FANCAST: Marvel Comics EXCALIBUR The Movie By LEEE777

FANCAST: Marvel Comics EXCALIBUR The Movie By LEEE777

<font color="blue">FANCAST: Marvel Comics EXCALIBUR The Movie By LEEE777</font>

Okay I've wanted to bring this out ages ago, its been sitting around half done since last year, i also wanted to bring this out on ST. George's day but never had the chance (last Friday). Well happy late ST. George's day and enjoy. By the way Excalibur is a Marvel Comics superhero group, an offshoot of the X-Men, usually based in the United Kingdom. Conceived by writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer Alan Davis, the original Excalibur first appeared in Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn...

The first Excalibur consisted of the British superhero Captain Britain, his lover Meggan, and several onetime members of the X-Men and related mutant teams. An eponymous series featuring the team lasted from 1988 until 1998. Originally, it was a wacky series involving cross-dimensional travel that incorporated as many elements of Captain Britain’s mythos as it did the X-Men’s. It became a more typical X-Book in later years.

Captain Britain reformed Excalibur to defend London in a series entitled New Excalibur, which ran from 2005 until it was replaced in 2008 by Captain Britain and MI13.

Between Excalibur’s disbandment and reformation, a short-lived, ongoing series entitled Excalibur chronicled the efforts of X-Men founder Charles Xavier and his former nemesis Magneto to rebuild the mutant homeland of Genosha. Although written by Claremont with the same title, it had no connection to the superhero team.

A Marvel UK property co-created by Claremont in 1976, Captain Britain is a protector of Great Britain, endowed with superhuman powers by the legendary wizard Merlyn. Alan Davis and Alan Moore, during their joint early 1980s stint, established that the Marvel Universe's Captain Britain was one of many from various dimensions and that one of his main roles is guarding the lighthouse that is placed at the convergence of realities.

Excalibur's original creative team, writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer Alan Davis, incorporated elements of two Marvel properties: the X-Men and Captain Britain .

The X-Men are a group of mutants —evolved human beings born with extraordinary powers— who use their abilities to defend a society that hates and fears them. Claremont had authored their series since 1976, guiding them to tremendous success. He borrowed four characters from the X-Men, who formed the team under the mistaken impression their X-Men teammates were dead: Nightcrawler, Phoenix (Rachel Summers), Shadowcat and Lockheed the dragon...

Well i hope you enjoy, this took a long time doing and I've tried to keep it as original as possible, though i have kept a couple of the actors that have already played the characters because i really enjoyed them playing their parts. Anyways i give you, Excalibur The Movie:

Steven Waddington as Captain Britain:

Born and raised in the small town of Maldon, Essex and educated at Fettes College in Edinburgh, Brian was a shy and studious youth, living a relatively quiet life and spending a lot of time with his parents and siblings (older brother Jamie and fraternal twin Elizabeth). The family were an aristocratic one who were no longer rich enough to fraternise with their former academic peers, leaving Brian (too proud to fraternise with lower classes) a lonely child who immersed himself in the study of Physics.

After the death of his parents (Sir James and Lady Elizabeth) in what seemed to be a laboratory accident, Brian takes a fellowship at Darkmoor nuclear research centre. When the facility is attacked by the technological criminal Joshua Stragg (alias "The Reaver"), Brian tries to find help by escaping on his motorcycle. Although he crashes his bike in a nearly fatal accident, Merlyn and his daughter, the Omniversal Guardian, Roma appear to the badly injured Brian. They give him the chance to be the superhero Captain Britain. He is offered a choice: the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Considering himself to be no warrior and unsuited for the challenge, he rejects the Sword and chooses the Amulet. This choice transforms Brian Braddock into Captain Britain.

It is later revealed that Braddock is only one member of a much larger, inter-dimensional corps of mystical protectors. Every Earth in Marvel Comics' Multiverse has its own Captain Britain who is expected to defend that version of Britain and uphold its local laws. They are collectively called the Captain Britain Corps. Captain Britain protects "Earth-616" of the Marvel Universe.

