FANCAST: Red Dead Redemption

FANCAST: Red Dead Redemption

My first ever article. Now updated with new casting choices and characters.

John Marston - Hugh Jackman

As seen in:
X-Men Trilogy
The Fountain
Real Steel

Reason for Casting: Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors. When I first played Red Dead Redemption, I was like "Hey, John Marston really looks like him." Jackman is simply an amazing, dedicated actor who really breathed life into the character of Wolverine, who shares many similarities with John. Plus, he's no stranger to epic westerns, having done "Australia".


Karl Urban

As Seen In:
Star Trek
The Bourne Supremacy
The Lord of the Rings

Reason for Casting: He's the fan favorite here on CBM and I can see why.

Bill Williamson - Liev Schreiber

As Seen in:
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Reason for Casting: He does good at playing villains, and he and Jackman had a somewhat similar dynamic in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and are good friends in real life.


Joaquin Pheonix

As Seen In:
Walk the Line
I'm Still Here

Reason for Casting: I saw him as Bill in a fancast before, and I thought he'd be great in the role seeing he did a really good job as the villain in "Gladiator".

Bonnie McFarlane - Naomi Watts

As Seen in:
King Kong
Fair Game
21 Grams

Reason for Casting: Like Jackman, she instantly reminded me of the character I'm casting her as when I first played the game.

Marshall Leigh Johnson - Jeff Bridges

As Seen In:
Iron Man
The Big Lebowski
True Grit

Reason for casting: He's another one of my favorite actors. Plus, he's got western cred with "True Grit".

Irish - Michael Fassbender

As Seen In:
Inglorious Basterds
X-Men: First Class

Reason for Casting: Another one of my favorite actors, he's quite versatile. Plus he's Irish, so it helps.

Seth Briars - Sharlto Copley

As Seen In:
District 9
The A-Team

Reason for casting: Just watch him in the A-Team; he can do crazy really well. All he'd need to do is lose weight. A LOT of weight.

Nigel West Dickens - Bill Murray

As Seen In:
What About Bob?
Groundhog Day

Reason for Casting: He's pretty much the fan-favorite for the role, and I couldn't agree more.

Landon Ricketts - Sam Elliot

As Seen In:
The Big Lebowski
Ghost Rider

Reason for Casting: Do I really need to explain this?

Vincente de Santa - Javier Bardem

As Seen In:
No Country For Old Men
Mondays in the Sun

Reason for Casting: He's a great, Oscar winning actor who's great at playing villains. Credits to SUP3R for the casting choice.

Abraham Reyes - Benecio del Toro

As Seen In:
Che Parts 1 and 2
The Wolfman

Reason for Casting: He's an awesome actor who played one of the greatest revolutionary figures in history, so why not?

Colenel Auguste Allende - David Zayas

As Seen In:
The Expendables

Reason for Casting: He had a similar role in "The Expendables" as a corrupt dictator.

Edgar Ross - Ted Levine

As Seen In:
Silence of the Lambs
American Gangster
Shutter Island

Reason for Casting: To be honest, I'm not very familiar with him, but he looks the part and is well liked by some of my fellow CBMers.

Harold McDougal - Jude Law

As Seen In:
Sherlock Holmes

Reason for Casting: He's a really good actor who could play a scientist who flips out on drugs well.

Nastas - Adam Beach

As Seen In:
Flags of Our Fathers
Cowboys vs Aliens
Law and Order: SVU

Reason for Casting: He's one of the most prolific and well known Native American actors out there.

Dutch Van Der Linde - Gary Oldman

As Seen In:
Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy
Harry Potter
The Book of Eli

Reason for Casting: C'mon, it's Gary Oldman!

Abigail Marston - Katherine Heigel

As Seen In:
Knocked Up
The Ugly Truth

Reason for Casting: Yes, I know she's been in some crappy romantic comedies, but she's actually a decent actress and looks the part; all she'd need to do is dye he hair brown.

Jack Marston - Logan Lerman

As Seen In:
3:10 to Yuma
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
The Three Musketeers

Reason for Casting: He is the spitting image of young Jack. For the part set in 1914 when he's older, they'd put some makeup on him to make him look older

Well, there you have it folks! My updated fancast!

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