FANCAST: The Avengers

FANCAST: The Avengers

FANCAST: The Avengers

The main event in my Marvel Universe, The Avengers! I have spent five months leading up to this twelfth and final Phase 1 installment. Lead in fan casts include Ant-Man, Captain America 1 & 2, The Invincible Iron Man, Hulk, The Mighty Thor and Black Widow!

Giffy here! I have spent the last five months setting this fan cast up, with lead in fan casts to familiarize you all with my choices for each individual Avenger, as well as supporting characters. I am very excited to finally present The Avengers.

CHRIS PINE - STEVE ROGERS/CAPTAIN AMERICA: Steve is now in modern times, and of course is the leader of The Avengers. I feel like I need to defend my casting of Chris Pine as Cap, as all of you criticize him in the role. Chris has played a lot of cocky roles, so I get how he wouldn't sit right with you all, but Chris has also shown that he can be serious and he does a good job at that. It's like Chris Evans as Captain America, you all thought he was too cocky and now you all accept him, it's called acting.

JOEL KINNAMAN - TONY STARK/IRON MAN: Joel Kinnaman returns as Tony Stark/Iron Man. I really love him as an actor, and I think he would bring a really cool and interesting take on the character.

ALEXANDER SKARSGARD - THOR: Alexander Skarsgard is tall, looks good with long blonde hair, and is a built Skandinavian. In general, Skarsgard fits Thor perfectly.

SAM ROCKWELL - BRUCE BANNER/THE HULK: Sam Rockwell plays Bruce Banner once again. Sam Rockwell is such a tremendous actor, and I think he would make a killer Banner/Hulk.

PHILIP WINCHESTER - HANK PYM/ANT-MAN: Philip Winchester would make a good Hank Pym. Mixed with his acting ability, he also has a resemblance to Pym in the comics.

RACHEL McADAMS - JANET VAN DYNE/THE WASP: Rachel McAdams reprises her role as Janet van Dyne/The Wasp in The Avengers. Rachel is a fabulous actress that can show off the fun side of Janet and bring out her more serious side.

MILLA JOVOVICH - NATASHA ROMANOFF/THE BLACK WIDOW: Milla Jovovich is Russian, looks like Natasha, and is a good actress. As seen in Resident Evil, she can be a badass. Milla Jovovich is ideal for Black Widow, I think.

LANCE REDDICK - NORRIN RADD/THE SILVER SURFER: I'm going to go into more cosmic stuff in later fan casts, and so I thought it would be interesting to have Silver Surfer being in the film as a antagonist at first being partnered with Loki, and then coming to The Avengers' aid towards the end.

MATT SMITH - LOKI: Matt Smith returns as Loki in The Avengers. Loki was the first antagonist The Avengers went up against in the comic books, so it's only fitting I follow the source material.

BRYAN CRANSTON - NICK FURY: Bryan Cranston is an intense actor with a commanding presence. I think Cranston would make a great Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

LENA HEADEY - MARIA HILL: Lena Headey returns as Nick Fury's right hand woman, Maria Hill.

RYAN McPARTLIN - CLAY QUARTERMAIN: The main reason for bringing Quartermain back, is because of S.H.I.E.L.D's heavy presence. It would seem odd for him to not make an appearance. He doesn't have any big role in The Avengers.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE - GWEN STACY: In Spider-Man 3: The Last Hunt, Gwen went seperate ways with Peter Parker. I thought it might be funny if we see her again amongst the chaos in New York City.
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