FANCAST: Captain America

FANCAST: Captain America

FANCAST: Captain America

Make the jump to check out a fancast for my upcoming Fan-Fic of the Star Spangled Man with a plan, Captain America!

Hey all,

Recently I've had a spike in interest for Captain America (prompting me to watch The First Avenger a total of six times) and have wanted to write a fanfic about him. I've been developing it over the past few weeks but I was desperate to post something related to my project, So I decided to put together a fancast for the time being. I've strayed away from the popular choices for the roles and tried to be original. Another reason why I decided to embark on a Captain America fan-fiction project on CBM is because we haven't seen one since around September! So let's start off shall we?

Captain America: Chris Pine

Reason For Casting: I have yet to see Pine appear in a fancast for Cap, and ever since the thought popped into my head I'm incapable of imagining anybody else in the role. He already showed us in Star Trek that he can play the role of a leader brilliantly, and can make the transition from weakling and incapable-of-leadership to a fully blown leader and the pinacle of human perfection. Then again, he would be a great fit for other CBM roles such as Green Lantern, Flash and Daredevil.

Bucky Barnes: Josh Hutcherson

Reason For Casting: In the comics, Bucky was introduced as a rival for Robin and he was around 15. Hutcherson is 19, but he can pass for a teenager. I felt in The First Avenger that Bucky was a poorly-handled character. His death felt wasted and unnatural and it didn't seem right that Bucky was an adult, he should've been introduced later on as a teenager. Hutcherson has already shown he has the acting chops and can make a good performance out of a poor script (i.e every kids movie he's ever starred in) which is why I think he's an ideal choice for Cap's sidekick.

The Red Skull: Christoph Waltz

Reason For Casting: Christoph. Waltz. You do the math.

Peggy Carter: Marion Cotillard

Reason For Casting: I don't know much about the Peggy of the comics (except she didn't have a very prominent role) but I've been told by multiple people that she was an American agent working in the French resistance. I've decided to change her nationality to fully French in the story, and she has the same role as in the comics except it's been swapped over. Marion is, undoubtedly, beautiful and is an amazing actress. She would make for a great Peggy.

Dr. Abraham Erskine: Alfred Molina

Reason For Casting: I actually don't know. I was thinking of actors who could play Erskine convincingly and Molina just popped into my head, and he's the same case as Pine, I can't get the choice out of my head. Molina is a brilliant actor, and even though he's already played Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man 2, I believe he can make the transition to a different franchise well.

Sgt. Nick Fury: Kiefer Sutherland

Reason For Casting: As you can see, I decided to go with the 616 version of Fury. Don't get me wrong, I love SLJ as the Director of SHIELD but I think Sutherland would be a more appropriate fit. Nick Fury and his character Jack Bauer in the hit TV show 24 are almost identical, and I think he would play him well. In my story, Nick Fury is a sargent and plays a similar role to Howard Stark in The First Avenger. And just to clear things up beforehand, neither the Howling Commandos or the Invaders will appear in the story. Why? I never really understood either of the teams, I think it's better suited for either Cap and Bucky to run around killing Nazis, or just have Cap leading a bunch of soldiers into battle.

Col. Chester Phillips: Harrison Ford

Reason For Casting: Ford as Chester would be badass. Lee Jones nailed the role in The First Avenger, but I think Ford would've done an even better job. This role and Indiana Jones are very similar characters, except Phillips is a little bit more cranky and irritating.

Well there you go! Arnim Zola is in the story, but I've struggled to find a decent pick for him, as I feel Toby Jones is a spot-on choice. The fan-fic will hopefully be along soon, and I hope you like it! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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