Fancast by ager: The Batman 2006 recast/revision Part 1

Fancast by ager: The Batman 2006 recast/revision Part 1

As this is long and pretty descriptive, I chose to only throw the 1st one at you for now. There are 4 movies in total.

What preceded this DCU installment alteration was my Superman '05 recast/revision


Not the same story
Must be famous at the time
No using any actor cast in the series


The Batman '06

August '02 flashes on the screen

The movie opens with a man, slouched and angry, walking the streets of Gotham. He stops, looks at a few hookers, and roles his eyes in disgust. A young girl, no older than 13, offers to 'cheer him up'.

"Kid, how old are you?" Her pimp answers, "As young as you want her to be." The stranger retorts, "Skum like you is why I came back. If I have to do it alone, I'm gonna get rid of every one of you."

Blah blah blah, the stranger is Matches Malone.

It's the familiar Year One scene sans Selena Kyle. The pimp tries, to no avail, to beat Malone with his cat o' 9 tails whip.

Flass and Gordon break it up, arresting 'Malone.' Flass is a little too rough on Malone and Gordon is suspicious of Flass' acceptance of the pimp and and crew. Flass keeps referring to Gordon as rookie until Gordon states he has more years under his belt than Flass. Malone escapes.

Malone walks into Wayne Manor, as we see it on the gate, and is greeted by an overwhelmed Alfred as he sheds his disguise and we learn it is Wayne, home from aboard.

Some back story scenes of the murders and his training regiment. Good flash backs ala Batman Begins but not nearly as in depth.

He tells Alfred his crime fighting intentions. He also sets a goal to head Wayne Ent at the behest of Alfred, if only so he doesn't become a Howard Hughes-type. This is where he creates the facade.

The next night Gordon is on a stake out, watching Carmine Falcone from afar. 5 fellow officers come up from behind and jump him. They drag him to Falcone who says

"The next time you stick your face in my $hit again, I'm going to kill you. Your gaining some status as a cop the people can trust so I thought I'd give you the option to work with us or continue to work against us." (out walks Flass) (Gordon spits in his face and is thrown into the woods, beaten even worse)

Meanwhile, Wayne, in a ski mask, jumps a few thugs He wins easily but is angry they didn't fear him.

Day break: It's a media frenzy as Wayne announces his return to Gotham after having not been home for 12 years upon graduating high school.

He now has total control over Wayne Ent. Among the shareholders at the table is Lucius Fox.

Gordon gets the edge on Flass, who's trading with the pimp from earlier, and kicks the crap out of them. He leaves them naked and handcuffed to each other.

Gordon talks with Barbara about regretting moving here. She says he needs to be strong. "Gotham needs a good man." He says "Gotham needs more than that. This place is a no man's land. The mob and thugs run this city. It's no place to raise a child. (he holds her stomach) They have every cop in their pocket."

"Not every," she says as she tosses him his badge, "Don't forget what you are. You're a symbol for what's right. We should stay. You can change Gotham." He asks "Are you sure you won't regret this? If I devote myself to cleaning this city from the inside, it might year us apart." She answers reassuringly, "Nothing will ever tear us apart."

The same basic flow of conversation is had by Alfred and Bruce. When Alfred shuts the door a bat flies, from the darkness, into Bruce's face and he has his costume.

Led by Falcone, along with Sal Maroni, Falcone's Consigliere, the heads of the 5 (mob) families are having a sit down. The Batman crashes from the roof top and warns them he is out there.

Mobsters present: Maxamilian Zeus, Fats Zucco, Rupert Thorne and Oswald Cobblepot

-Zeus, a massive man very similar in look to King Arthur from Gargoyles
-Zucco, a typical, fat slob
-Thorne, the one most hated by the others. He has an aristocratic arrogance that alienates the others
-Cobblepot, nothing outlandish, a shorter than average man that walks with a limp do to a lame leg, wobbling like a penguin, according to the stories of his youth.

