Fancast: Deadpool - The Merc with a Mouth

Fancast: <i>Deadpool - The Merc with a Mouth</i>

This is my cast for one of Marvel's most freakin' awesome characters.

First off, I'd like to say that I don't think the Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds will be made since it has been in development hell for so long. And I've kind of lost faith in Reynolds after the disaster that was Green Lantern.

Anyway, my choice for a director is Rueben Fleischer (Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less). He always brings a nice blend of action and comedy to the screen.

Anyway, here's the cast:

Jensen Ackles as Wade Wilson/Deadpool: A disfigured, mentally unstable, and wise-cracking mercenary. Wilson was a participant of Weapon X, which granted him and accelerated healing factor. Deemed a failure, Wade was sent to "The Hospice", run by Doctor Kilebrew. Kilebrew performed tortuous experiments on Wilson for his own pleasure. However, Wilson escaped along with his fellow inmates and began his career as a freelance mercenary.

Reason for Casting: I'd like to thank HailToTheKingBaby for thinking of this pick (which he had on his Daredevil cast). If you've seen Ackles' work on Supernatural, you know that he can play an asshole but likable asshole and is funny as hell. He'd own as Deadpool.

Jay Baruchel as Weasel: Deadpool's friend, sidekick, information broker, and arms dealer. Even though he is probably Wilson's best friend, Deadpool often mistreats or abuses him because of his mood swings and mental state.

Reason for Casting: Baruchel is a very funny dude and one of my favorite comedians. To me, he'd make an awesome Weasel.

Adam Baldwin as Nathan Summers/Cable: A soldier from the future and son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor. Born in the present, but raised in the future, he fights against the tyrannical rule of the mutant Apocalypse. Summers posses the ability of telepathy, telekinesis, and technopathy, and is and expert marksman.

Reason for Casting: I know that almost everyone on this site wants Michael Biehn for Cable (even me). However, height stickler killjoys DDD and RoadDogXXIV say that Biehn is too short to play the 6' 8" Cable (WHY MUST YOU RUIN OUR FUN?!?). Anyway, Baldwin is a good alternative for Cable, standing at 6' 4" and having played similar roles in Firefly and Chuck.

Helen Mirren as Blind Al: A former British Intelligence who is (as her name suggests) is blind. She has a bizarre relationship with Deadpool, serving as a cross between a friend, prisoner, housekeeper, Greek Chorus, and mother-figure.

Reason for Casting: Besides having the nationality, Mirren is a fantastic actress. I casted her based on her performance in RED.

Elijah Wood as Bob, Agent of HYDRA: An incompetent and cowardly HYDRA Agent who joined the organization at the appeal of a steady job with a dental plan. Bob soon quit HYDRA and became an honorary agent of Agency X. He occasionally works with Deadpool, who he refers to as his "pet" (or "minion" since "It's more PC").

Reason for Casting: Wood would be a shoe-in for the role sine he already plays the pathetic loser on Wilfred.

Jensen Ackles as Alex Hayden/Agent X: The head of the mercenary group Agency X, who may or may not be a clone of him. Hayden was captured by HYDRA, who gave him arthritis, and the made him morbidly obese so he wouldn't notice the arthritis. Deadpool then rescued, and Agent X made him head of Agency X while he gets rid of his disabilities.

Reason for Casting: Casting Agent X was hard. I then decided to use the same I actor I've casted as Deadpool since he's pretty much the same as Deadpool.

Noomi Rapace as Neena Thurman/Domino: Cable's partner and confidante. She posses probablity altering powers and is an expert markswoman and hand-to-hand combatant.

Reason for Casting: You may know Rapace as Lisbeth Salander in the Millenium trilogy. From what I've seen from her work, I'd think she'd be a superb Domino. Plus, she knows kickboxing (she took lessons for the films).

Karen Gillan as Theresa Cassidy/Siryn: An Irish mutant and daughter of the X-Man Banshee. She posses a "sonic scream", which can incapacitate or injure an opponent's hearing and send vibrations through the air, which she can use to fly.

Reason for Casting: I've only seen Gillan as Amy Pond on Doctor Who. However, she has a similar heritage to Siryn (Gillan is Scottish) and is around the right age. I think she could pull this role off perectly.

Laura Prepon as Inex Temple/Outlaw: A mercenary working for Agency X who has a Cowgirl motif. Temple is a mutant with the ability of Superhuman strength and durability. She is also a skilled markswoman and fighter.

Reason for Casting: Prepon is known for playing "hot" Donna on That 70's Show. I think she has the right attitude and acting chops to pull off Outlaw.

Anne Hathaway as Sandi Brandenberg: Deadpool's manager and employee of Agency X, who has had a past with the mercenary and assassin Tony Masters (better known as Taskmaster).

Reason for Casting: I know that Hathaway has already been casted as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. However, I think she is too sweet of a person to play Kyle. She'd be a better fit as the sweet character of Sandi.


Dolph Lundgren as T-Ray: A lethal mercenary who serves to remind Deadpool of what a failiure he is. He claims to be the real Wade Wilson and that Deadpool stole his identity. T-Ray is a zombie, yet posses his own free will and intelligence. He prefers to use blades as his weapon of choice and has an extensive knowledge of magic (particularly VooDoo rituals).

Reason fro Casting: I almost casted Alexander SkarsgÄrd in the role, but I settled on Lundgren. He has the right height (standing at 6'5") and isn't that bad of an actor (see The Expendables).

James Marsters as Tony Masters/Taskmaster: A deadly assassin and freelance mercenary. Taskmaster has unlocked the mind's potential and can absorb knowledge instantly. He posses an unique muscle memory that allows to mimic the abilities of peak-level humans, Thus, he is an exceptional martial artist, skilled swordsman, a marksman with deadly accuracy, and displays a strenuously honed athletic ability.

Reason for Casting: I decided to go with somebody more original than Jason Statham. Marsters is a brilliant actor. He can pull off the intelligent type and has played villains (Lord Piccolo in that craptacular adaptation of Dragon Ball and Victor Hesse in Hawaii Five-0) and anti-heroes (Spike on Buffy and Angel and Captain John Hart on Torchwood).

Jesper Christensen as Dr. Kilebrew: The head of the Hospice, a facility where failed subjects of the Weapon X project were sent to . However, Kilebrew used the patients as test subjects in his sadistic experiments.

Reason for Casting: He has played a similar role before of Dieter Vogel, the "Surgeon of Birkeanu", in The Debt. He was pretty creepy in it and his performance convinced me to cast him.

Dominic Purcell as Ajax: Kilebrew's deadly enforcer at the Hospice. Kilebrew had removed his nerves for better pain management, and gave him implants that gave him enhanced strength, intuitive capability, super-speed, and agility. While escaping from the Hospice, Wilson shot him at point-blank range with two automatic rifles, leaving him for dead.

Reason for Casing: Purcell's a big dude, and is pretty muscular. He's good at playing very physical roles before and I've enjoyed his work on Prison Break.

Please leave your thought and comments below. I hope you have enjoyed this article.
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