Fancast: The Long Halloween

Fancast: The Long Halloween

As a holiday treat. An entirely different cast for this mini series...

WHAT YOU are about to read is the plot for the Long Halloween mini series. If you know the plot don’t waste your time

Carmine "The Roman" Falcone and his mafia family hold Gotham City in an iron grip. Meanwhile Gotham district attorney Harvey Dent has been in the basement parking garage of the Roman's home, copying down the license plate numbers of various cars. The Roman's goons beat him to a pulp, warning him to lay off for his own sake. Dent meets up with Captain Jim Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department later that night and the two discuss possible means of bringing the Roman down, including Batman. The three enter a pact to bend the rules if necessary, but never break them. On Halloween, Johnny Viti is shot twice in the head by an unknown assailant while taking a bath. The perpetrator leaves behind the murder weapon, a .22 caliber pistol with the nipple of a baby bottle used as a crude silencer, as well as a jack-o-lantern. As Dent is rummaging through his mail, a bomb hidden inside a package goes off and blows the house sky high, with Dent and Gilda barely surviving. For months afterward, on certain holidays, the "Holiday killer" continues murdering members of the Falcone crime family. On Falcone's yacht in Gotham Harbor, the Roman is talking with rival Sal Maroni. Maroni says that the Holiday killings have been bad for business and that they should put aside their differences to put an end to it. Falcone subtly suggests that Maroni might be behind Holiday, using as evidence the fact that the hits have all been on members of the Falcone family. Just then, Falcone's son Alberto falls overboard, shot by Holiday. Dent arrives home, apologizing to Gilda for his lateness. She notes his hair is wet despite the fact that he was wearing a hat. The murders continue. Before Dent can head for court, Gilda stops him, disturbed by something she has found in the basement: a .22, just like one of Holiday’s guns. Dent claims that it’s simply evidence he brought home from work. On the day of Maroni's trial, Fields surreptitiously hands him a bottle of what appears to be heartburn medicine. When Dent inquires if the Roman ordered the attempt on his life, Maroni fakes a coughing fit and reaches for the bottle — which is actually acid. Maroni hurls it at Dent, hideously disfiguring half of his face. Dent is rushed to the hospital but, once there, he stabs a doctor and escapes. Batman seeks out Catwoman, demanding to know why she is so interested in Falcone. She refuses to answer, and runs away. Gordon, at Batman’s request, moves Maroni to a new cell. Holiday surfaces to shoot Maroni twice in the head. Holiday, now reavealed as Alberto Falcone, is so badly beaten by Batman it almost kills him, but Gordon stops him. Alberto is placed under arrest and jailed. Alberto spurns his father, saying that Gotham now belongs to the "freaks", and he is one of them. On Halloween, Jim and Barbara Gordon go to visit Gilda, who is left wondering where her husband is and if he is even still alive. Meanwhile, there has been a breakout at Arkham. All of the inmates have been set free by a solitary figure who, after flipping a coin, decides to leave Calendar Man in his cell. Falcone is furious over Alberto’s unwillingness to accept his help, which has subsequently led to his impending execution for the Holiday murders. As he is ranting in the kitchen to Sofia, the lights cut out suddenly. The two explore the house with their guns drawn, finding guards dead all around. They burst into the Roman’s office to find all of the Arkham escapees there, along with The Joker, Solomon Grundy, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and their mysterious leader, who reveals himself to be Harvey Dent, whose appearance and speech now reflects his half badly scarred face. Two-Face shoots Falcone twice in the head. Sofia screams and rushes forward to attack Two-Face, but Catwoman stops her. The two wrestle and fall through a glass window. Outside, Catwoman grabs onto a ledge, but Sofia plunges to the ground many stories below. Two-Face says that justice has been done now that he has killed the Roman. As Gordon slaps the cuffs on him, Two-Face drops one final bombshell as they take him away; he tells them that there were two Holiday killers. On Christmas Eve Gilda removes from a box a .22 pistol and drops it into the flames of the heater, along with a familiar-looking hat and coat. And she claims that she took it upon herself to start the Holiday killings, in an attempt to end the Roman’s hold on Gotham and thus lighten Dent's caseload so that they could have a child. Her belief is that Dent took up the killings on New Year’s Eve and that Alberto is lying to the police with his confession. She also says that she knows Dent will eventually be cured and that they will reconcile, because she believes in him.
In honor of my favorite holiday, I have casted the Long Halloween. My picks are the closest to resembling the artwork of Tim Sale. Got the info from D.C. Database, ComicVine and Wiki

