FANCAST: Wonder Woman Plot And Cast (Modern Reinterpretation of The Classic Tale Inspired By The Nolanverse)

FANCAST: A Modern Take On Wonder Woman inspired by the Nolanverse

I was thinking today about the possibilities for the future of Superhero story telling in film. There is so much to be excited about in the post Batman trilogy era. After having just seen The Dark Knight Rises, which I think was great (but not quite Batman begins or The Dark Knight), one of the things I was pleasently surprised with was how Nolan tinkered with characters, such as Robin and Bane, to make them modern and more relatable. I personally never thought I´d like Robin, but I did. What was great is he took the essence and tragedy of the character, but just made him more palatble.

This made me think could we do this for Wonder Woman, Martian Man Hunter, The Flash? So that the Justice league movie can operate in a similar universe as The Batman trilogy and the new Man Of Steel movie (at least I hope superman will inhabit a world similar in tone to our own. It´s a fantastic concept. What would be the real world implications of a Superman? And how would it feel to be that guy?

As such I set myself the challenge to come up with an origin storyline for each Justice League member, for a solo movie, in which the worlds connect, but also to some extent operate like our own. Obviously I don´t want to take the fun a way, this will still be comic movies, with plenty of scifi tropes, however these will be radical modern reinterpretations of the mythology which are somewhat grittier in tone. The challenge for me is to make these characters speak to our generation, while making sure we remain faithful to the spirit of their characters.

With Superman I will do a possible Man Of Steel 2, and what I hope to see in Man Of Streel and I´m working on an idea for a Batman reboot, the is a more neonoir detective story in tone.

However my main targets are Wonder Woman, The Flash and Martian Man Hunter. Green Lantern is quite tough.

In this article I will provide the story arch, cast, director, and a desciption teaser trailer for a Modern take on Wonder Woman.

Underneath are some rules I set for myself, to create the stories.


As stated in the article I´m trying to re-imagine the JUSTICE LEAGUE characters, for our generation. This has been inspired by Nolan´s take on Batman. Now with all superheroes there has to be some suspension of belief - especially those with powers - otherwise it´s no fun. Even Batman - though he relies on technology and his superior fighting skills – nonetheless is highly unrealistic. There still need to be some comic book and fantastical tropes. The trick is, lets respect the audience and assume they want a satisfactory answer for how the world the superhero inhabits works, and, to make it a grounded world or universe that the audience will recognize.


Rule 1: Within reason make the storyline fit into a world as close to the makeup of our universe as posible. It needs to be recognizable world. Our history, our social conflicts, our politics, within reason the basic physical laws are in play, even if some of our heroes can bend them, make it look real when they do.
Rule 2: The spirit of the original character has to remain intact. The Flash has to remain The Flash. He isn´t Batman in the Flash costume, brooding over his father being in prison. He has to remain our the happy-go-lucky speedster we all know and love. However that doesn´t mean the world around him can´t be dark or mean our Flash can´t be edgy and can´t have problems. It just means let´s think of a clever way to relate that without losing the spirit of the character.
Rule3: If something clearly does not fit into our Universe´s immediate make-up it´s not allowed. For instance there can be no life on Mars, or, no hidden female ruled islands that man has not discovered yet. Unless we make a clever way of Man Hunter actually coming from Mars, it´s not accepted.

Maybe his starship crashed on Mars, but he came from another galaxy. On our first mission to Mars we find his ship, assuming he´s Martian. We discover later he´s from, where ever.
Rule4: Magic and Superpowers are obviously allowed, but extra points if you can figure out a way of explaining how a human being got powers like The Flash or Cyborg, in a more convincing modern way.
Rule5: Try and introduce in your story the cultural impact of the character if relevent. Are the US army going to accept a man who can move at the speed of light. Are they going to want to recruit him to fight terrorism?
Rule6: We are allowed to change powers, or the degrees of someones power, as long as it doesn´t fundamentally change the character. For instance, we can´t just say, well The Flash can only run much faster than humans. It has to be atleast Sonic speed. Otherwise he´s not The Flash. But powers that don´t make sense, like The flash creating a whirl wind by running around in a circle, therefore allowing a woman whose falling from a building to slow her speed and fall into
The Flash´s arms, is a no no. Time Travel on the other hand, maybe an issue for Flash. He realizes if he runs to fast, he could end up being stuck in the future.
7: Try and apply the same rules to supervillains, how would you reinterpret them for a modern age and make them relevent.

8: About the cast, once you´ve chosen someone for a role, you cannot re-use them for anything else. No using people who have already been in a DC superhero movie. i.e. Christian Bale for The Flash.

OK thats enough let the games begin:

Wonder Woman Cast and Director:

Director: Mary Harron.

She´s a wonderful director, with a very ironic, dark sense of humour.

Some of her films are true modern master pieces and she should get more work.
She´s also got a real cool feminist edge to her work.

Her Work

The Notorious Betty Page: The story of Bettie Page, uber-successful 1950's pin-up model, one of the first sex icons in America, and the target of a Senate investigation (based on her bondage photos).

I Shot Andy Warhol: Based on the true story of Valerie Solanas who was a 60s radical preaching hatred toward men in her "Scum" manifesto. She wrote a screenplay for a film that she wanted Andy Warhol to produce, but he continued to ignore her. So she shot him. This is Valerie's story

Oh she directed a Little known film: ;)

American Psycho: A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his illogical, gratuitous fantasies.