Waddington you say, who? This has been my pick since day one, gotta say glad no one else found him as I've been holding onto this pick for such a long time, although not saying i havn't loved all the previous Captain Britain picks by our very own DDD, JoshW and MistressKizuna (i did a lot), hey we got the whole Captain Britain Corps i tell ya! : P

Anyways, Steven Waddington blew me away in the first few episodes of "Tudors," he played Duke of Buckingham and it had Brian Braddock all over the part and him. All i could see was Captain Britain, obviously not for and origin version but perfect for Excalibur which is many years later. All i can say is watch the first two episodes of "Tudors" and judge for yourself, he is Captain Britain and the actor was in "Sleep Hollow" etc and next up in "Frost Giant" also he played
King Richard in BBC's "Robin Hood" and Richard the Lionheart in the TV series "Heroes and Villains."

Emma Rigby as Meggan:

Born in a blizzard to a Roma family near Fenborough Station in Britain, Meggan adapted to the cold by growing fur, to the horror of her family. Unfortunately, as an empathic metamorph, the more they saw her as a monster, the more monstrous she became, growing webbing upon her hands and feet, antennae on her head, claws, and fin-like parts going from her arms to sides. The belief that she was some sort of monster was also affected by the fact that Meggan's birth took place near an ancient British fortress that was rumoured to be the site of dark magics. Meggan's family hid her away in their camper, where she watched television incessantly, totally immersing herself in the fantasy of the various British TV shows of the time (such as Gerry Anderson's ones, Quatermass, Doctor Who and many more). Eventually, she met Captain Britain and fought him, but then befriended him. She fell in love with him, joining him as an adventurer. With him, she first encountered Gatecrasher's Technet. After having been told by a telepath that her inner soul looked as beautiful "as an iridescent butterfly", during combat against a commando of R.C.X.-controlled "Warpies", she stabilized her powers on an attractive form that pleased Brian (and thus pleased her). Captain Britain fell in love right back, and the two began a romantic relationship. Together, they defeated Baba Yaga. The two had a long and stormy courtship, marred by events both cosmic and mundane.

I saw this actress Emma in "A Kingdom Without a King" playing Alicia Waterstone, she was great in that and also caught some of her acting on You Tube. English actress (in fact I've tried keeping most pasts British) and i do believe she not only has the pixie type fresh look for Meggan, she also has the chops to play her. I always liked Christina Applegate for the role but times gone on and i think Rigby is near perfect for the part!

Widget as well Widget, and will be all CG (with a computer generated voice):

Widget is a round metal type character in the Marvel Universe. The character was later revealed to be an older, alternate version of Shadowcat, (Katherine "Kitty" Pryde) from the Days of Future Past timeline. Before the revelation of Widget's true identity, she was consistently referred to with masculine pronouns (i.e. "he," "him," etc.).

Widgets widget, what can i say lol, oh Widget would look so cool though on film.

Alan Cummings as Nightcrawler:

Kurt Wagner was born with certain unusual physical characteristics, but his power of self-teleportation did not emerge until puberty. Margali Szardos, a sorceress and gypsy queen, allegedly found Wagner an hour after his birth, in a small roadside shelter in the Bavarian Alps. She claimed to have found his alleged father, Eric Wagner, dead of a heart attack on the road outside, and Kurt's mother lying next to the baby dying. However, this claim was later called into question, and it was subsequently proven that Kurt's mother is the terrorist Mystique, also known as Raven Darkholme, and his father is the demonic warlord Azazel. Mystique revealed that she threw him into a river after a large mob found out about Nightcrawler's existence, and Azazel admitted that he secretly saved his son from the fall, giving him to his lover and crony, Margali Szardos, to raise him. Margali took the baby to the small Bavarian circus where she worked as a fortuneteller, as a cover for her activities as a sorceress. Wagner was never legally adopted by anyone, but was raised by all the members of the circus, who had no prejudices against mutants. Margali acted as Wagner's unofficial foster mother.

A mutant, Nightcrawler possesses superhuman agility, the ability to teleport, invisibility in deep shadows, and adhesive hands and feet. His physical mutations include blue fur, two-toed and -fingered feet and hands (not including thumbs), yellow eyes, and a prehensile tail. In Nightcrawler's earlier comic book appearances he is depicted as being a happy-go-lucky practical joker and teaser, and a fan of swashbuckling fiction. A German, Nightcrawler is Catholic and while this is not emphasized as much in his earlier comic book appearances, in later depictions Nightcrawler is more vocal about his faith.

No brainer, Cummings owns this role, no matter who picks what, no one can beat his performance in "X-men 2" as Nightcrawler, perfect casting, he did an awesome job.

