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FANCAST: <i><b><font face="verdana" color="english red">Web of Spider-Man</font></b></i>

With Great Power...

At first, this started as a cast for the spider-man game from 2000 that was simply titled 'Spider-Man', however it soon branched off into a simple older spider-man cast, which i've always kinda planned but never got around to doing. Anyways I used Web of as title for the series just because I simply think it fits for a more mature spidey. I think a spidey film works better as an adult, and if Marvel ever gets Pete back i'd imagine they'd skip the origin through the credits, I dunno I just imagined they'd recreate the panels of amazing fantasy using the live-action cast, then start in on the action. Apparently, theres rumors of Sony going bankrupt soon, so maybe the possibility of getting spidey back is at a higher chance now. I've updated the character's I wasn't fully satisfied with.

...Comes Great Responsibility

Bret Harrison is Peter Parker/Spider-Man
I've explained this one many times now. Im a huge fan of Reaper (once agagin, repeated) and Bret's the quintessential choice for an older pete for me since he essentially played him on it. I really love Bret as an actor and would love to see him get the role should the opportunity ever come up. He's really perfect from the comedic timing, ability to snap into dramatic too, height, and looks just like Peter.

Charlie Hunnam is Harry Osborn
At first, this was a tough cast. In the old Spidey cast that I did, I cast Jesse Eisenberg based off of 'Social Network'. However since then, I've seen him in the comedic light I had him in prior, as in Zombieland, and just don't see it anymore. Hunnam however is an amazing talent who I imagine would do well if the character was made meaty, maybe channeling his drug-abuse days and some of the darker times of his life, as well as being Pete's best friend.

Collette Wolfe is Gwen Stacy
This one was semi-easy. Maybe Gwen wouldn't even live to see this age, but I included her because I thought Wolfe was perfect for this older Gwen. She has the absolute perfect look and isn't a half-bad actress, she was most notably in Hot TubTime Machine, playing John Cusack's character's sister, but has done tv roles too. I think she could really invest the audience in her enough to feel something when she dies if written correctly.

Amanda Righetti is Mary Jane Watson
I love Amanda. Srsly. She is absolutely amazing, and smokin' like MJ should've been in the first place. I think she could easily bring the attitude MJ's known for to the table much better than Dunst ever could. No offense against Dunst, because her MJ was basically written as Gwen, but whatever. IMO, Amanda looks Just like Mary Jane, and has been great on the Mentalist.

Bruce Boxleitner is Uncle Ben
The original Tron himself, I think Boxleitner's actually insanely under-rated and has already played the surrogate father in his small-but-great role in Tron: Legacy. He has a pretty epic voice for the role and a perfect look, and even though this would most likely be a small role through flashbacks and such, he'd be amazing uttering,"With Great Power Comes Great Responibility."

Meryl Streep is Aunt May
Though this is kinda obvious, i'm not a fan of the insanely old Aunt May (which doesn't make sense if you think about it, Aunt May, not Grandma) and would prefer a younger, cooler (lack of a better word) May, who doesn't waste hours telling semi-pointless stories, and is a stronger over-all woman, which is something Meryl could easily bring to the table.

John Cusack and Mary Louise-Parker are Richard and Mary Parker
I'm keeping John from my last cast because he's one of my all-time favorite actors, ever since his Better Off Dead days, and younger may have even been a good candidate for spidey, however he'd be great for his dad. Mary Louis on the other hand is one of my current favorite actresses due to her work on Weeds, and I think the combo of her and John could easily make Bret. In this version, Mary and Richard are scientists for SHIELD that are killed, and in a time where Pete goes soul-searching so to speak, he uncovers the truth about his parents.

Kyle Chandler is Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard
Kyle has become one of my favorite actors at the moment, mainly because of his performances in Friday Night Lights and Super 8. As you can see from the photo, he looks just like the art of Curt, and I've always imagined Curt was in his 30's when he and Pete met, so the age is there too. Plus, Curt was always like Pete's Cool teacher, being able to come to him for anything, or just talk like adults and friends, which Chandler could easily do.