Wonder Woman

Original Origin Story

Wonder Woman is a warrior princess of the Amazons (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology) and was created by Marston, an American, as a "distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to a world torn by the hatred of men." [2] Known in her homeland as Diana of Themyscira, her powers include superhuman strength, flight (even though the original Wonder Woman did not have this ability), super-speed, super-stamina, and super-agility. She is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat and in the art of tactical warfare. She also possesses animal-like cunning skills and a natural rapport with animals, which has been presented as an actual ability to communicate with the animal kingdom. She uses her Lasso of Truth, which forces those bound by it to tell the truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, a tiara which serves as a projectile, and, in some stories, an invisible airplane.
Created during World War II, the character was initially depicted fighting the Axis military forces, as well as an assortment of supervillains. In later decades, some writers maintained the World War II setting, with many of its themes and story arcs, while others updated the series to reflect the present day. Wonder Woman has also regularly appeared in comic books featuring the superhero teams Justice Society (from 1941) and Justice League (from 1960). Arguably the most popular and iconic female superhero in comics, Wonder Woman is also considered a feminist icon.[2] She was named the 20th greatest comic book character by Empire magazine.[3] She was ranked sixth in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list.[4]

Initially, Wonder Woman was an Amazon champion who wins the right to return Steve Trevor — a United States intelligence officer whose plane had crashed on the Amazons' isolated island homeland — to "Man's World" and to fight crime and the evil of the Nazis.
During the Silver Age, Wonder Woman's origin was revamped,[11] along with other characters'. The new origin story increased the character's Hellenic and mythological roots: receiving the blessing of each deity in her crib, Diana is destined to become "beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Hermes."[12]

Original Powers, Abilities And Weapons:

Superhuman strength, Endurance and Durability, Super Speed, Flight (originally in invisible plane), Enhanced healing factor, Divine Wisdom, superior hand-to-hand combatant.

Original Weapons:

Laso of Truth: If rapped around someone they are forced to tell her the truth. It´s near unbreakable, she has great accuracy with the weapon.
Bracelets of Victory: These are a pair of steel cuffs that are indestructible because they were created from the remains of Zeus’s Aegis shield. Wonder Woman can use her super reflexes to deflect projectiles, blades, punches, or any form of offensive attack used against her (including Darkseid’s Omega Beams.) In some iterations when Diana crosses them to protect her from impact with larger projectiles as well as damage inflicted by explosions and collisions with hard surfaces, the bracelets generate a small energy shield.
Royal Tiara - Her tiara is razor sharp and can be used so as to return to her when thrown.
The Invisible Plane – speaks for itself its an invisible plane.
Battle Armor - When faced with a larger threat, Diana will wear her Amazon battle armor for added protection as well as use martial weapons such as swords.
Magical Sword - On occasions Wonder Woman has employed a magical sword of unknown (though presumably Amazon) origin. This sword has been used most specifically against those with the power of invulnerability as invulnerability generally does not work against magical items.

I have decided to change some of WW powers for the film, as I believe some of her powers are not credibly filmable or are quite frankly silly.
Now if Nolan can tinker with Robin´s origin, sparing us the embarrassment of seeing a teenage circus acts parents killed by criminals, before being adopted by Bruce Wayne, and becoming The Boy Wonder, then I think we can make some allowances with Wonder Woman´s powers. Now one has to be careful doing this. The worst thing is to de-power her our warrior princess. You´ll be having feminists raising hell for a whole year, on how they´ve de-powered the only powerful woman in comics.

And they´d be right.

Just to let you know, the things I have a problem with are her super speed because it makes her to much like a female superman, her bracelets, which I´ll explain later, her laso of truth, the boomerang Tiara and the magic plane.

As such I´ve decided to tweek her abilities rather than take them away. I believe everything changed nonetheless keeps to the spirit of the character.

New Powers And Abilities:

Superhuman Strength, Endurance and Durability, super fast reflexes, superior hand-to-hand combat, Devine Wisdom, flight.

New Weapons:

Battle Armor: Magic Suit Of Armor forged by Hephaestus a master craftsman of armor. (Also Brother Of Ares). The armor gives its wearer superhuman powers, the extent of which varies depending on how skilled a warrior they are. Since Diana is a vastly superior warrior, she gains incredible strength (She is very strong with out the suit, but this gives her the strength of The Gods), Endurance and Durability, Devine Wisdom and superfast reflexes, the cape at the back of it allows her to fly.

But the armor has a weakness, if you manage to break her Golden Laso it no longer functions. Only Hephaestus can make it work again. This will become relevant in later chapters.

Bracelets Of Victory: Now maybe it´s a lack of vision on my part, but I can´t see some one sensibly filming anyone deflecting 100 of rounds of bullets shot at them rapidly. It will look quite silly really. So instead I think WW should have super reflexes allowing her to Dodge objects Matrix style and when it gets to much, her Bracelets come when crossed generate a protective energy shield which can cause the bullets to ricochet.

Laso Of Truth: Now here I might get some complaints, but I´ll say it straight. A Laso of Truth, kind of silly. I think the rope should rather allow her a limited view into an individuals mind, subconscious, their dreams and fears.
If this were the case it could make for a funny scene where she raps the rope around Steve and in his mind, all he´s thinking about is her WW in bra and pants, at which point she gives him a slap. Then later a more touching scene, when she realizes Steve´s dad was a wife beating alchoholic and Steve tried to protect his mum from him when he was younger. It works with the Magic Tiara.

Also if her Golden Lasdo is broken, her armor no-longer Works. The Laso is incredibly strong but not unbreakable. In a Justice League Movie, this could be useful to add tension to the drama if
she´s taken out by a super villain who is able to snap it.

The Magic Tiara: Also known as The Cyclopes Eye. At it´s centre is a magic jewel, which allows the wearer to see into the minds and dreams of those they tie with the Magic Laso. It also relates to her magic sword. Forged by the twins gemini ( Castor and Polydeuces), there is a matching Tiara worn by Queen Hippolytus, which allows her to sense if her daughter is in pain or trouble. WW doesn´t know about this at first.