AnnaLynne McCord as Rachel Summers (Phoenix II):

Rachel Anne Summers comes from an alternate future Earth known as Earth 811 as seen in the "Days of Future Past" storyline from The Uncanny X-Men issues #141 and #142. In this reality the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly provoked the ratification of the Mutant Registration Act leading to a dystopian future where the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots rule the world. Rachel was abducted by operatives working for Ahab, who used drugs and hypnotherapy to turn Rachel into a "Hound," a mutant who tracks down other mutants. She fulfilled her duties but her psychic powers linked her to her victims; fueling her grief and despair until she attacked Ahab and scarred him. In return, he sent her to the mutant concentration camps. There, she befriended the surviving mutant rebels, including Wolverine, Magneto, Colossus, Storm, Kate Pryde and her lover, the adult Franklin Richards.

Rachel's biological parents are alternate future counterparts to the X-Men Cyclops and Jean Grey-Summers from a harsh dystopia. In this context, her half brother (Cable) and paternal uncles, Havok and Vulcan, are all very powerful mutants and Rachel was designed to have inherited her mother's vast telepathic and telekinetic talents. Her original codename Phoenix (and later Marvel Girl), was in homage to Jean Grey. Although the character is considered unique to the Marvel Comics "multiverse," her name has been used to designate the mother of Marvel characters Hyperstorm and Dream Summers in respective timelines.

AnnaLynne McCord has always stuck in my mind as Rachel Summers, ever since i saw her in the TV series "Nip Nuck." McCord, great actress and yes i know shes in "90210" now but i wont hold that against her lol, heck i'm sure the new 90210 is a good show, I've just never seen it only the original version. Anyway fiery actress, fiery character, come on perfect. Oh and she blew me away in "Greek" and next up for her movie wise is "Gun" and "Two Wolves."

Lockheed as Lockhead : P (all CGI):

Lockheed is a member of a highly advanced dragon-like extraterrestrial race, who are capable of traveling through space via special astral ships which transport their essences. Their society is similar to insect hives, with the individual being only part of the "Flock". Lockheed had been celebrated by his people as a brave fighter and hero against the horrible monsters. He has demonstrated individual attitudes and wishes, however, which were realized only when he encountered the X-Men.

Well use "Dragon Heart" type effects, awesome!

Michelle Thrachtenberg as Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde):

Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde was born in Deerfield, Illinois to Carmen and Theresa Pryde. Of Jewish descent, her paternal grandfather, Samuel Prydeman, was held in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. Kitty started to have headaches at age thirteen, headaches which signaled the emergence of her mutant powers. She was approached by both the X-Men's Charles Xavier and the Hellfire Club's White Queen, Emma Frost, both of whom hoped to recruit her for their respective causes. Kitty was unnerved by Frost, observing that the White Queen had looked at her as if she were "something good to eat." She got along better with Xavier and the three X-Men who escorted him to his meeting with her and her parents, becoming fast friends with Ororo Munroe. Ororo told Kitty who she really was and about the X-Men, which made the teenager even more enthusiastic about attending Xavier's school, later joining Excalibur.

Michelle is a popular pick here at and why not, just like the character Kitty Michelle is all grow up and even in her "Buffy" days she was a talented young actress and was funny as hell in the comedy movie "Euro Trip." I think she'd own the part and hey it seems a tradition to recast Kitty in every X-movie lol.

Right the next set of heroes could or might not appear in the first Excalibur movie, though all Excalibur related:

(Probably a lot in Excalibur II though, heh heh)

Daniel Cudmore as Colossus:

Piotr "Peter" Rasputin was born on a Soviet collective farm called the Ust-Ordynski Collective near Lake Baikal in Siberia. He lived there with his mother Alexandra, father Nikolai, and sister, Illyana. His older brother, Mikhail, had been a Russian cosmonaut and had apparently died in a rocket accident (the 2006 comic mini-series Colossus: Bloodline established that the family was descended from a real-life historical figure Grigori Rasputin).

Peter's superhuman powers manifested during his adolescence while saving his sister from a runaway tractor. At first, Peter was content simply to use these powers to aid the other people of the collective; however he was soon contacted by Professor Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men. Xavier was recruiting a new team of X-Men to rescue the original team, most of whom had been captured by the sentient mutant island Krakoa.