Bruce Campbell is J. Jonah Jameson
I hear alot of people say that only J.K. Simmons could ever be JJJ. Personally I think if anyone could do as good a job as him, its Bruce, the oft-overlooked actor from one of my favorite horror series of all time, Evil Dead. He's also doing awesome as Sam Axe on Burn Notice, So awesome he's even getting a spin-off movie. Besides that, I think he has the perfect look and voice, and would be amazing in the role, especially if they actually make him go somewhere, character-wise, and not just be full-on comedic relief.

Phil LaMarr is Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson
I've been trying to find LaMarr a role for a while now, seeing as the dude was hilarious on MadTv and has a great talent for voice acting as well. I was considering him for this since I wanted a younger, more relatable to Pete Robbie, and it only sealed the deal when I found out he was the voice for Robbie on the cartoon 'The Spectacular Spider-Man'.

Rashida Jones is Betty Brant
Holy crap, Rashida Jones is just...amazing. Call this my on-going love for her, but she'd look spot on in this role, and would be amazing even though it's a bit role. I love her as an actress and definitely want to see her do some cbm stuff, and this is just up her alley.

Robert Partick is Capt. George Stacy
This would probably just be a couple of flashbacks, but Patrick, whos best known for his awesome turn as the T-1000 in T2, would be absolutely kick-ass in the role. I'm actually kinda surprised he's never been suggested, but he'd be a worthy addition to the Spidey family imo.

Evangeline Lilly is Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
Another amazing actress, been in love with her since Lost, and will cast her any chance I get, however I think she really fits the role of the sexy Black Cat, who I actually, unlike others on the site, like as a character. She'd probably have to be updated though, not just costume, but give her some more layers, and if there's an actress to give her depth, it's Lilly. Just Imagine her in that costume.

Patrick Wilson is Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
I really love this guy's acting, he's got this really noticeable charisma to him and his acting seems very sincere and real, which would work perfect for Reed, and you need a strong actor for the part, imo, so he could give a more mature spin than the last attempt. He's just right for an older Reed. The FF of course live in the same city and are bound to meet, especially Johnny.

Charlize Theron is Sue Storm/Ms. Fantastic
Charlize was just perfect for what I was looking for, the exact right age, looks and strong acting, and im entirely sure she can pull off the strong motherly type she is to the group as well as being sexy while doing it, which was something the extremely mis-casted (and young) Alba was lacking.

Jeffrey Donovan is Ben Grimm/The Thing
This may seem like a weird choice at first, but I needed someone closer to Reed's age, and I've seen Ben as the 'action hero' type, which Donovan undoubtedly is, and he has the look from the pic of Grimm I found. He'd need to put on a gruffer voice and the new yawk accent, but if you're a fan of his you know the dude can do anything, so this somewhat tortured badass wouldn't be difficult for him, plus him and Vogel would be hilarious. Also, the Thing needs to be bigger this time around.

Mike Vogel is Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
I had Jensen Ackles last time around, however he has been over-used too much all over the internet, plus he's older than I thought and wanted, so I decided upon Vogel, who I think is easily a much better choice. Johnny is known for being the womanizing, reckless and funny one of the team, and is one of Pete's best friends, all things vogel can and has played, and he was hilarious in She's Out of My League. I think him and Bret would be hilarious on-screen together.

Sam Witwer is Matt Murdock/Daredevil
Witwer is my old choice replacing Gosling, since as roaddog pointed doesn't have a good voice for the job. However Witwer I feel would do amazing things with the role, since he's already great at playing dark and brooding conflicted characters, and judging from his performance as Starkiller alone makes hiim qualified imo. I'd imagine they'd meet somehow, possibly through Kingpin and Hammerhead and become good friends.

Michael Stuhlbarg is Ben Urich
I've been watching alot of Boardwalk Empire lately and Michael just screams Urich to me. I think he has a spot on look for it, and the way he plays his character on empire just reminds me of what i'd expect for him. He'd be great alongside Bruce's JJJ.