Magic Sword Of Theseus: The sword forged of metals unknown, is the only thing that can slay immortals, Gods, the living dead or those invulnerable to harm, (i.e. Superman) It was used by Theseus to Slay The Minotaur.

Also with the Magic Tiara on Diana can call upon the sword at any time, so it appears and vanishes as if from thin air. If it is dropped it she can call for it to return to her hand. This only happens if The Tiara is on.

Those are my changes. I hope they are not to radical for hardcore Wonder Woman fans.

Actors To Play Her:

choice 1. Rebecca Hall:

The young talented Rebecca Hall has a real edge to her. She often plays outsiders or tougher women. She´d be a great suit for Wonder Woman, she clearly can play strong minded women, she has a nobel and likable quality to her, she´s hot and she actually has great comic timing. I think in Wonder Woman film, theirs a lot of space for humor. Especially in the relationship between Steve and WW you´d needs this. Someone who can act very serious, but play it for laughs. You know like her putting Steve in his place whenever he cheekily tries it on with her.

Check her out in the beginning of this trailer for Vickie Christina Barcelona

2. Berenice Marlohe


If she can shed her accent which I think she can, because it isn´t strong (as you´ll see in the video below) I think she could be a great fit for Wonder Woman. She has a very regal but soft quality to her face. You may not know her yet, but she´s playing a sort of villain in the next Bond movie. She seems Like she´s going to be really good from the clips I´ve seen, and I think she looks great.

3. Christina Hendricks

I got a lot of flack about this choice in my last Fancast blog (CHECK IT OUT: Fancast: Man Of Steel 2, Batman Reboot, Wonder Woman, Justice League And Beyond) Apparently people can´t see it because of her figure, hair color and well her giant … you know. ☺ But she has actually been considered for the role.
I think I put my reasons best in answer I gave to a friend online.

“Jay Jay Caw, you read my mind about CH´s assets. :) But on a serious note, I do think
she´s good, and I´m thinking out of the box a bit. I mean it would kind of be ironic if Joan Halloway (Mad Men) whose antics in the show represent everything that modern woman should strive not to be like, does a 180 and pulls off Wonder woman. I have to admit to you guys a lot of it is curiosity because she´s so off the mark and the physical type of The Amazonian Warrior, from red hair to chubby features, that I want to see if she can some how pull it off. really curious because in a totally different way from Wonder Woman, she´s the only sex bomb in TV or movie I´ve seen in recent time convincingly, eat her male prey alive.
So in conclusion, I´m not just looking for someone who will look like they can be torn straight out of the comic book, I´m looking for someone who can capture the essence of WW. Someone like Heath Ledger with the Joker, who will have to work to be the character. A good diet, a strict fitness regime and some schrewd makeup wizardry and I think she´s got the acting chops to make a modern Wonder Woman.
Read more at.”

Queen Hippolyta:

Queen Hippolyta is a fictional character and DC Comics superhero, based on Hippolyta, Queen of The Amazons in Greek mythology. She is also the mother of Wonder Woman and Donna Troy.

1. Naomi Watts

I think by the time they get to production for WW, Naomi Watts would be about the right age to play her. With a little makeup to make her look slightly older she looks the part. My reasons are quite simple she´s a great actress, with a very strong presence and I think she would have the right level of maturity and maternal instinct to play her.

2. Kate Winslet

Now a lot might think Kate´s a bit young looking for the job. But you must remember the women of the island of Themyscira do not age past a certain point. And she could be put in makeup to look slightly older. I think Winslet is a brilliant actress and I just think she´s right for the role. She´ll be the ultimate superhero MILF if you like.

3. Mala

Mala is the name of two fictional characters who first appeared in the DC Comics' universe as two members of Wonder Woman's fellow Amazons.

Mala was one of the most important Amazons in the Golden Age adventures of Wonder Woman. Mala was with Diana when they discovered Steve Trevor floating in the sea, and they worked together to bring him to shore. Mala was also the last Amazon standing alongside a masked Diana during the contest to determine who would venture into Man's World as the Amazon champion.[1]

1. Sophia Vergara

Now I would have picked this chick for Wonder Woman were it not for her accent. But since the strong Columbian thing, probably wouldn´t fly, and, I can´t see her shedding such a thick accent,
I´ll go for second best, Wonder Woman´s best friend and frequent sparring partner, the man hating, pro female separatist, and second greatest warrior of Paradise Island Mala.

She´s often depicted as slightly older than Diana, so I think Sofia´s around the right age, and
she´s funny, so I think she can pull off some comic lines about men. Oh and trust me when I say a cat fight between Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks would be a thing of utter beauty.

4. Circe

Circe is a fictional character, a villainous sorceress and a major adversary of Wonder Woman appearing in DC Comics publications and related media. Based upon the Greek mythological character of the same name who imprisoned Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey.

I would change Circe´s history for the film, so as to set her up as villain in the second. In my version she was an Amazonian warrior, who is Mala and Diana´s best friend. She really loves Diana, and is willing to do anything for her. She however has taken to heart the Amazonian teachings and is disgusted by men. So when she´s entered into the competition to decide who goes to Mans World, she has no problem letting Diana take her place. Diana wears her helmet and battle suit, making everyone think it´s her.

After Diana wins, we find out it is Circe´s duty that nightt to Guard the portal to Mans World. However she is killed by Ares, in a sneak attack, although she fights a brave battle. When he escapes from Paradise Island through the Portal to Man´s World, the alarm is raised and everyone realizes Circe has been killed. Diana is broken hearted and swears revenge for her friends life. However we find out in Wonder Woman 2, Circe went to the Under World, there Hades drove her crazy, with images of WW, falling for Steve. She perceiving men to be weak and seeing Steve as the reason she died, views WW relationship with Steve as a betrayal. Hades realizing the mischief he can cause, has her soul possessed by Lileth the demon queen and Circe back to earth. Now due to being possessed by Lileth Circe is gifted with Dark Magic and her already keen warrior skills are strengthened. She and Cheetah are the main villains of WW 2.