Daniel i loved as Colossus in the X-movies, i really don't know why we have people wanting him as Superman though? He has to prove himself a bit more before landing a role like that. Anyways near perfect for Colossus and i always wanted to see more of him in them movies but never got it.

Rhona Mitra as Psylocke (Besty Braddock):

Elizabeth Braddock first appeared in Captain Britain #8 (Dec. 1976), published by the Marvel Comics imprint Marvel UK. There, writer Chris Claremont introduced her as a supporting character, the sister of Brian Braddock, the eponymous Captain Britain, and established her career as a charter pilot. He also established that she had psychic abilities, the full extent of which were unknown, though no explanation is given for these powers. In Marvel UK's Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #243 (Oct. 1977), Betsy Braddock is presented as a professional model.

Psylocke originally possessed the power of telepathy, she could read and project thoughts over long distances; control minds; subdue and tap into other's powers; affect people's memories; project mental illusions; and generate psi-bolts that could stun, injure, or kill others. She could also project her astral self, and the astral bodies of other people, into the astral plane. She could scan entire towns with her mind, and leaf through the psyches of the inhabitants of a city to learn of their condition or intentions. She could also probe individuals to check up on their status. Psylocke also possessed limited precognitive powers that occasionally allowed her to envision probable future events.

After her physical transformation into an Japanese ninja assassin she gained highly developed fighting skills in addition to her telepathy.

Rhona Mitra i can see so much as Psylocke its not funny, i really liked her in the "Underworld" prequel and i'm very surprised she's never been picked for this part, because she seems born for it. Got the look and is British too plus got the chops, come on, Rhona Mitra is Psylocke!

Paul Bettany as Longshot:

Longshot is an artificially created humanoid life-form, with the ability to defy probability. He is from an alternate dimension known as "Mojoworld" or the "Mojoverse". He is one of many slaves created by genetic engineers in the employ of Mojoworld's masters, the grossly obese, virtually immobile Spineless Ones, who are ruled by the media-obsessed delusional maniac named Mojo. The head geneticist, Arize, gave Longshot and his other creations (such as the ram-headed Quark) free will and a conscience, hoping that one day they would rise up against their masters.

Longshot was created through genetic engineering by Arize. Longshot has only three fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand. He also has leather-like skin, hollow bones and two hearts, giving him superhuman speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes. He has exhibited advanced healing abilities as well.

This is hard one, i was thinking Vogel but he's being picked for everything now after getting close to "Captain America," anyway i reckon Bettany (yeah also picked a lot lol) would make a fine damn Longshot, i'm not a hundred percent sure yet, wanna know what you guys think, i'm near sure he could pull off the role blindfolded and no i have not picked Bettany for any other role in the Marvel universe.

Rachel Nichols as Dazzler:

Alison was born in Gardendale, New York to Carter and Katherine Blaire. Her mutant powers first manifested when she was in high school. An aspiring singer, she volunteered to perform at her school dance when her light-generating abilities first appeared. Everyone at the dance assumed it was a technologically-generated special effect, an assumption commonly made before she reveals herself to be a mutant later in her life.

Using the stage name "Dazzler", Alison sets out to make a name for herself in the music industry, using her light powers and dancing ability to enhance her performances. It is at one of her shows that Alison first meets the X-Men who are attacked by the forces of the Hellfire Club. Angry at the interruption of her show, Alison lashes out in anger at the Hellfire intruders, unintentionally making one of them catatonic. Alison subsequently aids the X-Men in finding Kitty Pryde. She had always assumed that life as a disco queen would be exciting but finds the fight with the X-Men's enemies going a bit too far. Thus she turns down their offer to join the team.

The Dazzler later re-establishes her musical career, marketing her trademark disco image as part of the Techno/Trance genre. Alison moved her career abroad to England and joined with X-Men allies such as the Juggernaut and Captain Britain in Excalibur, she was reunited with Longshot too.

I think you might have seen this pick before, posted a few pics but she looks like shes jumped right out of the Marvel comic book pages as Alison Blaire and no we don't need a singer, we need a good actress for the Dazzler role, Nichols is that in spades and just imagine her with the Dazzler costume on, think about it.

