Fancast: Justice League International

Fancast: <i>Justice League International</i>

This is a cast is for Keith Griffin's hilarious take on the Justice League.

After seeing a lot of crap in the fan fic section (with the exception of a select few casts), I decided to go ahead with my Justice League International cast. First off, I haven't read a single issue of Justice League International, but I plan on getting the first volume of it for my Birthday. Now, there are hree reasons why a JLI movie should be made:

Reason #1: The comedic goldmine that is the duo of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Reason #2: The Martian Manhunter's obsession with Oreos (later changed to Chocos because of copyright reasons

Reason #3: "One Punch" (aka Batman owning Gu Gardner

Now that I've presented my reasons, I shall give you the cast:


James Caviezel as Bruce Wayne/Batman: The protector of Gotham City and the world's greatest detective. Batman is highly intelligent, being a skilled martial artist and keeping a variety of gadgets on his utility belt, including his trademark Batarangs.

Reason for Casting: Caviezel will always be my pick for Batman. He's got the talent and persona for the role. He plays a character that's similar to Bruce on Person of Interest (with the exception that he uses guns and is not in costume).

Bradley Cooper is Guy Gardner: The "back-up" Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Gardney wields a green power ring that makes whatever he thinks into constructs. A loutish hothead, he constantly challenges Batman's leadership of the group.

Reason for Casting: Almost everyone on here has casted Cooper for either the Flash or Guy. Out of the two roles, I prefer that he played Guy. Cooper has the comedic chops for this role. He is perfect at playing the likeable asshole, which is essentially what Guy is.

Eve Myles as Tora Olafsdotter/Ice: A Norwegian Justice League member and former member of the Global Guardians. Ice has the ability to create ice and sow through her hands. She has a personality that's a mix of girl-next-door wholesomeness and naiveté, a contrast to her teammate Fire.

Reason for Casting: I'm proud to be the first to cast Welsh actress Eve Myles in a CBM fan cast. You may know her as Gwen Cooper on Torchwood. She plays a somewhat similar character there and I think she has the talent to play this role.

Eliza Dushku as Beatrix Da Costa/Fire: A Brazillian model and a former member of the Global Guardians. Fire has the ability of pryokinesis, and can become a being composed of green flame, giving her the ability to fly.

Reason for Casting: Fire was probably the hardest to cast. None of the actresses I picked seem to fit the role. I decided to go with the last resort choice of Eliza Dushku, which happens to be DDD's pick.

James Roday is Ted Kord/Blue Beetle: The owner of Kord Industries and the second person to take up the identity of Blue Beetle. Unlike his predecessor, Kord does not possess he mystic Blue Beetke scarab. Instead, he uses variou gadgets, including an airship named "The Bug" and a hanheld BB gun that fires either a blinding flash of light or a compressed air blast.

Reason for Casting: Roday is known for his work on Psych, where he plays a Ted Kord-seque character. Combine that with his comedic chops, then he's a shoe-in for the role.

Scott Caan as Michael Jon Carter/Booster Gold: A glory seeking showboat from the future who came back in time to become rich. booster relies on 25th century technology, including a flight ring, an all purpose power suit, gauntlets that fire energy blasts, and a special visor that gives him different types of vision. He is best friends with Blue Beetle and often comes up wiith get-rich0quick schemes together.

Reason for Casting: I'm a fan of the new Hawaii Five-0, and Caan is hilarious as Detective Danny "Danno" Williams. He has the comedic timing to play Gold and would have awesome on-screen chemistry with Roday.

Christopher Judge as J'onn J'onzz/The Martian Manhunter: A green-skinned native of Mars who was pulled to Earth by a transportation experiment. With no way to get back, he adopted the identity of Chicago Police Detective John Jones and protected his new home as The Martian Manhunter. Being a Martian, J'onn has the abilities of shape shifting, intagibility, invisibility, flight, telepathy, and "Martian Vision".

Reason for Casting: Judge has already played an alien before on Stargate SG-1. He has the height and voice for the role and can easily play the role with a combination of prosthetics and CGI.

Jerry O'Connell as Billy Batson/Captain Marvel: A good-natured boy who was chosen by the wizard Shazam to become the champion of good. When Billy says the wizard's name, he transforms into Captain Marvel, the mightiest mortal on Earth. As Marvel, Billy has the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. However, Billy still retains his personality while he is Marvel. He is also partially responsible for J'onn J'onzz's addiction to Oreos (having introduced them to him.

Reason for Casting: I know what you are all thinking: "Why the hell did you cast the fat kid from Stand By Me?" Well, Jerry is now quite slim. At 6'2", he just needs to beef up for the role. Plus, he also voiced the character on Justice League Unlimited.

Jaime King as Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary: The daughter of the original Black Canary, who took up her mother's mantel. Lance is an exceptional martial artist and posses an ultrasonic scream called a "Canary Cry".

