FANCAST: -the Ultimate Fantastic Four reboot (2015) all new! (w/ plot synopsis)

FANCAST: -the Ultimate Fantastic Four reboot (2015) all new! (w/ plot synopsis)

my ideas for the upcoming superhero film..


this movie is called The Anomalous Four

The Directory of Mainland Technology Development (DMTD) a gathering of the foremost applied scientists and engineers pierces the dimensional barrier to an antimatter realm (called the N-Zone) by replicating the annihilation of antiparticles in the cosmic rays of our atmosphere. The project’s director, renowned physicist Dr. Franklin Storm, decides to publish their discoveries in a magazine read periodically by high school student Reed Richards. By deciphering the editorials hypothesis on N-Zone teleportation, the bespectacled whiz kid arrives upon the correct formula for quantum leap mechanics all on his own. He demonstrates these concepts to his neighbor and classmate Ben Grimm who encourages him to submit the work to Dr. Storm and promises to be there when his teleporter blueprint comes to life.

A year later, the DMTD starts gathering international child prodigies to a Manhattan laboratory facility at the Baxter Building, an illustrious government think tank. Reed is recruited by Lt. Wilhelm Lumpkin who explains to Mr. and Mrs. Richards that the sudden advancements in N-Zone technology are because of Reed’s calculations putting Project Pegasus years ahead of its schedule. In fact, the submission response to N-Zone publications shows that the undergraduate demographic has a better understanding of negative zone physics than any other age group. These exchange students serve the remainder of their high school/college education boarding rooms in the Baxter dormitories and attending classes at Empire State University (ESU) down the street. The top floors of the 35-story Baxter Building house the prodigious Franklin Storm science emporium, an education that molds some of the greatest scientific minds of all time.

Reed is given an internship with Dr. Storm, where he’ll eventually take his place as the director of Project Pegasus, but he becomes more acquainted with his mentor’s eldest daughter Susan Storm who wanted to inherit the project herself. Her lifelong prowess in bio-chemical sciences proves useful when it comes to transmitting biological matter through the N-Zone’s chemical composition. At ESU Reed forms a rivalry with the Latverian student, polymath genius inventor Viktor von Dumojevic, assigned to Project Manticore, the Baxter Building’s nanotech flight and miniaturized drone sector. After years of animosity towards one another, Reed and Viktor think to combine their projects, using Manticore drones to operate the N-Zone’s probing network. Viktor keeps his own personal drone as a pet, one that resembles and behaves like a mosquito, made of plastic components and fitted with a video surveillance feed to the monitors in his dorm room, ordinarily used for juvenile amusement where he and Reed pull pranks on other students and even use it to spy on Sue Storm.

In the F4’s college years, they attend lectures from brilliant minds like eccentric mycologist Dr. Arthur Molekovic, whose obsessive research and bizarre eating habits of the Cordyceps militaris mushroom (an endoparasitic strain of pathogenic ascomycota which afflicts the brains of Tibetan arthropods and ruptures the epidermis with budding mycelium branches) gives him multiple unsightly skin conditions and the taunting of “Moley moley mole man!” by his troublesome students. Viktor stands apart from them as of his brightest pupil and is given privileged access to the subbasement laboratories where the professor has developed a new anabolic spore called Cordyceps praesidium, a steroidal synthetic designed to cure fungal meningitis. But in large enough doses it produces a similar effect to the failed super-soldier programs, a mutative carapace envelops the user and molts off after a matter of weeks, a fate that befell Arthur as a young man in a forbidden military experiment. This serves as a warning to Viktor about the dangers of groundbreaking science in the hands of organized power.