The Trinity

Sam Witwer (Smallveille, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) as Batman
Approximately six months after Batman: Year One, which ends in December. This six-month gap accounts for the fact that the villains in Batman's rogues gallery are already established in The Long Halloween. However, since there are a multitude of Batman stories set in this time period, The Long Halloween may possibly begin, not in the following June, but several years after Batman: Year One. Several stories definitely take place in between Year One and The Long Halloween, including Batman and the Monster Men, Batman and the Mad Monk, and Batman: The Man Who Laughs.
(To me, that puts The Bat anywhere from late 27-33)

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as Captain Gordon
Gordon forged an alliance in his early years with Batman and Harvey Dent, Gotham's District Attorney, as the three most dedicated and capable people to take down organized crime in Gotham, namely the "Roman Empire," the crime family led by Falcone. Although they did succeed, it was at the cost of Harvey's sanity. To this day, the loss of Harvey Dent, not just the ally but the man, is one of Gordon's greatest regrets.

Michael Fassbender (300, X-Men: Fist A$$) as Harvey Dent
At 26, Dent is the youngest district attorney ever to serve Gotham City, and is nicknamed "Apollo" for his clean-cut image. He is elected about six months before Batman begins his war on crime. Dent, Captain James Gordon, and Batman forge an alliance. Falcone has corrupt Assistant District Attorney Fields disfigure Dent with sulfuric acid. Eventually, the scarred Dent takes his revenge on Fields and Carmine Falcone, leading to his incarceration in Arkham Asylum
(This puts him at the same age as Wayne)

On the Side of “Justice”

Elisha Cuthbert (24) as Jnice Porter
Janice Porter was the no-nonsense District Attorney who succeeded Harvey Dent (Two-Face).

Bill Murray (every great movie ever) as Commissioner Loeb
Eventually, Batman, Gordon, and District Attorney Harvey Dent expose Loeb's ties to the Falcone mob, and he is forced to resign. Another corrupt officer, Jack Grogan, replaces him. Gordon becomes the department's commissioner a few years later.

The Mob

Dennis Farina (Law & Order) as Carmine Falcone (I was VERY close to using Joe Mantagna)
The character is based on Marlon Brando's portrayal of Don Vito Corleone from the 1972 film The Godfather. Loeb stated in an interview that he paralleled the Falcone family to that of the Corleone family: Falcone's power and wisdom akin to Vito Corleone.

Michael Imperioli (Sopranos, Detroit 1-8-7) as Mario Falcone
Mario Falcone is the son of Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, Gotham City's untouchable crime boss. Mario was hardly in anyway associated in the "family" business; Mario always seemed interested in more legitimate business. Mario was first introduced in Batman: The Long Halloween, but later made a more important, longer role in the sequel Batman: Dark Victory. But during the Long Halloween series, Mario was deported back to Italy through an INS loophole. When Mario did return from Italy he was interested in cleaning up the Falcone name

Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) as Sofia
She is the daughter of mob boss Carmine Falcone and new leader of the Falcone crime family after his death and was the serial killer know as the Hangman (in the sequel)

DJ Qualls (Road Trip, The New Guy) as Alberto (just look at the uncanny resemblance)
Born to Gotham City crime lord Carmine Falcone. Alberto Falcone was an outcast in his family of mobsters, a nonexistent part of the family business. His father supported his older siblings Mario and Sofia Gigante involvement in the "business" which created a pathological jealousy. He fought his way up on a scholarship to Harvard University and later went onto Oxford. Alberto Falcone was always eager to follow his father's footsteps and offered his service, but Carmine Falcone refused to let his son get involved in his "business," apparently wishing for Alberto Falcone to live a normal life. However, Alberto Falcone had other plans.

Penny Marshall (It’s hard to pick just one) as Carla Viti
Carla Viti was the sister of mob boss Carmine Falcone and was the mother of his nephew Johnny Viti. Head of the Viti Family

Steve Van Zandt (Sopranos) as Sal Maroni
In this version, Salvatore Maroni is the scion of the Maroni crime family, headed by his father Luigi "Big Lou" Maroni. Maroni is the most powerful mobster next to Carmine Falcone, and both believe Harvey Dent has something to do with the killer. Their business relationship becomes strained as a result. When his father is killed by Holiday, Maroni makes a deal with Dent to reveal all of Falcone's criminal activities, in exchange for leniency. Believing he is responsible for his father's death, Maroni throws acid into Dent's face, disfiguring him. Maroni gets into a scuffle with a bailiff, who shoots him twice in the chest. He survives, however. When he is moved out of his cell, Maroni is finally killed by Holiday,

Jon Polito (Crow, Miller’s Crossing) as Tony Zucco
Zucco (dubbed Anthony "Fats" Zucco) is portrayed as a low-level thug working for Sal Maroni, a member of Carmine Falcone's Mafia empire

The “Freaks”

Vincent Cassel (Ocean’s 12 & 13, The Messemger: The Story of Joan of Arc) as Joker
With that mug he had to be my pick
The Joker has been referred to as the Clown Prince of Crime and the Ace of Knaves. The original and currently dominant image is of a highly intelligent psychopath with a warped, sadistic sense of humor. In some versions Batman is simply the Joker's most hated foe, whose death is his highest goal. In others the Joker takes glee in his position as Batman's antithesis and wants the struggle to continue. He seems frustrated with the Dark Knight's convictions of devotion and protection of a city filled with many corrupt criminals, cops, and even citizens that scorn his presence. The Joker's victims have included men, women, children, and even his own henchmen and other villains.

