Fancast: What if Torchwood … was American?

Fancast: What if Torchwood … was American?

This is a fancast for Torchwood if it were mad by Americans.

I originally suggestion to SuperDude001, who said that he won't do it because Torchwood is Welsh and Welsh is not America's equivalent. Anyway, the show would air on either AMC or SyFy, but not on Fox. It would suffer the same fate as Firefly and Dollhouse: the douche bag executives would cancel it just to piss us off. It would be produced by J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, Fringe).

Anyway, here's how it would be more American. It would take place in Washington D.C. and the Hub would be located under the Washington Monument. The standard sidearm of the Torchwood Institute would be the SIG P229, the standard sidearm of the U.S. Secret Service. Jack Harkness carries a Smith & Wesson Colt New Service revolver (in place of his .38 Webley). Torchwood One would be in New York City while Torchwood Two would be in Los Angeles.

Anyway, here's the cast:


Nathan Fillion as Captain Jack Harkness: An omnisexual man from the 51st century and former Time Agent who leads Torchwood Three. He is immortal due to unknown reasons, having died several times.

Reason for Casting: I think Fillion would be good as an American version of Captain Jack. He's brilliant on Firefly and Castle.

Emily Deschanel as Gwen Cooper: A former police officer who becomes a field agent for Torchwood and their Police Liaison.

Reason for Casting: I think Emily is a great actress and she's wonderful on Bones.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Doctor Owen Harper: Torchwood's cynical medical officer, who is a narcisstic womanizer in his private life.

Reason for Casting: I'm a fan of Levitt's independent work and I think he'd be great as an American Owen Harper.

Yunjin Kim as Toshiko Sato: Torchwood's technical expert who is quiet but highly intelligent.

Reason for Casting: I love her on Lost.

Topher Grace as Ianto Jones: Torchwood's bisexual administrator and general support, who usually makes coffee and delivers food. He is currently in a relationship with Jack.

Reason for Casting: First off, I hate Russell T. Davies for killing off Ianto. Anyway, Ianto always added a humorous element to the stories in a deadpan manner. Topher can be both a comedic actor (That 70s Show) and a serious actor (Too Big to Fail). The guy has taken alot of crap because of Spider Man 3, but he can be a good actor (just a horrible choice for Venom).

Sean Astin as Rhys Williams: Gwen's fiance (and later husband). He knows little about Gwen's work, assuming that it's just "special ops".

Reason for Casting: Astin is an EXTREMELY underrated actor. he was brilliant in Rudy and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Matthew Morrison as Officer Andy Davidson: Gwen's former partner in the police and friend.

Reason for Casting: Personally, I hate Glee and think it's the lamest thing on television. However, SuperDude001 suggested this to me, and I decided to go with it.

Naomie Harris as Martha Jones: A doctor for UNIT (UNified Intelligence Taskforce) who briefly joins Torchwood at the suggestion of an "impeccable force".

Reason for Casting: I think Harris is a great actress and she was brilliant in 28 Days Later


Winona Ryder as Suzie Costello: The former second-in-command of Torchwood, who had been secretly murdering people in order to use them as test subjects for a Resurrection Gauntlet, which she is obsessed with perfecting. When Jack and Gwen find out about thus, she shoots Jack (who then revives) and then comments suicide in front of them.

Reason for Casting: Like Grace, Winona has taken a lot if crap because of the whole shoplifting incident. However, I think she is a great actress and impressed me in Black Swan (which also revived her career).

Kerry Washington as Lisa Hallet/The Cyberwoman: Ianto's girlfriend who become a partially converted Cyberman during the attack of Torchwood One. Ianto kept her hidden in the hub. But the Cyberman side of her took over and attack the team. It resulted in several casualties including Captain Jack (who died twice) and an innocent pizza delivery girl. The team evetually killed her.

Reason for Casting: She was good in Ray and The Last King of Scotland.

Dean Stockwell as Bilis Manger: The caretaker of a dance hall who has the ability to walk through time and teleport at will. He manipulated Torchwood into opening the Rift, releasing an evil deity that he worships.

Reason for Casting: Stockwell played a brilliant villain on Battlestar Galactica.

Jude Law as Captain John Hart: A Time Agent and former partner for Jack (both professionally and sexually). He has been to rehab for alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, and murder. He also has a zoophilic attraction to poodles.

Reason for Casting: Jude is a fantastic actor and would be greta as John Hart.

Tahmoh Penikett as Gray: Captain Jack's brother who he had lost during an alien invasion of Boeshane Peninsula in the 51st Century. He is now a vengeful sadist due to the unspeakable torture he suffered. he blames Jack for the torture he suffered and seeks revenge.

Reason for Casting: I think he's awesome on Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse.

Please leave your thoughts and commets below. I hope you have enjoyed this article.
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