Reason for Casting: I, for one, am a bit sick of seeing Yvonne Strahovski being casted as Black Canary in almost every single cast. She's a god pick, but it has now become a bit redundant. When casting Canary, I took inspiration from RoadDog's casting of Black Cat. King has the nordic blond look and is pretty sexy. Plus she knows some martial arts due to her work on Bulletproof Monk.

Daniel Craig is Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate: Son of archeologist Sven Neslon, who was trained in the mystic arts of magic by the wizard Nabu. Armed with the Helm of Nabu (which allows Nabu to either possess or advise Nelson), the Amulet of Anubis (which contains a pocket dimension that houses the souls of the previous Doctor Fates), and the Cloak of Destiny, Kent became Doctor Fate, an Agent of Order who fought crime and supernatural evil.

Reason for Casting: Oded Fehr has been a popular choice for Fate (mainly because he voiced Fate on Justice League Unlimited). However, I decided to go with our current 007, Daniel Craug. He's a terrific and versatile actor who could play this role with ease.

Yunjin Kim as Kimiyo Hoshi/Doctor Light: Once an astronomer at an observatory in Japan, Kimiyo was inspired by other heroes. Realzing how selfish she had been, Kimiyo became the heroic Doctor Light. She has the ability to manipulate light. Specifically, she can absorb all forms of illumination and turn that energy into blinding flashes of light, destructive laser beams, and reflect lightwaves to make holograms. She can also focus photons into hard light that can be fired as pure force or be used to create protective barriers.

Reason for Casting: Even though Light is Japanese and Kim is Korean, I believe that she can pass for Japanese. I've enjoyed her work on Lost and judging from that work, she'd do good as Light.

Wentworth Miller as Scott Free/Mister Miracle: The son of Izaya the Highfather, the ruler of New Genesis. However, he was exchanged with Orion, son of the tyrant Darkseid, at birth in order to stop a destructive war between New Genesis and Apokolips. He grew up in one of Granny Goodnesses' "Terror Orphanages". However, he rebelled against Apokolips totalitarian ideology and escaped to Earth. There he trained under the master escape artist and first Mister Miracle, Thaddeus Brown. After Brown was murdered, Free took up the title of Mister Miracle. Free is a master of Escapology and is aided by New Genesis technology, including his trademark aero disks.

Reason for Casting: In LEE777's Justice League International cast, he went with David Blaine, an actual stage magician, for Scott Free. He wanted to go for the real deal with him, and I decided to do the next best thing: go with an actor who's played a guy who escaped from a maximum security prison with the escape plan tattooed to the upper half of hid body. But seriously, Miller is a fantastic actor who definitely has the chops for this role.

Supporting Characters:

Michael C. Hall as Maxwell Lord: A shrewd and powerful business man who is responsible for forming Justice League International. Lord was under the influence of an evil supercomputer for sometime, before he rebelled against it and destroyed it.

Reason for Casting: Hall has been a popular pick for Daredevil, but IMO, he suits Lord better. He's played a cunning and manipulative character on Dexter and played the amoral business man in Gamer. Combine these two roles, and you get something that resembles Lord.

Gina Carano as Big Barda: The former leader of the Female Furies and wife of Scott Free. She and Scott attempt to live a normal suburb life in Bailey, New Hampshire. However, it seemed to elude them. Since she is Apkoliptian, she posses superhuman strengh, endurance, and immortality. Barda carries a "Mega-Rod" that produces powerful concussive energy bolts and manipulates gravitational fields.

Reason for Casting: Carano has little acting experience. However, she has the right physique and attitude to pull off Barda. Plus, she was pretty good in her acting debut, Haywire.

Peter Dinklage as Oberon: Scott's dwarf manager and friend. He shares a somewhat antagnostic relationship with Barda. He became Lord's right hand man when Free joined Justice League International.

Reason for Casting: Dinklage is a very famous dwarf actor who you might recognize as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. He's brilliant there (and has a Golden Globe to prove it), and would make an excellent Oberon.

Seth McFarlane (voice) as Skeets: A former security robot for the Metropolis Space Musuem in the 25th Century and Booster Gold's friend. Booster uses Skeets knowledge of events between the 21st and 25th Century to prevent disasters before they happen and to make a quick buck.

Reason for Casting: First off, I don't give a flying frak if you like or hate Family Guy. You must admit, however, that MacFarlane is an extremely versatile voice actor who gives Frank Welker a run for his money. He could do the voice with little to no effort.

Stephen Fry (voice) as L-Ron: Formerly the property of Manga Khan, L-Ron became Maxwell Lord's robotic side kick and handled the Justice League's administrative and maintenance duties.

Reason for Casting: I think Fry's whimsical and intellegent voice is perfect for L-Ron.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I hope you enjoyed this cast.
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