Fancast: The Amazing Spiderman

Fancast: The Amazing Spiderman

Fancast: The Amazing Spiderman

This is my fancast for everyone's favorite webslinger, Spiderman!!

First off, I'd like to say I'm excited for the new Spiderman movie. This is just superhero I'd wanted to make an article of. Second, if you're going to complain about how this cast is to similar to the upcoming movie, or that I have the same Spiderman that's in the reboot, then please kindly leave.


Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spiderman: A socially awkward and shy teenager who is bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him arachnid like abilities. At first, he uses his abilities for show business. However, when his beloved Uncle Ben dies, he decides to use his powers for good.

Reason for Casting: Yes, I know he's already casted as Spiderman. But he actually looks like Peter Parker from the comics. My main beef with Garfield when he was casted was if he could do an American accent (since he's British). However, when I saw him in the Doctor Who episodes "Daleks In Manhattan" and "Evolution of the Daleks", I was surprised that he could not only do an America accent, but a Southern American Accent. Plus he was great in "The Social Network" (should of gotten an Oscar nomination, if you ask me).

Ellen Burstyn as May Parker: Peter's loving aunt and adoptive mother.

Reason for Casting: Burstyn is a great actress. She would be excellent in the part.

Dustin Hoffman as Ben Parker: Peter's uncle and adoptive father, who teaches him that "with great power comes great responsibility". He dies in a mugging, which Peter blames himself for and makes him turn to do good.

Reason for Casting: Hoffman is a terrific actor. He was good in "Kramer vs Kramer" and "Rain Man".

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mary Jane Watson: An extremely beautiful young woman and Peter's love interest.

Reason for Casting: Mary is a great actress and is hot (unlike Kirsten Dunst, who looks like a horse).

Amanda Seyfried as Gwen Stacy: The daughter of Police Captain George Stacy and another one of Peter's love interests.

Reason for Casting: She was good in "Chloe" and "Big Love".

Emile Hirsch as Harry Osborn: Peter's best friend and neglected son of industrialist Norman Osborn.

Reason for Casting: He was pretty damn good in "Alpha Dog" and "Into the Wild".

Sean Penn as Norman Osborn: President of Osborn Industries, which is developing a miracle drug called OZ.

Reason for Casting: Penn is a fantastically fantastic actor. He was great in "Milk", "I Am Sam", and "Dead Man Walking".

Hugh Laurie as J. Jonah Jameson: The aggressive publisher of "The Daily Bugle", who has a strong distrust of vigilantes.

Reason for Casting: He's no J.K. Simmons, but I think Hugh would be great in this role (judging from his work on "House").

Forrest Whitaker as Joseph "Robbie" Roninson: The editor of the Daily Bugle. Unlike Jameson, he supports vigilantes.

Reason for Casting: He was brilliant in "The Last King of Scotland".

Christina Ricci as Betty Brant: Jameson's secretary, who has a sibling-esque relationship with Peter.

Reason for Casting: I almost jumped on the bandwagon when I decided to cast Zooey Deschanel, but then I remembered Ricci. She was pretty good in "Black Snake Moan" and "Monster".

Ty Simpkins as Billy Connors: Curt Connors' young son.

Reason for Casting: He was pretty good in "The Next Three Days".


Michael C. Hall as Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard: A herpetologist who studies the limb regenerating abilities of reptiles. He develops a serum that will replicate this process. After testing it on animals, tests it on himself to regrow his arm that he lost in a car accident. The results are successful, but the side effects turn him into a mindless, bloodthirsty reptilian humanoid monster.

Reason for Casting: I'm okay with Rhys Ifans being casted, but this is one of my main beefs with him:

Personally, I think Michael would be good as The Lizard. He's excellent on "Six Feet Under" and "Dexter".

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I hope you have enjoyed this article.
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