1. Michelle Monaghan
I´m not sure how old she is now, but she is definitely the look for the character. She also has a dark edge to her when she wants.

2. Elisebeth Olsen.

A really good actress who I think could convey the complexity of this characters journey. She really did a a great job in Martha Marcy May Marlene, and clearly knows how to play emotionally scarred characters, with complicated motivations.

5. Dr. Amanda Waller

Dr. Amanda Blake Waller is a character published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Legends #1 in 1986, and was created by John Ostrander, Len Wein, and John Byrne. Despite not possessing any superpowers, she has persistently proven herself a powerful foe of the superheroes of the DC universe and antiheroine, and in 2009, Amanda Waller was ranked as IGN's 60th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.[1]

Nicknamed "the Wall", she is a former congressional aide and government agent often placed in charge of the Suicide Squad, a semi-secret government-run group of former supervillains working in return for amnesty. She later served as Secretary of Metahuman Affairs under President Lex Luthor, before being arrested in the wake of Luthor's public fall from grace. Waller was recently reassigned to the leadership of Checkmate as White Queen, but has been forced to resign because of her involvement in Operation Salvation Run.

1. Mo´Nique

Mo´Nique quite surprisingly proved herself to be quite the thesp in the movie Precious recently. She definitely has screen presence. She can go from strong, then switch to cold, from intimidating to charming to vulnerable, in an instant. She´s pretty much my only choice for this role.
I think she´d nail it.

6. Etta Candy

Since the 1987 Greg Potter-George Pérez revamp of Wonder Woman, Etta has been romantically linked with, and eventually married to, Steve Trevor, who is no longer Diana's love interest.

1. Elizebeth Banks

She´d be great in this role. I´d make the character a real bitch. Constantly flirting with Rogers. Annoying the hell out of WW. Steve obviously finds her cute but finds WW much hotter. Basically
she´ll play a vulnerable little girl lost with out a big strong man to help her, then straight into bitchy vixen when steve isn´t looking. She´ll use her sexuality to present herself as weak and vulnerable and in need of help to do anything lest she break a nail. But she´ll also know how to stick the claws into Diana. (Can anyone say Cat fight)

2. Christen Wiig

Similar thing really, she´s also got great comedic timing and I think she could give some heart to Etta. After all Etta wouldn´t be a real villain just a comedy one.

7. Hera

Hera is the Goddess of love and marriage. Also she´s wife and older sister to Zeus (err!) She allowed the five Goddesses and Hermes to grant Wonder Woman her powers and abilities. Hera promised Queen Hippolyta a child and granted her a champion. Affectively she´s the second mother of WW, she breathed life into the baby Diana, who was formed by Hippolyta from sand.
(Man could this be a great scene: explain later)

1. Juliet Binoche

As she would be the imperial Goddess, wife of Zeus, it could be some hot young actress. But nonetheless I think the better choice would be to go for a slightly older maternal figure and an actress with a huge amount of dignity to her. If any have seen the English patient you know that´s Juliet Binoche.
(I also think there should be a little kiss between mothers, as Hera brings Diana to life, just to piss off those against gay marriage and adoption, have WW´s birth symbolize a child of purely woman born. Just a thought)

8. Hephaestus

Is a Greek god whose Roman equivalent was Vulcan. He is the son of Zeus and Hera, the King and Queen of the Gods - or else, according to some accounts, of Hera alone. He was the god of technology, blacksmiths, craftsman, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire
And volcanoes. He is also brother to Ares. He created Diana´s armor.

In DC comics he´s famed for making very powerful suits of armor, but each time leaving a single fault in the design, so no one becomes more powerful than him.

1. Ray Winstone

Again I have to say my only choice here is this guy. He´s just is a great actor and I could see him playing a tough, old and cynical brother to Ares. And if WW´s gear needs fixing I could see him playing real mind games before fixing it for her and causing a great deal of trouble for Diana.

9. Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is a fictional character appearing in DC Comics, as the primary love interest of Wonder Woman. He first appeared in All Star Comics #8 (December 1941/January 1942).
In my version he´s actually a pilot recently recruited to NASA´s space program. He´s an ace pilot, whose talent is matched only by his recklessness, and goofy charm. He grew up with a abusive father, who routinely took fists to his mother. Loving his mother dearly, as he grew older he began to protect her, and has since felt a real sense of protectiveness over women. Which is why he always puts himself on the line to save WW, even though she believes she is not in need of his assistance. This is something WW finds extremely annoying and patronizing to her warrior skills, she feels she need no help from a man. However, when she puts her Golden Laso on him and delves into his subconscious realizing Trevor´s true motivations for his protectiveness of women, she is saddened realizing he´s had a tough life, while in comparison hers has been relatively privileged, as really she´s a princess that hasn´t suffered a day in her life. This makes her feel somewhat guilty, and is what in the movie brings them closer together.

1. Ryan Gosling
Well this would be great casting (I´ve seen others say he should be Batman. Their crazy) If anyone could get under the skin of the Amazonian princess, and be cheeky enough to get her to want to slap him as much as she wants to save him or kiss him, it´s the Gosling. I think he could be heroic, got style, he´s got cool, he´s charming and theirs something about him that is hard to dislike. It would be a great suit for him to be the only guy in the world who could pull Wonder Woman. It´s just him.