General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross permits the projects construction of a 40 ft tall matter-transmitter device at the Nevada Test and Training Rage (NTTR) a military airspace in the Mojave desert. All personnel are given blue jumpsuits and a guest-pass to survey the field test. Reed gives the pass to his old school chum, Ben Grimm who was staying nearby in Las Vegas on a college holiday and promised to attend the field test years ago. Viktor brings his Latverian supermodel girlfriend Lucia von Bardas, and Susan brings her socialite younger brother despite his lack of interest in science. While preparing the organic material (an apple) for their first quantum leap, Viktor receives anomalous data he perceives as Reed’s miscalculation, and makes last minute adjustments to the machine settings behind his back.

Annihilation happens; antiparticles from the N-Zone collide and exchange energy with their subatomic counterparts, pulling adjacent matter into the N-Zone. Four people vanish into the ether of an artificial photon storm, unbeknownst to anyone that the teleporter had scattered them across the Nevada desert. Doctor Storm furiously confronts Viktor for losing his children, but since only an algorithmic genius could have detected the anomaly, he is blamed, doubted, and told Reed is smarter than him. That night, believing some sort of alien had crossed-over, military personnel open fire on a gangling blue creature crawling towards their campsite. Dr. Storm orders a cease-fire realizing Reed Richards has returned from the N-Zone in an amorphous state of limb flaccidity. Unscathed by gunfire (the bullets seemed to bounce off him) he gets back to work, reviewing his calculations and pinpointing energy signatures to locate the remaining three while his morphology assimilates back to normal.

Doctor Storm regroups the altered quartet to assess their condition and cover up the teleporter incident from erroneous media coverage (this includes a hospital patient bursting his bed into flames, a stone giant wreaking cars in a Mexican village, and footage of blue orbs in the Grand Canyon.) Conspiracy theorists try to explain these recent phenomena, tracing the cord back to Pegasus, officials respond by claiming all Baxter lab equipment as property of the U.S. government. Dr. Molekovic attempts to swallow everything in his lab to keep the military from appropriating his lifework. An unstable mix of genetically enhanced Cordyceps spores creates a volatile interaction in his gut and he undergoes a hyperactive mutation; a parasitic mold ruptures the skin fungus on his arms and face swelling his entire body mass to the size of Giganto (from Fantastic Four #1 cover) just as Sue and Reed arrive at the Baxter Building by limousine with Ben and Johnny in an armored truck.

The traffic stops abruptly at 42nd and Madison Avenue junction when unusual tremors make cars collide, Reed and Sue impatiently leave the limo just as another subbasement tremor blasts away the manhole covers and shrouds the intersection in a vapor smokescreen. Reed just barely discerns her camouflaged figure as it’s clutched by a massive green moloid hand and upper east Manhattan fills with guttural roars that frighten traffic into reverse. An action scene that mirrors the cover of Fantastic Four #1 promptly ensues, but without proper training in their four newfound abilities, they allow the monster to withdraw under the subway tunnels and escape towards Grand Central Terminal just two blocks away.

The Baxter faculty and students had a front row seat to watch the gargantuan superhero boss fight go down and many students recorded it on their phones, so the Building is put on military lockdown under orders of General Ross; he evacuates and transfers all its personnel to ESU so the project can focus solely on the F4, placed on indefinite house arrest until they can harness the powers they were given. Fortunately, Dr. Franklin Storm is the world’s greatest fictional scientist; instead of a 5 minute montage we get several weeks worth of Discovery channel narration and in-depth visual accompaniment to make it seem like aqueous malleability, invisible barrier projection, full-body plasma ignition, and orange mineral exoskeletons are all methodically plausible. The team designs a (4) logo with their electric-blue uniforms, and impulsively assign each other ludicrous codenames; Mister Elastic, the Hidden Spectre, the Grimm Reaper, and simply ‘Torch.’