-When Batman crashes, Zeus becomes the moment's comic relief, shouting at Hades (Batman) to cease and desist. He calls out to his 'brothers', Hephaestus (Cobblepot) 'the crippled god', Ares (Falcone) 'the god of war and bloodshed', Hermes (Zucco) 'the god of thievery and travel, alluding to his treachery involving the Graysons and Poseidon (Thorne) 'the god of earthquakes to fetch him his chariot and thunderbolt.

A barrage of gunfire and no one can even slow him down. The Batman takes 3 sharp batarangs and claws at The Roman's face, scarring him. He takes down 1/2 of the gangsters before escaping unharmed.

Gotham whispers about the emergence of The Batman

Selena (we are seeing her character for the 1st time) talks to Holly (the 13-year-old hooker from earlier). Kyle will force Holly's pimp to let her quit.

Selina kicks the crap out of the pimp, takes his whip and jewels.

She wakes up the next day and Holly is missing, as is the pimp. She dons a costume and becomes a cat burglar.

Loeb calls Gordon to his office. In his office stands a beaten up Flass and a scarred Falcone. This let's viewers know Loeb is also paid off. He puts Gordon on Batman duty.

Detective Sarah Essen is assigned to assist Gordon, in any way, in capturing the bat.

At a party of socialites, Selena meets Bruce, who has a rep as a playboy. They hit it off. At that same party...

Harvey Dent meets Bruce Wayne. Wayne feels him out, knows he wants good for Gotham and, as Batman allies himself with Gotham's youngest DA. Dent, then, bring Gordon into the fold. Essen is kept in the dark.

Selena tells Bruce that she and Carmine go way back. "He knows my mother very well, but he doesn't want to know me at all."

Gordon explains to Dent and Batman that he will not see the capture of Batman through. The trio must keep it secret.

Dent slowly shows signs of snapping. In court, he snaps on Falcone, which ends up helping Roman walk away free.

Johnny Viti, Carmine Falcone's nephew, and his sister Carla, Johnny's mother, argue with his Carmine and threaten to testify against him.

---Viti and Carla are murdered Halloween night.

Gordon works long hours with Essen.

---On Thanksgiving night - 2 Irish assassins, called The Saints, are hired by Falcone to murder Dent. Batman stops them.

---Christmas night - the assassins are killed.

---On New Year's Eve - Carmine's elder son Mario, who desires to redeem and legitimize the Falcone family is killed.

---April Fools Day - Carmine is shot at, purposely unharmed. A play on the theme of April Fools Day.

Once a pattern is discovered, Dent and Gordon, without Batman, who must stay hidden, question the Gregory Day in Arkham, wanting to learn more about the psyche of a methodical killer.

Arkham associates include director Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, doctors Quinzel, Crane, Thompkins and Lestrange, (pronounced lay-Stron, a running joke) and head of security, Officer Lyle Bolton.

---Mother's Day - Flass is found hanged in the park with lipstick smeared on his face.

---Father's Day - Falcone's only daughter, Sophia. Her face is deformed by way of 'Daggett Dapper Dip', a dangerous, poisonous chemical sold, in its entirety, to Sal Maroni.

Attached, is a note that reads, There are 2 of us. Happy Father's Day.

Maroni, in court, is attacked by a snapped Harvey. When Harvey pulls him over the stand he is tackled by guards and collapse into the display of Daggett Dip. Dent's face is covered and it begins to eat away his flesh like acid.

He goes missing from the hospital.

---Independence Day - Maroni is found dead, with one side of his face carved and disfigured.

---Labor Day - Loeb is hogtied and killed. Evidence of his corrupt lifestyle lay around him. Gordon is promoted. He has an affair with Essen that night.

---Halloween '03 - Batman stakes out Falcone's place, waiting for the Holiday killer to kill the only one left. From the shadows creeps a killer.