Christopher Meloni is Frank Castle/The Punisher
I've been saying this for years now, Meloni needs to be Frank in whatever Marvel has lined up for him next, the guy's absolutely perfect for the job, just watch him on 'Oz', he has an intensity as well as look that lends itself perfectly to the grizzled Castle, and would actually re-invigorate my 'giving-of-craps' as far as punisher goes.

The Avengers (with my pick for Hank Pym - Guy Pearce)
These of course I imagine would somehow interact with Spidey eventually and they're already cast to perfection i'd say. However seeing as Hank isn't cast yet, i'd offer up my choice. Pearce easily has all the qualities, and if I was looking in the somewhat more known pool of actors he'd seem just right to me, the looks and the ability play a very much not perfect and somewhat conflicted man.

Matt Willig is Aleksei Sytsevich/Rhino
I've seen alot of names thrown around for Rhino, however this dude could easily get the job done, seeing as it really requres no special acting skills, however his look is spot-on, 6'8 and Built like (as everyone says) a brick fucking shithouse. It also helps he's voiced Juggernaut in Shattered Dimensions.

Andy Whitfield is Flint Marko/Sandman
Last time around, I had Johnny Messner because Sandman was nothing more than a thug, however you guys would've prefered a good actor and a deeper Flint Marko. So being that Andy's terribly under-rated and looks the part, i'd suggest him, and personally I think he'd be frickin awesome, he's badass in Spartacus.

Tony Todd is Quentin Beck/Mysterio
Quentin was a hard cast, I wanted to go Theatrical then serious, then shakespearean, but I can settle for more serious because anything else would be campy. I think Todd could easily make Mysterio slightly creepy and his voice would easily add to the mystery and make him a cooler character. Plus, his ethnicity doesn't matter, i'd imagined it'd be badass if he was revealed to e a doom-bot the whole time, leaving his apperance sort of a mystery (doom obviously wouldn't be revealed yet.)

Robert Englund is Adrian Toomes/Vulture
THe tricky thing with Vulture is that he can be insanely cheesy, soi'd for him to get a serious update, so he can actually be a serious threat and maybe even slightly creepy, especially with someone like the amazing Englund in the role, and definitely shouldn't be the age where he looks like he'll RIP'ing any second. Plus Englund voiced the character in SSM.

Mark Pellegrino is Max Dillon/Electro
Admittedly, I drew inspiration from SSM where Dillon, has a mental breakdown due to his new form as Electro which was caused by an accident, and kinda went insane. Pellegrino could easily pull off this transition from everyman to mental breakdown, the dude was great on Lost and of course on Supernatural.

Woody Harrelson is Herman Shultz/Shocker
This one was just something I had on one of my now non-existant (and crappy,lol) old spidey casts, which was based on the Shocker of SSM, who was the leader of the Enforcers, and had a southern drawl. It's honestly about the only original choice from my old casts that I still like, and since I love Harrelson and he was badass in Zombieland, I think he'd own it.

Vincent D'Onofrio is Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
This one I came up with on the last cast and i'm still entirely for it, of all the candidates I think the amazingly talented D'Onofrio would own it, especially standing at 6'5 and realtively chubby. He'd probably need a muscle-fat suit as suggested by others, but he'd be a quintessential Kingpin, imo.

Michael Madsen is Hammerhead
I'd love to see Madsen as a more modern, realistic crime boss Hammerhead, and the dude has a great intensity in his acting for it. I think his look is great for what I was looking for and he'd just jack up the amount of talent to the cast, if you've seen Resevoir Dogs you Know what he could bring to the table. I imagine Hammerhead would be a rival Mobster just to add to the organized crime aspect, just some side-plots like in BB or TDK.

Frank Vincent is Silvio Manfredi/Silvermane
Vincent is also an amazing mobster actor who doesn't get his due, and looks spot on for Silvio. He'd be yet another crime boss, however none of the special suit crap, that just doesn't work, and could be extremely chessy. Plus Vincents in the right age range to where he doesn't look like he shouldbe on life support like Silvermane is drawn sometimes.