Douglock as all CG with computer generated voice of William Moseley:

William Moseley as Doug Ramsey:

Douglock, a lookalike of Doug Ramsey who had all of Doug's memories. Douglock joined the European mutant superhero team Excalibur. At that time the team was based on Muir Island, which was owned and run by Moira MacTaggert. While his team-mates were unnerved by his similarity to Doug, Douglock was eventually accepted as his own person. He acted as a tutor to Meggan and enjoyed a brief romance with fellow teammate Wolfsbane, foster daughter to Moira. This romance would cause him to react irrationally and dangerously at times, mainly destroying valuable scientific research because he did not understand it was more important than his budding relationship with Wolfsbane.

Actor thats been in the "The Chronicles of Narnia" movies playing Peter could be a great Douglock (Douglas), dunno though if i want him as a young Doug though once i do a "New Mutants" casting as i'm probably going a little younger though he would own. Next movie he's in is "A Great Education."

Henry Cavill as Black Knight:

Dane Whitman was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts and is best known as the modern-day Black Knight, continuing a legacy that began in medieval England. The first Black Knight, Whitman's ancestor Sir Percy of Scandia, lived during the reign of King Arthur. Percy's murder at the hand of his nemesis Modred began a string of successors, all of them Percy's descendants.

It was revived by Whitman's uncle Nathan Garrett, who became the supervillain Black Knight II. After being mortally wounded during a battle with Iron Man, he escaped to his estate, summoned his nephew to confess his crimes, and asked him to restore honor to their family legacy and atone for Garrett's misdeeds.

Yeah i originally cast Chris Pine as Black Knight but as I've cast three X-men picks from the movies i thought i better keep all the rest fresh, plus more an more each day i see Pine as Cyclops (Scott Summers) if the part was ever open (of course). Though i wouldn't not love the idea on Pine taking up the mantle of the Black Knight but Henry Cavill does seem near perfect for the role too, yeah perfect Batman after Bale but thats DC and this is the Marvel universe baby, he'd own this part, check out "Tudors."

Ashley Jensen as Moria MacTaggert:

Born Moira Kinross to Scottish parents, Moira MacTaggert was one of the world's leading authorities on genetic mutation, earning her a Nobel Prize for her work. She was the longest running human associate of the X-Men and was Professor Charles Xavier's colleague, confidante, and also once his fiancée, having met and fallen in love with him while they were postgraduates at Oxford University. She ended their engagement when for reasons unknown she married her old flame, the late politician Joseph MacTaggert. Joe proved to be an abusive husband; Moira separated from him after he beat her into a week long coma and, as it is implied, raped her, leaving her pregnant. She kept her son's existence a secret, and when Joe refused her a divorce she allowed people to believe she was widowed.

She eventually created a Mutant Research Center on Muir Island, off the coast of Scotland. Moira was forced to contain and imprison her son Kevin, later called Proteus, when he developed reality warping abilities and severe psychosis. One of Moira's goals was to understand human/mutant genetics, in order to cure her son.

I've seen Ashley Jensen act and i believe she could pull off this role quite easily, seen her in "Ugly Betty" and "Extras" amongst other things and she has all the qualities of Moira MacTaggert, great Scottish accent too. I reckon shes up for the challenge and do a more serious role and get her out of the comedy zone. Yeah a brown wig and her acting ability would be diamond for this certain role.

Ed Westwick as Feron:

Feron's ancestor, also named Feron, was born on an alternate Earth. He was a great mage; Feron and Merlyn were both students of Necrom, their race's Sorcerer Supreme. Necrom had discovered that aligning parallel universes would create a matrix of nearly limitless magical energy. He invited his students to help him create such a matrix. They traveled to Earth 616, where Feron contacted the Phoenix Force. He became host to the Phoenix Force and used its powers to project an ancient tower across the omniverse, creating a copy of the tower on every alternate Earth in existence. These towers formed a permanent alignment and the energy matrix. Necrom had other plans though and tried to drain the Phoenix from Feron. Feron retaliated and strengthened by the Phoenix Force, he fought Necrom. Meanwhile Merlyn had jumped into the energy matrix and took its powers for himself. Necrom fled with part of the Phoenix Force and the Phoenix left Feron. Feron, blaming himself for the pain the Phoenix had suffered at Necrom's hands, stayed on Earth 616 and dedicated his life to seek forgiveness. He told his children to prepare for the inevitable return of Necrom.