2. Anthony Mackie

By the way I can hear you all saying it already. Come on get it out, I know you want to. “But Steve Trevor isn´t black!!”. I´m not going to lie, I get more annoyed than anyone when people fancast black guys in comic character roles when it is obvious they shouldn´t play. Why? because for some characters it´s essential to their character that they are white. But when it isn´t essential, and we can do something different, why not?
So where I´d object to having a black Batman (as a lot of people want Idris Elba to be), or nonjewish magneto, or Ben Affleck playing any superhero role ;) I wouldn´t object to an Asian or African American wolverine, if they could play it. The reason it is essential to the character of Batman to be the normal image of a play boy billionaire, so he doesn´t raise suspicion as to him being Batman. Also and more importantly Wayne Enterprises and the wealth in his family go back generations, and sorry there just weren´t many black business tycoons in the 19th century.
If Bruce Wayne isn´t a billionaire play boy, orphan and therefore CEO of Wayne Enterprises, we are no longer dealing with Batman, we rather, have just invented another character. That´s what making him black would do.

But lets think about Steve Rogers, would it affectively change anything essential about him by making him black. I don´t think so. And think about the event the WW film would be. It´s radical. WW first female superhero, feminist icon basically born of a lesbian union, radical modernizing of the origin story, first film to star woman as main superhero. Add to that we change Steve Trevor to a black guy, love or hate the change, it will have people talking. A radical choice for a radical film. Oh and he´s a fantastic actor, see below both Gosling and Mackie in fantastic scene.

10. Young Lex Luthor

Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor is a fictional character supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. He is the archenemy of Superman, and a major adversary of Batman and other superheroes in the DC Universe. Created byJerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, he first appeared in Action Comics #23 (April 1940). Luthor is described as "a power-mad, evil scientist" of high intelligence and incredible technological prowess.[1] His goals typically center on killing Superman, usually as a stepping stone to world domination.

If you read my idea for the script you will realize Lex may have a small cameo in WW. But a younger Lex.

1. Dane Dehaan
I think he´d be great as a young egocentric genius, who creates some kind of space portal, just out of boredom. Dane´s a good match for this, he can certainly play screwed up characters. So I´m sure he could do a cameo as a young Lex. I stress young. Before everyone gets all like how can you think he could play Lex? He´s about 15 years old.

11. Ares

Ares is a fictional character, a supervillainous Greek God appearing in DC Comics publications and related media. Based upon the Greek mythological figure of the same name, he is the god of war and one of the major adversaries of Wonder Woman. He first appeared in Wonder Woman #1, volume 1, published in the summer of 1942, written by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston. In the very next issue,[1] he reappeared under his Roman name, Mars.
He would retain this name until February 1987,[2] when comics writer/artist George Pérez restored the Greek name Ares as part of his reboot of the Wonder Woman mythos. As the narrative continuity of the Wonder Woman comic has been adjusted by different writers throughout the years, various versions of Mars/Ares, with various personalities and physical appearances, have been presented. His current incarnation has, in recent years, appeared in one of two guises - either as a muscular blond man in contemporary clothing, with red eyes and a scarred torso; or as a demonic Greek warrior clad in black and blue battle armor, face hidden by a war helmet.

POWERS: Immortality, virtually indestructible armor, master of conflict and strategy
As the god of war, Ares draws and nourishes his powers from malevolent psychic energy, such as war, famine, genocide, greed. As more evil forces surround him, he gains God like strength, superhuman speed and stamina, complete command over any weapon, necromancy, energy projection, and, weather manipulation. He´s also been known to shape shift, transforming into other individuals.

Wonder Woman
"Ares stop hiding behind your tricks and face me."

"You know for one granted the wisdom of the Gods, you really
ought to grow up"

Ares then conjures up the spirits of dead warriors to face Wonder Woman and walks off.

1. Mads Mikkelsen

I hope the above wet your appetite for destruction.
The God Of War and I think Wonder Woman´s coolest villain is the most filmable of her rogue gallery. He has super cool powers, and as his strength grows he can even control any weapon psychically. With tanks and missiles that would be very cool, especially seeing modern weapons along side the souls of dead warriors who can also conjour up. He definitely one of the greatest villains, and like the Joker, one who can be interpreted in so many ways. That´s the fun of him.

Here is the way, to do a Dark Knight or Man Of Steel with Wonder Woman. A great villain. Have The God Of War as her nemesis. The greatest woman warrior, and a feminist icon, conflicting with the violence and wonton destruction of Modern Man´s world and the Sex in The City Generation of women. And who greater to represent man´s destructive capacity than Ares, the God, who´s power literally feeds off death, famine, greed and misery. I really think it would be a waste if Mads didn´t do it. He´s a great actor and perfect for the role. He just has that crazy look in his eye. He´s perfect.

Wonder Woman
"She was innocent, and you murdered her, you murdered my sister."

"What can I say Diana?... I guess I just felt like destroying something beautiful." (Smiles)

2. Edward Norton

He´s a great actor and he´s always looking for challenging roles. I think he has the acting chops to make Ares really frightening and cool. This is a role that could really play to his talent of transforming into his characters. He certainly can play twisted psychos, he can also play slick, smooth and confident really well, which Ares would have to be.

Now if he said that when Wonder Woman asks him why he killed her friend. That would be psycho. ;)

3. Vincent Cassel
Again another fantastic actor who can play the dark side really well.
I´ve liked him in everything I´ve seen him in. He just exudes cool. And if the God Of War is anything, it´s cool.

12. Ares Main henchmen

Some martial artists who could play Ares main henchmen.

1. Tony Jaa

Brilliant Thai martial artist who needs to break into Hollywood.

2. Jija Yanin
Another brilliant Hong Kong martial based Asian movie star, who does beautifully choreographed scenes

Intro to our story

An important heroine for women everywhere, and the coolest female comic character icon apart from Cat Woman is Wonder Woman.