Karen Cliché (Mutant X, Flash Gordon, **My WonderWoman Choice) as Catwoman
She is depicted as a larger more muscular woman through Sale’s style
Catwoman is a master thief who encounters Batman on Gotham's rooftops, while Selina is a bored socialite who knows Bruce Wayne socially. Selina and Bruce are romantically involved on and off, while Catwoman and Batman struggle with the fact that they seem to be on different sides of the law and yet have a definite attraction to each other.

Doug Jones (you ALL know who he is because you’ve all chosen him one tome or another for a fancast—admit it!!) as Riddler
Riddler, whom Holiday let live on April Fool’s Day, after badly beating him up and shooting at him, explains to Batman that the Roman hired him to find out who Holiday was but kicked him out when the solutions he gave were less than satisfactory. This information leads Batman to posit that maybe Riddler was left alive to spread the word that the Roman was looking for Holiday. "It's a mystery. Broken into a jigsaw puzzle. Wrapped in a conundrum. Hidden in a Chinese box. A riddle."

Warwick Davis (Willow, Leprechaun series) as The deminutive Mad Hatter (Davis is 3’6”) (He, like many of the other “freaks,” is a minor character. Kinda the sides to the main dish)
SEE: Scarecrow-------
James Marsters (Smallville, Buffyverse) as Scarecrow (whose face we never see)
I wanted a thin, gangly man who could deliver a chillingly evil nursery rhyme without sounding goofy.
While investigating the site of the coroner’s death, Batman and Jim see more fireworks going off over Gotham. Batman finds the origin of the new blasts: the Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter. The explosives released the Scarecrow’s fear gas on the area surrounding the Gotham City Bank Depository, creating a diversion so that they could rob the place.

Kate Mara (We Are Marshall, Entourage) as Poison Ivy
This one was a harder choice, I’m open (as I am with all of the picks) to a better option
At Wayne manor Poison Ivy is sitting down to dinner with her puppet Bruce Wayne. Catwoman leaps into the room and attacks Ivy. The controlled Wayne interferes, battling Catwoman. In the scuffle Wayne’s shirt is ripped open revealing that his chest is covered in ivy vines. Catwoman slashes the vines off of Bruce’s chest. Wayne is freed from Ivy’s spell but loses consciousness at the same time. Catwoman looks up to see that Ivy escaped in the pandemonium.

Tobin Bell (Saw) as Mr. Freeze (it’s all about that voice and that evil stare)
Mr. Freeze plans his crimes about a specific theme; in his case, ice and cold. In darker incarnations of the Batman mythos, Mr. Freeze's obsession with ice stems from personal tragedy, and his crimes are inspired by his desire to make the rest of the world as miserable as he is. He freezes areas around him using a "Freeze gun". His refrigeration suit grants him superhuman strength and durability, making him a powerful villain.

Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) as Penguin
Like myself, I feel Loeb and Sale are amused, rather than frightened, by the tiny, tuxedoed terror
The Penguin is a master criminal strategist; he uses his considerable intellect to gain wealth and power through less than legal means. Driven entirely by self-interest, the Penguin often relies on cunning, wit, and intimidation to exploit his surrounding for profit and advance his own schemes.

Hugo Weaving (LOR, Captain America: The 1st Avenger) as Calendar Man
Although he looks the least like his counter part (Julian Day is just so plain, not an odd feature about him) his deviuos grin and penitrating voice would serve him well here
where he is portrayed as a Hannibal Lecter-like figure, offering insight in Batman's search for Holiday, a serial killer who uses holidays as his modus operandi. Like Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, Calendar Man knows who the killer is and keeps this information to himself, choosing instead to taunt the heroes with cryptic clues. He returns in that story's sequel, Batman: Dark Victory. In both stories, he is bitter that the new murderous rogues has taken the attention from him; Day fears that he is being forgotten.

Tyler Mane (Troy, X-Men) as Grundy
As of Labor Day, Dent has been hiding out in Gotham’s sewers for a month, and crosses paths with Solomon Grundy. At first Grundy attacks him, but when Dent begins reciting the nursery rhyme from which Grundy received his name, he stops and calms down.
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