power as each regime falls apart.

The culmination of Cadmus, Checkmate and everything, begins to wrap up as Luthor becomes more dominant and even murders Savage. Ra's resolves to having Lex as his heir and take Talia as his bride.

Some of Checkmate almost kill Huntress and JSA decide to let the teen go back to Gotham.

Black Canary becomes pregnant and Cadmus, now run by Luthor, kidnaps the infant and kills Canary.

Badly beaten, both mentally and physically, Wildcat retires back to Gotham, watching over Huntress.

At the behest of Luthor, Black Adam returns to battle Shazam, whose mystical obligations force him into conflict elsewhere with Blood and Fate. Stargirl follows Shazam, as she has fallen for him.

The obligations referred to is the destruction of the Rock of Eternity, spreading many ancient and evil magics. The quartet must capture the evils and rebuild the Rock.

Grundy kills the Sentinel and Garrick's legs are broken.

Deadshot shoots Slade in the eye and leaves him for dead.

The season ends without resolve and continues the havoc in the final season

(filler about Wildcat's origin)

Talia is India de Beaufort
Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire
Talia's mother was named Melisande and was murdered by a former servant of Ra's named Qayin. In her youth, Talia travels with Ra's around the world. He teaches her hand to hand combat as well as the use of most conventional weapons, from swords to guns. She helps him in the management of various organizations that he controls. Talia is often depicted as being torn between devotion for her father and a quest for good. Ra's is always looking to find an heir to his dynasty and lover for his daughter as a female, to him, is incapable of taking over.

de Beaufort is one of those women that is so beautiful its unsettling. She was my pick for Talia in my Batman TV series and I'm sticking with that.

Mercy Graves is Adrianne Palicki
Friday Night Lights
Mercy is Luthor's bodyguard. Despite her loyalty to Luthor, she has still shown some humanity even while in his employ. Her status as an Amazon is questioned many times. While fellow characters are not sure, the answer, yes, is made quite clear to the viewer. Lex almost surely knows the truth but plays it coll similar to, but more certain than, Commissioner Gordon ala Batman.

Well, Palicki didn't make it as the most famous DC amazon so I'm going to cast her for the second time (once in my erased Wonder Woman fancast, although I was proud of the story, much of my opinion as to who should star in certain roles has drastically changed [and this was long before the canceled Wonder Woman series was brought to light]) as the blonde bombshell and Lex' enforcer.

I'm not gonna lie, Sackhoff was my initial pick but Adrianne's height made her the better Amazon, that, and the almost an Amazon thing I mentioned already.

Season 7

Waller is killed by Mercy.

The anti-heroes look to save Canary's infant child. Lex has her growing older at a superior rate through experiments. She is now 15.

Talia deconstructs Lex from the inside as she has come across another whom she loves.

Ra's takes the LoS back and enlists Shiva and Cain, providing them with an alternative to being on the run forever.

Bradley returns to the series, once again, to arrest Luthor. He is killed.

Flag, Deadshot, Boomerang and Cheshire are able to take down Luthor and vanish.

The 4 end the series by going their separate ways stating that they will forever be enemies to the world's greatest villains and heroes alike.

(filler of Canary)

Batman (The Human-bat in Gotham) and Superman (the guy with the magic red cape in Metropolis) are mentioned late in the series as fledgling heroes. Martians masquerading as humans, Amazons, Mermen, Space cops, Martians and Magi are also mentioned.

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