I mean apart from Cat Woman, who else would every woman like to be? Whilst, every man with a pulse, has had fantasies of being roughed up just a little bit by her? That is why I began my attempt at a unified gritty DC universe with her. She´s an icon, whether Feminist or just the sexual fantasy of prepubescent boys (Teens, Young male adults, lesbians, old perv´s, well just about anyone who finds women attractive) everyone recognizes Wonder Woman. Why has there been no film then. Quite honestly its for two reasons. One, fanboys put a lot of pressure on film makers to stick exactly to the material. Two, some of Wonder Womans mythos is silly, and in the wrong hands a WW film could be a real disaster. Three, no one has had the vision to just say hay, lets keep the core and make our generations WW.

There´s no real need to make WW relevant, she is. Well some aspects can do with some updating, but the concept is all there. Women every where and Diana, Princess of Thanyscaria deserve a Wonder Woman movie, because she´s a bad ass and because as much as I love superhero movies, aren´t we fed up of all our hero´s being white, middle to upperclass males with daddy issues.

But ok so how do you translate Wonder Woman into modern day film language? This is the challenge, and I think Nolan and Snyder may have inadvertently cracked it. Nolan by changing Robin and Banes´ origin (so fans could see that you don´t have to stick to the exact story every single time) showing, that as long as you capture the spirit of a character and they are still recognizable as that character, a little change doesn´t hurt.

Snyder on the other hand has looked at the iconography of Superman, and done the most radical thing with it. He took Metropolis, Krypton and Superman, out of the comic universe and put them in our Universe and our World. And asked what are the true implications? Like he did with Dr Manhattan in The Watchmen. Very radical.

It´s a fascinating take, kind of like reversing the question of Kick Ass. I think something very similar can be done with Wonder Woman. The question could be posed, what would Wonder Woman feel about our modern world. Our mindless wars, our Post-Sex in The City Generation of women, consumerism, the loss of family, the dizzying speed of progress, the restlessness of working man, our alienation from the environment, our loss of sense of the warrior´s dignity, our fascination with the salacious. But on the flip side what of our secular spirit, our creativity, our freedom, and our desire for a better world. That´s is the angle to take, and just have a kick ass action story behind that.

Basic Premis or Story: Ares The God Of War escapes from Amazonian prison, and finds his way to Mans World. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor travel to mans world to stop him. Ares realizing he is fueled by the psychic energies of War in Mans world, tries to plunge the entire world into an, all out war.

Possible Plot – I have stuck with Wonder Woman´s origin story, with a modern twist. There is a problem with Wonder Woman, but it´s a small thing. How could an island exist in the real world that hasn´t been discovered because the Gods made it invisible. I´ve always loved the idea of an island Paradise full of hot warrior chicks. Quite simply that´s cool. So I can vibe with that, but really, do we expect film goers to go from a completely credible real world, to an island full of warriors that just happen to be shielded from all modern civilisation, by the Greek Gods who made it so. The only way to make such a story work is if the whole film is utterly fantastical. It doesn´t even translate into a semi-realistic film. So how can we get past that.

My revision would start with this: How does Wonder Woman get here?
This is background and may not be in Wonder Woman, we may find out in Justice League.

Important Background

The CIA and the military, restart a secret Project that was shut down due to its danger. Some years ago a young genius named Lex Luthor was causing a stir at Harvard when they thought he had created a device that could hurl objects through Space and Time. The young man, a son of an eccentric multimillionaire, was quickly taken in by a Secret Government Agency, which was a division of the CIA, called Cadmus. They took him into top secret underground labs in hope they could get some of their brightest minds to help him. But his mind was so advanced that even their top military scientists couldn´t really assist him, as they could barely understand what he was doing. The math behind required an almost preternatural comprehension of String Theory, quantum mechanics, applied physics, submolecular and Atomic Physics and engineering etc. Even more astonishing was this 17 year old already doing a PHd in physics, seemed have started the project for mere kicks. They had never seen a mind quite like his. Before Lex had completed work, and eager to test the device, a cadmus agent named Amanda Waller had the device recreated, in a remote subterranean compound, somewhere abroad.

A fearless army officer named Hal Jordon was to test the portal. At first everything went well; the portal seemed stable. However, as soon as Hal stepped through the portal, it started to collapse, all the scientists who witnessed the experiment died, as the compound imploded, collapsing a half mile of desert above the compound. Hal Jordan is never Heard of again.

Meanwhile Lex Luthor, now in Washington DC, is under the impression that he has finally perfected his machine and believes it is ready for nonhuman trials.

Amanda Waller on hearing this and knowing the devastation Cadmus´ copy has caused, shuts down the program. They pay off Luthor 1 billion dollars to keep quiet about it, and to not pursue any further experimentation in the area. Luthor who had started building the machine purely out of boredom as he was tired of beating his computer at chess, and had already finished his Harvard PHd thesis six months ahead of schedule. Never really that passionate about it, and more interested in being rich, Luthor takes the money and builds Lex Corp. A high end technology company. (more of that later)

10 years later - We are introduced to the president, of the United States. He´s in a meeting talking about China helping Iran stockpile weapons grade uranium, and the possibility of having to take military action against Iran).

He leaves the meeting then entering the White House office. He sit in a chair and across from him is Amanda Waller.

The President Of The United States talks to Amanda Wallar. He´s Troubled by the appearance of Superman, a seemingly indestructible alien, who can wipe out the entire US army without a scratch, but who claims he just wants to help humanity. The president goes to his defense Secretary Amanda Waller asking if there is anything the Government has that can defeat this guy and protect US citizens.