Batman pounces. It's Catwoman. He looks at her and says matter-of-factly "You're not the killer." She quips, "When in Rome..."

The 2 fight, knocking each other off the balcony. She screams that he's going to have to face the truth one day.

In comes Harvey, mangled and angry. He raises the gun at Carmine and Gordon comes barreling in. In a tragic ploy for his well-being, Gordon begs him to come to his senses. A dramatic scene of betrayal, lost hope, pessimism occurs between the 2.

After the tear-jerking exchange, The Roman ruthlessly puts one between the eyes of Dent, only to be stabbed in the back, literally, by Alberto, his misbegotten son.

On the ground, Batman clearly has the upper hand but leaves when he hears the gunfire. He holds onto a piece of her tights he ripped off though.

Batman rages and kicks the tar out of Alberto akin to the comic book.

Gordon tells Batman to leave. Alberto tells Gordon that he killed his brother and no one else. He planned on killing his father and that it was out of neglect that those 2 deserved to die. He would never had killed his sister, she was like a mother to him.

He publicly confesses to every murder, happy that he is now the most feared Falcone, if not the only.

Batman is seen researching Catwoman's fabric and finds Daggett Dip residue.

Gordon comes home to an empty house. There is a note that reads...

Junior and I went back home to Chicago with Mom and Dad. You were right, we never should have left. I hope you 2 are happy...

Under the note is a picture of Sarah and Jim, in her bed. By the angle and distance it would appear as if someone was watching them from the street or hedges.

On the back of the picture it reads...

I guess Batman wasn't the only one who wore a mask. You, a devoted husband and good father and I, a good, moral man, a keeper of justice. In the end, we are no less 2-faced than the men we were after. Harv



Tahmoh Penikett
Age: 31
Battlestar Galactica

Batman Bio:
The only thing of question, here, would be his age. 12 years after he leaves Gotham (becoming legally responsible for himself at 16) puts him at 28 (turning 29 by the end). Everything else is what we know.

Why Penikett:
I made a fancast for JSA/JLA and I used him as Superman after steeling that idea from DDD (I think). He is the spitting image of Michael Turner's artwork. I started to think of the similarities in the way the faces of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne in most comics.

My Superman, ideally, has a rounder (corn-fed), thicker face, whereas Bruce, ideally, has sharper features with an edgier scowl. Penikett was almost the perfect age and looked strangely close to how I imagine Bruce Wayne to look.

I thought Bale was the perfect choice having wanted him to land the role long before the movie was even announced. I've said it before, he and David Boreanaz, if Batman were a seasoned vet in the movie, were my choices.

I will say that Jake Gyllenhaal could have also been outstanding, however I'm aware of his rating as The Bat is luke warm.

Penikett however, fits like a glove. He has the geek cred, even showing up a few times on Smallville, but he is (still) largely unknown. his height and build, and his stare, are perfect.

Alex Ross once said something along the lines that Bruce Wayne separates himself from Superman by his tough-guy squint. There's a darkness, a depression, there, that speaks volumes about where he's been. He's done a lifetime's worth of traveling and training in 12 years.

Jim Gordon
Michael Biehn
Age: 50
The Terminator

Why Biehn:
Although this Gordon is the thinner version without the stereotypical hero-chin, he still must be a stronger type who kicks a little arse now and again. Biehn is the epitome of this classification. He wears Gordon better than any other actor.

Whereas I loved Oldman's take mine is gonna kick your teeth in a bit more.

You can see how I've condensed Year One and Long Halloween into 1 story whereby eliminating the Gordon-centric origin. This is a Batman movie 1st, although I have shown the audience the similarities of the 2, just minimizing Gordon's time.

Detective Flass
Matt Damon
Age: 36
The Bourne Identity

Realistically, one may consider Flass not that important and thus, not cast a name actor. Flass, though, is important as a major thorn, an enemy, if you will, to Gordon. This is a situation where I wanted a great actor to add a name to the main cast that was largely, not extremely marketable.