English actor and not seen "Gossip Girl" but saw him in "Son of Rambow" and also on the show "Californication," i like the dude and think he's make a great Feron!

Emerson Smith as Mimic:

Calvin Rankin was born in Passaic, New Jersey. After an accidental mixup of chemicals from his father Ronald's experiments, he gained the ability to temporarily copy the skills, physical traits, knowledge, and superpowers of any person within close range (approximately ten feet). When his father found out about this, he retreated with Calvin into a mine where he worked on a machine which, as he claimed, would make the abilities his son absorbed permanent. But his experiments with the device caused several power outages in the vicinity; in order to hold off the mob which was tracking these disturbances, Ronald Rankin blasted the mine entrance, but he was accidentally caught and killed in the explosion, and his device sealed deep inside the mine.

Taking the name Mimic, Cal decided to seek out the X-Men in a plot to get to the machine and make their powers his permanently. Initially he gained the upper hand, but his powers were removed by Ronald Rankin's device, as Professor X had expected. Xavier then wiped his memory and let him go.

Only checked Emerson Smith out in "Arizona Sky" but damn if Marvel was going for the unknown route for Captain America this guy could've nailed it, can't believe i never thought of it, oh well that part is cast now and i'm sure Smith would make a great Mimic (he can pretend to play Cap lol). Next up for the actor i believe is "Gemini Man."

Jakki Degg as Daytripper:

Amanda Sefton (real name Jimaine Szardos) (also known as Daytripper and the second Magik) is a character, a witch in the Marvel Universe. She is the foster sister and former lover of Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler of the X-Men.

Jimaine and her mother Margali are witches. When Nightcrawler joined the X-Men, Jimaine followed him, assumed the identity of Amanda Sefton, took a job as a flight attendant, and became Nightcrawler's girlfriend. When Margali attacked the X-Men, believing Nightcrawler to have been responsible for the death of Stefan Szardos, her son and Jimaine's brother, "Amanda" revealed herself as Jimaine, convinced her mother to let Kurt live and resumed her on-and-off relationship with him. Their relationship broke apart when Kurt suffered a severe case of self-doubt following an encounter with the Beyonder upon the latter's arrival on Earth.

Years later, Jimaine having fully anglicized her name to Amanda joined an interim team of "X-Men" that was organized at Moira MacTaggert's Muir Island facility, and eventually came to join Excalibur under the codename Daytripper. During this time, she obtained the Soulsword from Shadowcat and gave the weapon to her mother, Margali Szardos. Only too late did Amanda realize that she was tricked by her own mother, who wanted the Soulsword to kill all those ahead of her on the Winding Path.

Okay this gal was in "Goal III" and i reckon she could handle a small type role as Daytripper in this, English actress and she also was in "Euro Trip" with Michelle Trachtenberg and Vinnie Jones, a nice get-back-together-again kinda thing that actors love.

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Sage:

Sage's exact country of origin remains unrevealed, but she claims to have come from a war-torn region. By the time she reaches young adulthood, she is living by herself in the Balkans. Although she tries to keep out of the conflicts between the rebels and the government, she is willing to use her guns and other weapons on any threat. One day, she feels herself called to a cave which is considered haunted by the locals. She hears a voice in her head that guides her deeper into the cavern, where she finds Charles Xavier, who is trapped underneath a pile of debris. His legs have been crushed during his battle with the alien Lucifer. Xavier senses that Sage is a mutant, and explains to her what her abilities mean. Sage says that this was about the same time as he located Beast, but in other accounts he found Sage first.

Sage is a mutant with incredible advanced intellectual capabilities, her mind works in the same way as a computer with unlimited storage capacity, only much faster. She is able to perform several mental functions at once without losing focus on any of them. Her mind allows her to instantly recall specific information with incredible speed and accuracy. She is able to store everything that she experiences in a photographic memory and retrieve it immediately without the typical human pause for thought. The speed of her thoughts augments her analytical ability so that she is able to make snap decisions about her surroundings and create complex scenarios at high speed.

Never cast Jodi as a Marvel just Wonder Woman, i think she has the chops and attitude to pull off Sage, just check out series 3 & 4 of "Prison Break."