Michael Shannon is Mac Gargan/Scorpion
When I began my search for this particular rol I set out for someone who can be intense and unnerving, which Shannon easily is. The only reason I didn't cast him before was simply because he's been cast as Zod (which seemed really random imo but whatever), however as I said he could easily bring an intensity to the role for when he goes berserk and I imagine being able to wear down both physically and mentally (mindgames). Plus at 6'3 all he'd need to do is maybe pack on some muscle.

Javier Bardem is Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter
I think we all know Bardem on the site by now. He has played one of the coldest most chilling villains to date in No Country For Old Men, and would a special something to role, especially if they plan on doing the Kraven's Last Hunt storyline. This woud be wicked if done right, and although he looks the role and is fairly built, i'd imagine he'd buff up more. I'd prefer him over the very obvious Butler any day.

Alexander Skarsgård is Eddie Brock/Venom
Now, i'm not entirely sure whether or not he's been chosen before on the site seeing as Dominic Purcell is the fan-fave, im guessing since he looks spot-on as classic Brock, however huge thanks to SUP3R who inspired me to cast Skars here after he casted him as Spike in his Buffy cast. I just imagined how menacing and vicious he'd be (due to True Blood) and it was exactly what I imagine in Brock. Realistically, Skarsgard looks perfect for it and is a monster at 6'4, and judging from his amazing talents on Generation Kill and True Blood, he'd give Venom more than one dimension and make him a memorable villain. I also like the idea of the suit feeding off him unless he feeds the suit with live people, I just think it adds a badass darkness to it.

Robert Knepper is Cletus Kasady/Carnage
I really tried to stay away from Knepper since he's been casted to death as Carnage, however I couldn't find anyone who could possibly be better. Knepper's exactly what I imagine as Cletus and has already played crazy, creepy, vicious and dangerous on Prison Break. He'd bring an intensity like none other and is such a good actor they could probably do a whole drama spin-off based on Cletus with him in the role, and it would certainly spell out award-winner if done right. In fact, I kinda wanna see that now.

Gary Sinise is Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
Well i'll just state first that I'd want Gobby to be a recurring villain and introduced in later films since he's spidey's biggest foe and not introduced and killed in the first. Sinise just plain-old looks sinister as hell and is a pretty brilliant actor, who can easily switch from cold to psychotic, and as pointed out by roaddog also, he looks exactly like this photo of Norman. I'd also want a more 616-inspired costume with more budget put into it, however updated since the original would look cheesy as hell just like that.

Bryan Cranston is Otto Octavius/Dr. Octopus
So alot of people see Otto as the chubbier type, though it really doesn't matter to me. Cranston has the perfect look for a skinny Ock, imo and is a brilliant actor, who i'd pay full price to watch his performance alone, I mean seriously if no one else of my cast is actually cast, i'd beg for Cranston to, becuase I dearly want to see the man's performance (possibly my favorite actor right now) as Ock, and I know it'd be amazing since Ock is also my favorite Spidey villain. He'd bring a new intensity and coldness to the role, and I'd want him to be a recurring villain, too.

Alan Rickman is Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom, my favorite Marvel Villain yet. A hard cast no doubt, and i've cast Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce but both of them aren't perfect, and I keep changing it. However one day the idea popped into my head and I firmly believe it should happen now. The very shakespearean-like actor Alan Rickman is the perfect man to don the Doom suit and his voice is a great match too. Hans Gruber and The Sheriff of Nottingham (as Roaddog would say) are easily the blueprints for Doom, and he would be brilliant in this role. This 6'7 armored Doom doesn't take off his mask, is the monarch of latveria (with that Shakesperian tinge), and is more than just evil, he's like the embodiment of the devil himself, arrogance and all, the genius/sorcerer and is the type of villain that deserves an oscar-worthy performance. Although I thought of it myself, have to give props to [email protected] who thought of it first.
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