Viktor Dumojevic has remained in custody at the NTTR desert camp, pending investigation of the power-granting accident. He alleges that the anomalous data suggested an alien consciousness was made aware of their endeavors, and after several failed attempts to duplicate the photon storm, Viktor is cleared of all charges. Covertly, during the accidents replication he was signaling the alien intelligence with Manticore beacons, hoping to draw something towards the positive matter universe. His girlfriend Lucia von Bardas was actually the daughter of Latverian industrialist oligarch Otto von Bardas, a treasonous connection to fund the illegal mass production of his mechanical drones, modeled after the mosquito prototype Viktor worked his whole life on.

This archetype mosquito is capable of sustained flight, espionage surveillance, decomposing war machinery, and even unsolicited injections via the proboscis syringe, an innocuous tool repurposed into a sinister weapon. He used Project Manticore’s study of swarm behavior to memorize entire animal flight algorithms, subliminally learning to neurologically control thousands of mosquito-bots in unison. He installs the direct neural interface to a modified Stark armor forgery along with a menacing visor, Wallachian plate designs, and an emerald fur cloak to conceal a drone charging station and dispensary. This incarnation of Doom is both a genius inventor and a technopathic sorcerer, sticking true to the origins of the character.

After 3 months of quarantine in the Manhattan labs and the F4 is now a pragmatic squadron, discovering abilities that neither they nor mainstream audiences even knew about. Susan can fly with her powers by projecting a geometric plane underneath her feet as a hover-board. Ben can manipulate his own body inertia, meaning he’s an unstoppable force when in motion, and an immovable object when standing still. Torch can become weightless when “flamed on” without even burning his clothes and Reed’s reactive morphology is virtually inexhaustible, only limited to what he can imagine.

Back at the inactive matter transmitter, a cosmic warrior breaches the N-Zone, obliterates two Comanche helicopters, and blast travels through the desert towards the nearest city. The only superhero team capable of teleporting to Nevada in time to intercept, is tasked with engaging the beast on the Las Vegas Strip while tactfully coordinating antimatter restraints. The alien primate responds by drawing energy to his fists and discharging pure concussive force. Following a myriad of shattered neon signs and landmark property damage, Blasstaar is securely fastened to the Eiffel Tower replica while the army arrives to sedate the cosmic brute.

For accomplishing the task with minimized perambulator fatalities, Doctor Storm releases the F4 from their media seclusion, prompting an overnight stay at MGM Grand luxury hotel and casino resort. After a long night of superpowered drunken mayhem, three of them awaken strewn across various locations devoid of Ben Grimm, who left early to attend the alumnus homecoming block party at his old UNLV college campus, where he reunites with all of his closest friends including Alicia Masters.

Doom resurfaces at the demolished Grand Central Terminal, delving through the concourse subway tunnels and deeper into Mole Man's burrow. By following corpulent amounts of molted skin trails, Doom locates the candlelit chambers of Arthur Molekovic, recovered from his enormity but with an increasingly mildewed and portly appearance. The professor admits to ingesting a suicidal dose of spores after misinterpreting comments made by a news correspondent, but he underwent the transformation too quickly to finish what he started with the remaining specimen still under DMTD military custody.
Inclined to repossess both of their belongings, Doom surveys the construction site across from the skyscraping Baxter Building, and orchestrates the mechanized mosquito onslaught of its armed guards and hardhat workers. He steps off the ledge, dropping ten plus stories down into the hollowed out intersection of 42nd and Madison gaining entry to the heavily guarded subbasement laboratories. The lone marauder directs his swarming hordes into every corridor, reclaiming the Cordyceps containers and elevating up 30 stories. He infiltrates the restricted 31-35th floors by perforating exterior windows with mosquitoes shattering the airlocked panes; the cloaked figure steps out onto air with Stark propulsion technology under his feet and ascends to the high-rise Franklin Storm science emporium.

The neural harmony between drones allows them to hijack the construction vehicles below, coordinating bulldozers and excavators to jam oncoming police vehicles and rotating a hydraulic crane to break through the top floor window. Doom hacks into the Pegasus Criterion, an auxiliary portal machine that teleported the F4 to Nevada, sets the machine functions to self-teleport and hoists it to the crane for excursion. The hydraulic machine pulls them out but rapidly descends under their combined weight just as the Criterion activates and extracts Doom from the wake of a disastrous construction site collapse.