Jonas Armstrong as Pete Wisdom:

What is known about Pete Wisdom's family is that he was born to Scotland Yard detective-sergeant Harold Wisdom. He has a sister, Romany, who is an occultist, a former employee of the police's Department of Unusual Deaths (Dept F.66) and ally of Union Jack. His mother was killed by mass murderer Michael Robert Ryan while waiting for Pete to visit, a visit he had blown off after an argument with her - both he and his father blame him for her death. He went on to join MI6 and later transferred to its fellow intelligence agency Black Air, where he alluded to have being in a relationship with his superior, Michelle Scicluna.

Peter Wisdom has the power to absorb ambient heat and solar radiation, and release the absorbed energy from his fingertips as "hot knives" of pure thermal energy, said to be as "hot as the surface of the sun". He can leap from high distances and use the thermal energy to slow his descent. He can fire his hot knives as projectiles, or leave them attached to his fingertips like claws for close physical combat. He also has years of experience in espionage from working for Black Air and British Intelligence.

Armstrong British actor and probably best know for playing Robin Hood, but i have seen him in other stuff and would make a fantastic Pete Wisdom, heck just stick that damn eye patch on, he is Pete Wisdom, i reckon he'd be up for the role.

Kaya Scodelario as Nocturne (Talia Wagner):

Nocturne is from an alternate reality outside the main Marvel Universe (Earth-616). She is the daughter of that reality's Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch. She is based on Jim Calafiore's "Professor W's X-Men" entry of the X-Men Milliennial Visions 2000 one-shot.

Like her father, T.J. has a radically unique physiology. She has blue fur covering her body, three fingers per hand, two toes per foot, and a retractable prehensile tail. Her agility, balance, bodily coordination and flexibility are at superhuman levels. She can move in manners that surpass those of an Olympic level gymnast, and has a bone structure allowing great flexibility. She can remain in a crouched position for a long time and perform contortionist-type feats without causing any damage to her spine. She has an ability to cling to surfaces with her hands and feet in a manner similar to Nightcrawler. Her fur provides near-invisibility when in the shadows, and she has excellent vision in dark conditions.

Nocturne's powers include the ability to enter and possess another person's body for up to 12 hours and also has a degree of latent telepathy, but it was only usable to any degree when enhanced by a Cerebro machine.

English actress, best known for playing in a UK TV series called "Skins" (Check her out on YouTube). Epic win for Nocturne, talented young actress and i can see her all painted up blue as Cummings daughter easy!

Keira Knightley as Wolfsbane:

Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair) is a Marvel Comics superheroine, associated with the X-Men. A Scottish mutant, Wolfsbane possesses the ability to transform into a wolf or into a transitional state somewhere between human and wolf. She has honed her powers to shift between human and wolf characteristics but must keep her feral instincts at bay when she does.

She was originally a member of the X-Men's 1980s junior team The New Mutants and later the Pentagon-sponsored X-Factor and the European offshoot Excalibur. She appeared for a time as a teacher at Xavier's Academy in New X-Men. She served as a member of the X-Factor Investigations detective agency, until she joined the new incarnation of X-Force. She has thus been a member of six secondary X-Men teams, more than any other character.

Okay a favorite for a few at, me too, i think ROR first picked this one out way back and it always stuck in my mind. Of course talented actress and have no doubt she could pull off the Scottish accent and the character too. Probably recast her though in "New Mutants" because shes getting older now but perfect for "Excalibur" or the new "X-Force."

Stefanie Von Pfetten as Darkstar:

Darkstar (Laynia Petrovna) and her twin brother Nikolai were born in Minsk, which at the time was part of the Soviet Union, and is now the capital of Belarus. When she grew up, she became a special operative of the Soviet government. She has been a member of various super-teams in her career and ultimately died as a member of the X-Corporation in New X-Men #130. A new Darkstar has since appeared several times as a member of the new Winter Guard.

Darkstar was a mutant who could psionically access the extra-dimensional energy of the Darkforce dimension, which granted her a number of superhuman abilities. She was connected to the Darkforce dimension by means of her consciousness being split between her physical body and a Darkforce representation of same, both symbiotically linked. Darkstar could thus utilize the Darkforce for various purposes. She could cause Darkforce to behave like either matter or energy. Most often she projected it as simple mentally-controlled solid objects possessing the density of steel such as pincers, rings, columns, and spheres, or as beams of concussive force.

This actress last seen in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" would be a great Darkstar, i have no doubt about that, though longer white blonde hair is a must and accent to-boot as she actually Canadian, but yeah Darkstar for her.

Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut:

When Cain Marko and stepbrother Charles Xavier serve in the US Army and are stationed in Korea, Marko finds a hidden temple dedicated to the entity Cyttorak. On entering Marko finds and holds a huge ruby, and reads the inscription on the gem aloud: "Whosoever touches this gem shall be granted the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak! Henceforth, you who read these words, shall become ... forevermore ... a human juggernaut!" The gem channels Cyttorak's power into Marko. When the transformation causes a cave-in, with the character buried and presumably killed, not being heard from again until a sudden assault on the X-Men's headquarters.

When Cain Marko finds the Gem of the mystical entity Cyttorak, he is empowered with magical energies and transformed into an immortal avatar. As the Juggernaut, Marko possesses superhuman strength; being capable of shattering mountains, lifting and using buildings as weapons; extreme durability, which is also amplified by a mystical force field that grants near invulnerability. The force field, however, can be neutralized by magic. The Juggernaut is described as physically unstoppable once in motion, does not tire from physical activity and is able to survive without food, water or oxygen.

Look i know the body suit was fricking lame and he would also have to bulk up this time for the role if Vinnie wants it back lol, but the dude cracked me up in that not so good X-3 with his lines. At a push i could see Nathan Jones as Jug but i would rather see a bigger better Vinnie back as him.

Zack Ward as Kylun:

Kylun (Colin McKay) was briefly a member of Excalibur, a mutant child who was fleeing from soldiers sent to capture him by Vixen. He discovered the robot Widget, who created a portal to transport Colin to another dimension, to a world called 'Ee'rath'.

Kylun is a mutant who possesses some animalistic physical characteristics, such as fur, sharpened teeth, and a lion like nose and eyes. He also has the ability to replicate any sound he has heard with his vocal cords. In addition Kylun is an expert swordsman, wielding two twin mystical swords, the Blades of Zz'ria.

Seen Zack in many things, but i think he'd be a perfect fit for Kylun, not only the hair but the attitude and the fighting skill makes him number one for the part (which'll probably be small anyways).

Natalie Dormer as Cerise:

Cerise is an extraterrestrial from the planet Shaskofrugnon in the Shi'ar Empire. She was accidentally transported to Earth after deserting the empire's brutal army, the Ghrand Jhar, refusing to fire upon innocents and as a result causing the death of her crew. She became a member of Excalibur upon encountering them, and later became romantically involved with Nightcrawler.

Cerise is a member of the alien Shi'ar race, making her physical abilities somewhat more powerful than an Earth human. She also has the ability to generate and psionically manipulate energy fields of coherent red spectrum light force. She can project the light as simple brightness, or as concussive blasts, or use it to form "solid" objects such as swords, force fields, shields, funnels, and more. She was even able to make a light armor covering Nightcrawler as he trained with Captain Britain. Cerise can create a bubble of coherent light around herself which she can levitate through the air. She once even used this energy to fly a whole broken Sentinel holding her friends within, across the Atlantic Ocean as a means of disguise. She can also fly naturally (without use of her energy fields), and hold her breath for six or seven minutes.

Natalie Dormer, Natalie Dormer, yep you could believe this gal is from another planet and as for her acting chops, check out "Tudors" i believe she would have no problem with this part at all in Excalibur!

Alex Pettyfer as a young Captain Britain (Brian Braddock):

Early career as Captain Britain: As his career as a superhero begins, Brian fights as the champion of Great Britain, often clashing with S.T.R.I.K.E. and Welsh anti-superhero police officer Dai Thomas. During one episode, he learns that his parents did not die in an accident, but rather were killed by the sentient computer Mastermind. He would develop a rogues gallery including the assassin Slaymaster and the crime matriarch Vixen. As time goes on, Brian begins fighting more supernatural enemies rather than regular supervillains.

Okay okay, this is for the origin flashbacks for Brain Braddock becoming Captain Britain. Anyway i think Alex would be a cool cat to play this younger version part, best known i think for the main lead in "Stormbreaker," and now hes 21 he'd make an epic Brian Braddock, heck and "Early years of Captain Britain" would so rock too with him in the lead. Next for Alex is the movies "Beastly" & "I Am Number Four" out 2010 & 2011.

LEEE777 Oh my this took forever, hope you like it comments below and any ideas very welcome.

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