The main cast would be Batman, Gordon, Dent and Falcone along with Catwoman and Flass.

Ben Kingsley
Suspect Zero

I think the casting of Kingsley, like Cain, is so important to the character. He would play it exactly like Cain if not for teasing his former MI: 6 connections with a scene or 2.

He has the gravitas to play this to quiet perfection. He's a comfortable 34 years Bruce's senior.

Carmine "The Roman" Falcone
Frank Vincent
The Sopranos

This is the second time I cast him in this role. It boiled down to Vincent, De Niro and Dennis Farina who all look like Falcone could have been drawn to look like them. In the end, De Niro was too obvious and, by '05 was not the mobster people were looking for and Farina is, for my taste, more funny than drama.

Lucius Fox
Carl Weathers

It may be catching on...That is, my obsession with everything Rocky related

Barbara Kean-Gordon
Connie Britton
Friday Night Lights

The gorgeous red head plays the minor role of the jaded wife of 'hero-cop', James Gordon. Sh'es such a solid actor and always churns out a great dramatic performance. I wanted her to be fairly younger so that her pregnancy is welcomed as a blessing that they are finally ready to have a child... Or, you know, not.

Sal Maroni
Anthony LaPaglia
Without a Trace

I was always very familiar with him a comedic actor for his roles in So I Married an Axe Murderer and Empire Records but then I saw him in Without a Trace and loved him. Maroni is depicted a dozen different ways and in this, as a minor character with a very important scene I was looking to have a man that could be taken frighteningly serious but not suck the attention awat from Carmine, Dent or any of the other 'major' players.

Comisionor Loeb
Bill Murray

Another repeat. I used him as the spitting image look-alike as Loeb, previously. On looking back, He is not only a dead ringer but an accomplished dramatic actor and this role, which some may consider comedic when seeing Murray

Rhona Mitra

This Selena is NOT a hooker, or so it does not appear as she is one. It's never clearly defined why she is around Holly, or the slums, or what it is she does.

Mitra, to me, is another balance, ala Biehn as Gordon, in that she is tougher, and more built akin to the Year One version Frank Miller drew (he always draws women far too buff) yet she is also sexy (in her own way) much like the Long Halloween version.

This was the hardest to cast. After I had her I searched for another, better Selena but I couldn't find one to compare.

Detective Sarah Essen
Téa Leoni
Bad Boys

Essen is a strong woman, one of the boys, not the beautiful type, more the sexy type. Leoni, with her raspy voice, body posture and sexy stare, makes for an outstanding Essen. I love this choice.

Harvey Dent
Cole Hauser
Higher Learning

Hauser was the best of the younger group of actors I was looking to use. Dent is the youngest DA and I bumped him up to the same age as my Batman, who, himself is slightly over the 26-year-old range. I used Hauser as Venom in my Spider-Man '02 recast/revision and wanted hard to avoid using him again. Obviously I failed, but He's great for Harvey "Apollo" Dent AKA 2-Face. Speaking of reusing great actors ...

Dr Hugo Lestrange
Christopher Meloni

I used Meloni in the same cast, this time, as Kraven the Hunter. Meloni would own this VERY important part.

Lestrange (lay-Stron) isn't a part to blink at in this movie but just wait until the 3rd installment.

Lestrange (a less comic bookish way to calling a guy strange) has to appear as if he could throw on the Bat costume and look like the hero. The 45 year old is old enough to be the Dr and badass enough to wear the mask...if he ever were to...

Alberto Falcone
Milo Ventimiglia
Rocky Balboa

Heroes started off with so much greatness and ended up real bad. Few things on that show stayed great. One of those 'things' was Peter, the character Milo played. Milo could show some crazy range as the neglected son of The Roman.

NEXT: Shadow of the Bat '08 with Ra's Al Gul
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