Back underground, the discarded molting has amalgamated into multiple sentient fungus-based lifeforms, faceless and putrid but responsive to stimuli from Dr. Molekovic. For liberating the spore containers from government restriction, he entrusts their destructive potential in the hands of Doom instead. In exchange Viktor graciously offers him the prototype neural interface visor, a stolen Manticore headset apparatus that allows Mole Man to correspond with his moloid minions, foreshadowing his possible criminal resurgence.

With Blasstaar held under scientific examination, the F4 reconvenes to discuss the future of Project Pegasus. The ravaged Baxter Building is a desolate, inaccessible edifice until municipal restorations can be put back into effect; even then, replacing the teleporter equipment isn’t the best step forward, as Dr. Storm grows more concerned with General Ross’s coercion to infuse Blasstaar’s devastating asset into a military-grade weapon. Together the team comes up with Phase 2, and it entails a space expedition into the N-Zone transporting the captive primate in cargo stasis, with a joint-obligation to study the antimatter realm from inside an augmented NASA shuttle. Reed scans along the probing network for dark spots and finds the closest disruption at about 1.05145059 × 10-6 Parsecs away from Earth within the planetary rings of Arthros, which he theorizes to accommodate an advanced hub of alien intelligence, insectoid in origin. The group relocates to NASA headquarters so the F4 can undergo space training, in a program designed to prepare the first inter-dimensional astronauts for the very first trans-dimensional voyage.

Doom returns to his birthplace of Hassenstadt, the capital of Latveria, an isolated Slavic nation in the Balkan region of Eastern Europe, taking refuge in an Orthodox monastery built in the 14th century upon a forested meteora by the knights of Ordo Draconis (Order of the Dragon) where he maintains his ingenuity streak, augmenting the mosquito drones each with individual portal projectors. An identical failsafe device is fixed to the nose of The Excelsior a decommissioned NASA space shuttle plated with antimatter tiles to withstand all the negative dimensional effects for the neganauts’ 3 week journey. The N-Zone physics is a total mindf*ck, all substance is composed of negatively charged, the darkness of space is imbued by the scarlet tinge of red dwarf nebulae, and the only magnetic field is ubiquitous and faint. It’s an isolated system in the later stages of entropic heat decay and its speculated that antiparticle annihilation creates a transitive equilibrium which siphons mechanical energy across dimensions, which is why our universe is constantly expanding while the N-Zone is continually shrinking.

Upon graduating from NASA space camp, Reed is appointed Command Pilot, Susan is made Science Officer, Jonathan is the Flight Engineer, and Ben is the Module Pilot. Instead of a conventional rocket launch, the conceptual pneumatic mass driver is introduced to the four-man mission. A 65 kilometer takeoff ramp with a curvature inversely proportional to the Earth initiates the lift off as The Excelsior achieves escape velocity in the thermosphere where they trigger the portal projector, shifting the dark blue panorama into a blood-red display of the Negative Zone, signifying their momentous success for this globally televised event.

Despite the expeditions significance, boredom and tedium eventually sets in as they idle away their 3 weeks, trekking through asteroid fields and planetary debris before a crimson backdrop. Diametric study of the universes quantum structure proves fun for Reed and Sue, but not for nonscientists Ben and Jonathan who find more enjoyment in the zero gravity and EVA (extravehicular activities.) The number of Pegasus probes diminishes in proximity to their destination, replaced by an abundance of indigenous species, a race of man-sized winged insects dwelling within the shattered remnants of a planet that once sustained terrestrial life. They appear to be proficient mechanics, able to dismantle the probes and utilize the parts for building material, causing Reed to question the coexistence of a technopathic insect race with militaristic primates. The virulent bugs display a bit of aggression towards Excelsior, so Ben and Johnny dispose of them on the outer hull and remove the splattered bug carcasses with shuttle-sized windshield wipers.