1- (There should be a scene soon after this where we see the President, smiling shaking supermans hand)

2 - (Also during this part, we see the president in press conference, addressing an African state. He says genocide is not acceptable, and that he will be placing sanctions on the country if they do not stop the brutality against their own people)

Amanda Waller thinks she has a solution to the Superman problem. Cadmus decide to try and weaponize the portal, so they can use it to strand Superman in some unknown region of space, if need be. Luthor is called in again, but he is not briefed on what Amanda really wants with the Portal. They commission him to create a stable portal that will allow people to travel through and return. But also that can be turned off, with no access back.

That´s the back story. For the portal. Not all of it need be in the film itself, just what is relevant.

We then move to the beginning of the movie.


After finishing trials on the portal, which Luthor seems to have stabilized, they run their first human trial. Space Pilot Steve Trevor, is sent with a crew in a modified space ship, built by Lex Corp for space jumping, as he calls it. At the moment it is only random parts of space that can be entered. They don´t know how to set certain coordinates, as they don´t have enough knowledge of the universe.

Steve Trevor, is the sole survivor on the mission through the portal. However to his surprise he
isn´t in some vast empty part of space, rather he finds himself on a planet much like our own. The portal closes. In his space suit, he leaves the ship, and gazes in amazement at a beautiful island. He finally gets brave enough to remove his Helmet. Realizing he can breathe, he takes his whole suit off and swims ashore. But before he knows it, he sees a bunch of sublime looking warrior women running up to him. As he watches stunned he whispers to himself to himself ¨no wonder the last guy didn´t come back”, but soon he realizes, the women are actually tracking him down and perhaps want to kill him.

Eventually he is captured by an Amazonian, who seems to be leader of the “army of super models” as Steve refers to them. (They are not amused) Her name is Diana, he is taken back to Thanyscaria and finds out about their culture.

He discovers that some how in this reality, the Greek mythologies are really believed in, and that their technology and Fighting is advanced. He is told of why they have had to isolate themselves from Mans World, after the violence that men caused, and is intrinsic to their nature.

He discovers that in this world ancient figures like Sophocles and Homer were not writers, but rather that they lived the adventures of their stories for real. For example Sophocles was Oedipus. Steve discusses with WW that maybe the souls of this reality are somehow connected to their counterparts in other realities.

In the Amazonian prisons dwell some of the most twisted men, demons and Gods. The Amazons are given this responsibility by the Gods, to guard such dangerous criminals. On such prisoner is one sick puppy called Ares “known as Master Of War” (I will come back to this later)

Eventually it´s revealed to Steve that The Amazonian´s have had the technology that brought him to Paradise Island for centuries and have perfected the technology. However because they are isolationists, they refuse to use the technology.

Queen of the Amazonian´s Hippolytus, requests that an Amazonian take Steve back to his world and destroy the technology, so that man could never again come upon their shores. A competition is set, to determine the warrior capable of such a mission, but the Queen forbids her daughter Diana to take part. Stating her naivety about men as the reason. Diana who has been charmed by this weak Little man, and herself having a curious spirit decides to secretly take part in the competition by switching places with her best friend Circe. She wins by defeating Mala for the title. Her mother reluctantly concedes. That night the Amazonian´s turn on the portal, set the coordinates to Earth. Once the correct coordinates align she and Steve will leave.

Mean while Ares the God Of War (imprisoned for his own sake by his father Zeus on Paradise Island, discovers that as the Portal opens his powers begin to return to him) He feeds off the psychic energy of War, Hatred, Famine, Death. As none of this occurs on Paradise Island he has no power and is weak beyond belief. The strange but familiar energy emanating from the Portal gives him just enough power to break from prison. With out conscience he leaves his brother, Haphaestus to rot and languish in prison, mocking him as he leaves. It is established earlier that Haphaestus is only in prison for building Ares an indestructible suit of Armor, which allowed him destroy the Amazonian´s first city. Hera forced Haphaestus to confess the Armors Acyles Heel, or she would banish him to the Underworld. This is how the Amazonian´s first defeated Ares, and Ares hates his brother for this.
Reasoning that at his current power he couldn´t take on The Amazonian´s Ares decides to sneak through the portal at dead of night, killing two Amazonian guards, one of whom was friends with Diana.

He finds himself bare naked in Alaska, once through. Someone comes to assist and cloth him. But we realize by his eyes his power has increased ten fold.
(This scene comes later, but we see him leaving the home of the Alaskan whose kindly offered to help him. As he leaves clothed, we realize everyone in the family is dead and the father, the man who helped, is hanging from the ceiling. He leaves the house smiling in hefty clothing saying “I need a new Wardrobe!)¨.

Back to the WW plot. Obviously the Amazonian´s discover that Ares is free and WW discovers her dear friend Circe who was on Guard duty for the Portal has been killed. Knowing she died a warriors death, Queen H, tries to confort Diana. But now Diana´s mission to Steve´s world is revenge. Queen H takes Steve aside and tells him on Dianes divine birth; (See Hera casting above for background) she warns that if he hurts her, that she will destroy him.

Queen H then goes to Diana, knowing she can´t stop her she gives her a suit of armor, that was created by the Gods and gives its wearer extraordinary powers. (See weapons and powers) She also gives her a Golden Tiara with a gem in the middle. Diana is not told what it is for, but her mother asks her to promise she will wear it all times. She does. (We find out later, it matches her mothers Golden Tiara, and was forged by the twins Gemini, to connect two minds. Queen H uses it to monitor her dear daughter)

That´s the setup


Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are now in our world.

Steve tries to help her find Ares. Really he just wants to get in her pants. Something she is not happy with.

WW immediately starts seeing the difference between women of her world and women of ours. She is disgusted by how women are treated in the world and brain washed into believing they are weak.

She takes particular offense at one of Steves friends Etta Candy, who seems to trade off her sexual allure to gain favor from men.

