FANCAST: Star Trek - The Next Generation

FANCAST: Star Trek - The Next Generation

FANCAST: Star Trek - The Next Generation

A fancast for a future remake/reboot (like the most recent Star Trek film) of Star Trek: TNG... SuperDude style!

Welcome all dudes and dudettes. This time I decided to cast a sequel to the J.J.Abrams Star Trek, which would instead of the original series characters it would involve the beginning of the ‘Next Generation’.
So it would be in Abram’s same alternate universe and remain close to the original show (Next Generation I mean) but as this is an alternate universe I thought some of the storyline and the appearances of characters may change a little which is why some of these actors/actresses are not necessarily the right look/size/age.


Picard was probably the hardest for me to choose as the original actor, Patrick Stewart, made the role so individual and complex that by choosing another actor I had to be able to visualise that they could play the part just as good as Stewart.
Also I was concerned as to whether I should make all the cast younger like Abram’s movie or just cast them roughly the same. Picard was the main starting point of this as Stewart was a lot older than most of his other cast members. However as this is set in Abram’s alternate timeline I would think that many more things would change (like the butterfly effect).
So anyhow I chose Masters because I see him as a great actor, had the right body shape and the overall style that Stewart put into the character.
I just thought I should say I had looked at other actors like Hugh Laurie, Gary Sinise, Ralph Finnes, Liam Neeson, Josh Brolin, Ewan McGregor, and James McAvoy (though that one was just because he is playing Professor Xavier, and Patrick Stewarts replacement), but Marsters had just something about him that made me prefer him more than the others.


I originally went for a much older actor like Josh Brolin, however I thought Welling is much more suited for Riker and can play the role a little more maturely (not that Brolin can’t, I just mean for Welling’s age he can seem older).
Also I do realise many of you CBM users do not like Welling’s acting and I don’t usually but in Smallville I think it’s just mainly to bad writing and he is one of those actors who are bad at many roles but excellent for others.


I really wanted to go in another direction from the original Brent Spiner look. I really liked the original Data but for a modern interpretation Data’s overall appearance would be a bit more different in my eyes, so I just wanted an actor with a much more sophisticated look than Spiner.


I wasn’t very aware of this actress till about a month ago, and ever since then I think she is probably the best choice for Crusher as she is a great actress and put much effort into her performances.


I realise Wilde is a lot younger than some of my other cast members but I just thought she had a perfect look for the actual character of Troi. Not that she looks similar to Marina Sirtis (the original actress) but I think Wilde has the looks and acting skills to pull of the overall character of Troi.


Most people know this man as the Old Spice guy, and to me he is amazing enough an actor to overcome that typecast and able to depict Worf in a new unique way yet remaining close to TNG original.


I had originally considered Donald Glover, but Jackson just seems right for the role. Even though he is more suited to comedic roles, I feel he has the talent to play mature roles and would be wonderful as La Forge.


I know she is quite a big actress but I just thought Portman would be the best match for Tasha Yar. Also I do realise that was a very short reason as to why I chose her but there are no specific reasons, I just think she is brilliant for the role.


Even though Jenna Fischer is only in her 30s I just think Hutcherson is a person Wesley Crusher. However my reasons for him be great for the role are not the best, like I mainly wanted Hutcherson for Wesley because the both share something in my opinion…they both annoy me so much that I want to punch them in the face. Though having said that I seriously do think he would be good for the role possibly in a vision to the future or some other scenario because of my Beverly Crusher’s age.
I know I just said I don’t like Wesley Crusher or Josh Hutcherson, but I must say I do like the work of Wil Wheaton (the original actor).


Q was one of my favourite characters in the series, and even though I’m unsure as to whether he should appear in a movie I just thought the massively talented Sam Rockwell would be perfect for the role.

Anyhow I really hope all you readers liked this, please comment and thanks!!
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