3 weeks into the expedition, when the asteroid field clears into a fine dust, a monolithic space station orbiting the purple gas giant Arthros emerges in the distance, the team can only marvel at the ships humbling immensity. The Excelsior docks on its graviton platform, alleviating the weary travelers from the effects of space atrophy, and even a hospitable decompression chamber synthesizes into a breathable nitrogen atmosphere. They are welcomed aboard by an ornate but frail humanoid called Annihilus, surprisingly eloquently for an alien who decoded another dimensions language with the data enclosed in strange probing contraptions. Reed Richards steps forward as leader of the expedition and sums up their mission directive, while Ben unloads the shackled prisoner from his freighted stasis. His Tyrannian soldiers retrieve their prisoner while Annihilus guides the jaded explorers through a tour of his spacious multiplex while explaining the dilemma with Blasstaar, an interplanetary war criminal banished to the N-Zone from his native Balluur for excessive bloodshed and tyrannical conquest. Due to explosive complications during the incarceration process, the cosmic warlord managed to free himself and became impossible to track down once inside the asteroid belt.

The derelict space vessel Navis Mortis was built by Annihilus from salvaged shipwrecks by his Tyrannian underling workers to serve as a refugee camp for intergalactic exiles, bringing in a miscellaneous array of cosmic personalities including Tenebrous, Lunatik, Devoss the Devastator, Occulus, Stygorr, Noktiis, and Abraxas. The four altered humans from Earth start to feel normal amongst these banished aliens with criminal records, fluorescent tattoos, and diverse superpowers; wearing hi-tech translation devices around their necks as pendants for sublingual communiqué and exotic assimilation. The mutinous thug Abraxas deported by galaxy Wy’nkar-7 shares a conflicting story about Blasstaar, painting him as a space explorer from Balluur who gained powers from a quantum leap accident. Reed abandons the others to go consort with the Living Bomb Burst, bypassing Annihils authorization for the opportunity to compare analogous findings with another world, using the translator pendant to finally see eye-to-eye with the ferocious ape. His story about the accident parallels the F4’s to the nth degree, the synthetic photon storm, the annihilation particle exchange, the paradoxical data figures; one dissimilarity being that Blasstaar was fully conscious when he got pulled in, describing his imbuement as if it were a psychedelic trip through a chromatic wind-tunnel.

Oblivious to the approaching assailant, Reed gets impaled through the chest by an exoskeletal arm blade, his head droops back to see Annihilus glaring at him with exposed bug features. Almost doubled in size with his transmogrified grasshopper legs protracted, calcified beetle wings unsheathed, and serrated carapace shoulder-pads, normally kept hidden under ornamental robes to give the impression of frailty. Before completely blacking out from the pain of impalement or letting his translator fall loose, Reed overhears the two conversing and he unravels the deception while melting in his clutches like liquefied putty skewered on an amethyst pincer. Blasstaar is demanding to be unleashed in place of the four cosmic anomalies he brought back, whom Annihilus plans to auction off as Heralds to the world-devouring entity Gah Lak Tus. However due to a massive paranoia complex, the spiteful insect warlord decides against liberating Bomb-Burst to keep the looming threat against mutiny held over the refugees onboard the Navis Mortis.

stay tuned for the finale!


Anton Yelchin as Reed Richards

Taylor Momsen as Sue Storm

Callan McAuliffe as Human Torch

Forrest Griffin as Benjamin Grimm

Viggo Mortensen as Doctor Storm

Jack Huston as Doom

ADDITIONAL VILLAINS: (all played by Andy Serkis)

Dr. Arthur Molekovic (Mole Man)

Blasstaar the Living Bomb-Burst

Annihilus the Incarcerator
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