Fancast: Secret Six

Fancast: <i>Secret Six</i>

Check out my cast for Gail Simone's famous super villain team!

Like I promised in my last cast, I would be uploading my fancasts more frequently. I intended to upload this cast on Sunday, but a problem with the Image Management delayed me for a bit (and I hope the error is fixed soon). Anyway, the Secret Six was a team of villains which had their own series by Gail Simone. They would usually take on missions of dubious moral quality, and would often result in a high body count. The Secret Six may be bad, but the foes they face are worst. I recommend that everyone check out Gail Simone's run on <i>Secret Six</i>.

Anyway, here's the cast:

 Javier Bardem (The Counsoler, The Gunman) as Bane: A South American mercenary, enemy of Batman, and leader of the Secret Six. Bane is an expert strategist and tactician, possesing a genius-level intellect and peak human conditioning. He also can enhance his strength with the drug Venom. 

Reason for Casting: Yes, I'm aware that this pick may seem overused, but that is just because it is so damn good. Bardem's an awesome actor, and (as seen in his perforamnces in No Country for Old Men and Skyfall), he can be badass, intimidating, cold, calculating, and manipulative. All of these qualities are perfect for Bane. 

Jon Bernthal (The Walking DeadFury) as Thomas Blake/Catman: A mercernary who is considered to be one of the world's foremost hunters and trackers. Blake is an Olympci-level athelete and proficent hand-to-hand combatant. He also uses razor-tipped gauntlets, razor-edged Catarangs (modeled on Batman's Batarangs), and an ultility belt. 

Reason for Casting: I have to five credit to Robert Garlen for this pick.  Anyway, Bernthal is a great actor, and based off his performance on The Walkig Dead, I think he could do good as Catman, a third-rate villain who became pretty badass. 

Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints, Pandorum) as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot: An assassin for hire, and frequent member of the Suicide Squad. Lawton is an expert marksman and has a cybernetic eye that provides increased accuracy. He is also proficent in firearms, and uses a gauntlet-mounted machine gun. 

Reason for Casting: Reedus played a badass marksman on The Walking Dead, and I think he can make an awesome Deadshot based off of his performance as Daryl Dixon.  

Aaron Paul (Need for Speed, Bojack Horseman) as Peter Merkal Jr/Rag Doll: The son of the original Rag Doll, and a member of the Secret Six. Merkal is an expert Cortortionist, and has his joints replaced with artificial ones. These joints allow him to bend, compress, and contort in ways not possible for master cortotionists. 

Reason for Casting: Paul is a REALLY talented actor, and I think he would be wasted in roles like Spacker Dave. I think he would do really good as a disturbed oddball like Rag Doll (who wonders things like "to @#$% a butterfly"). 

Kaya Scodelario (Skins, The Maze Runner) as Scandal Savage: The daughter of Vandal Savage and a Brazillian woman, who was trained since childhood by her father. Scandal posses enhanced durability, accelerated healing, and is a skilled combatant. She also wields a pair of wrist-mounted blades called "Lamentation Blades". 

Reason for Casting: This was a really hard part to cast. I looked through several actresses, and mainly decided on Scoldelario because she's of Brazillain descent, and proved she can do action in The Maze Runner. 

Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica, Ascension) as Jeannette: A white-haired Banshee who has been arounded since Pre-Revulotionary France. Jeannette posses enhanced strength and durability, the ability to sense death, and can use a Banshee-like screech. 

Reason for Casting: It's pretty obvious that I was inspired to cast Helfer becayse of her performance a Number SIx on Battlestar Galactica. She played a great, manipulative villain there, and would do wonders as Jeannette. 

Maggie Q (Divirgent, Nikita) as Jade Nguyen/Cheshire: A Vietnamese assassin who betrayed the Secret Six for the Sercet Society of Supervillains. Chesire is a lethal martial artist, hand-to-hand combatant, and triple-jointed acrobat. She also dips her artificial fingernails and weapons in a variety of poisons. 

Reason for Casting: This was a really easy pick. Not only is Maggie Q Vietnamese (and pretty damn sexy), but also has played assassins before (such as the title character on Nikita). She's a shoe-in for the role. 

Kristanna Loken (Burn NoticeMercenaries) as Knockout: A former member of the Female Furies. who joined the Sercet Six to be with her lover Scandal Savage. Knockout is a highly trained warrior and a master of hand-to-hand combat. SHe also posses superhuman strength, durability, endurance, and a healing factor.


Reason for Casting: Loken is a decent actress who knows her way around action, and has the right body and height to play somebody like Knockout. 

Derek Mears (Friday the 13th, Predators) as Nanaue/King Shark: A humoid shark who is the son of the Shark God. King Shark possesses superhuman strength and endurance, powerful teeth and claws, undersea adaptation, and regeneration.   

Reason for Casting: Mears is a pretty big guy and a talented stuntman. I think he could do really good as King Shark. 

Ben Foster (Contraband, Lone Survivor) as Sylbert Rundine/Dwarfstar: A rapist and serial killer who stoke a biobelt from Professor Ryan Choi. Dwarfstar can alter his size down to a subatomic level while retaining his natural strength level. He is also an expert with a hunting knife. 

Reason for Casting: Foster has played psychotic killers before in Hostage and 3:10 to Yuma.He'd do really great as Dwarfstar. 

Sienna Miller (The Girl, American Sniper) as Lady Elaine Marsh-Morton/Lady Vic: An english noblewoman who works as an assassin, bounty hunter, and mercenary, and comes from a long line of British soldiers and mercenaries. Elaine is a highly skilled martial artist and athlete, and has a sentimental preference for antique weapons passed down by her ancestors. These include a matched pair of katar, a kantana, a Thuggee strangling cloth, a Massal javelin, and a Webley revolver.

Reason for Casting: Miller has proved that she can do action before in that godawful G.I. Joe, and is an all-around great actress. I think she be good as Blake.

Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist, Chicago P.D.) as Dr. Doris Zeul/Giganta: A brilliant scientist turned supervillain. Giganta possesses the ability of size manipulation, and superhuman strength, durability, and limited durability while in Giant form. 

Reason for Casting: Righetti is a pretty talented actress, and also pretty tall. I beleive that she posses the right talents to play Giganta.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I hope you enjoyed this cast, and I'll have another cast up soon.  

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