While frustrated, a gang try and rob WW; she kicks their ass, and is about to kill one of them when Steve stops her before the fatal blow, teaching her she can´t just kill her enemies, it´s wrong, A lesson she isn´t quite ready to learn yet. She let´s the thief go.

During their investigation they discover some curious happenings in the world, as nations in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe plunge into Wars, Genocides, and military posturing. One figure seems to be behind this.
A Suave arms dealer, who calls himself Alaska, seems to have come out of no wehere, and, everywhere he goes, conflicts seem to get worse. The US government continue monitoring the conflicts. All the time one of the President´s top advisors and military strategists, General Todd Thompson, voices his concerns about certain regions, and how the President has to be strong in these times and attack first if need be "For the sake of peace, and the American way". The president and Amanda Wallar are reluctant.

It turns out Are´s is Alaska, cynically stirring up age old conflicts, while recruiting henchmen from Genocidal regimes. As they adventure across shores to capture Ares, a slow and steamy will they won´t relationship is established between Steve and WW.

WW and Steve, travel across War Zones to battle. In one where the conflict isn´t yet underway, WW is able to explain to leaders the virtue of peace, before its to late. Thwarting Ares plans.

In others its straight up action. With WW both horrified and furious at the brutality certain regimes level against their own most vulnerable people. The unarmed and weak. And when she gets pissed, it gets cool. At one point. She gets so angry in a war zone when she witnesses a man about to gun down a small child in cold blood. That she disarms. Grabs him by the balls, lifting him off the ground by them and head butts him sending him crashing into a tank. She then goes to him saying "You are no warrior, you weak, and pray on those who can´t defend themselves. But since you want to be a warrior, well, I can provide you with a warriors death." She then plunges a sword into him. After which she says some words of encouragement to the child. Steve comes, not seeing she saved the child life and says "You just had to kill someone didn´t you?!", she smiles and retorts "Don´t worry. I won´t be losing any sleep."

WW and Steve finally catch up to Ares. He´s a plush hotel in France, where he´s meeting an dictator
African dictator. WW has to dress normal to not raise suspicion. She finally gets to his room. He is in a large all white bathroom, with red rose petals strewn across the floor and perfectly marble white bath at its centre. As you enter, on closer inspection he seems to be bathing in blood.

He tells WW he bathing in The Blood Of Innocents. She goes to attack him throwing him across the room. As he gets up his armor, builds around him. And now you see Ares in his full glory. WW gets roughed up pretty bad in this scene as she isn´t wearing her Armor and cant match his strength like this. its Steve who comes in with a daring to save, and momentarily stunning Ares.

They escape, but WW is hurt bad.

The Final Act

Several terrorist attacks are seen around Europe, England, France and Russia. A bomb goes off in Metropolis. The US receives contacts from several leaders of rogue regimes claiming responsibility. However one attack is prevented in Washington is prevented by WW.

Ares furious at her interjection, knowing that was the attack that would have got the US ready for war, uses his now heightened power. To return to the US to solidify his malevolent plans.

Meanwhile many countries are contacting the US, claiming that the communications are false and they are not responsible for the attacks.
As chaos rages outside the White House with the national guard and Ares forces. Inside the White House, General Todd, is demanding the US nuke on Iran And North Korea (for example) while Amanda Wallar asks the president to be patient. Eventually Amanda and him are in a private room he begins to choke her, lifting her from the ground, and we realize General Todd is Ares.
Amanda lives because Ares sees WW fly into assist the General guard against Ares forces outside the White House, but she is unconscious.

Ares then watches over the battle outside between WW, the national guard and Ares henchmen who he has kitted out with high technology weapons. When Ares realizes they are not a match for WW, he conjures up spirits of dead warriors to fight her, along side the technologically advanced soldiers on his side. WW is now greatly out numbered and it seems like Ares has got the better of her.

It is then that a portal opens and Amazonian warriors rush out to assist WW. They fight off Ares forces, giving WW the chance to make it to Ares. Ares is now God Like in power, but not quite the combatant WW is with her armor. When he realizes he is losing he rides along some lightning. The next thing we know he is in the White House War Room, he has shape shifted into the President and he commands that nukes be fired on North Korea or some other country. After the command is met and the nukes are fired he says, "Well boys, I hope this isn´t an election year." The nukes now fired he gains more power, and he now can psychically control them. You now know his plan all along was to set them to hit London and Moscow who would think the US attacked them plunging Europe and The United States into all out war.
(It will have to be depicted visually somehow that he does this. WW, realizing the nukes have been fired immediately goes after them. Her mother horrified, gets Steve to go after her. When he asks ´how?´ a highly advanced plane flies through the portal. He gets in . He starts flying it. And it´s fast. He says: "Well who said the Amazonian´s didn´t have style." He presses a button by accident and the plane becomes invisible and then shoots off at hyper speed. Meanwhile WW catches up to one of the Nukes over the Ocean and disarms it; but another two continue to their destination. Steve catches up with WW. But they both know what to do. Steve goes after one while Wonder Woman chases the other.

Basically with a bit of struggle Steve shoots down one and WW flies in front of the other, asks Hera to give her strength then bangs her Braclet together as hard as she can. This causes an energy field. We see as the missile explode on her into a mushroom cloud. She flies away from the explosion at extreme speed. We don´t know what happens.

2 days later. WW has been stripped down and is in a hospital bed. Steve is there with flowers. She thanks him. "They´re beautiful" Steve cynically replies, so you mean "This is nice, you donñt take it as a cynical male gesture in which they represents mans insidious dominion over your sisters, who have been brainwashed into believing being treated as weak and delicate is some how a compliment and something they ought to strive toward." or something a bit better than that. You get the point. WW, after some banter about his statement asks "What happened?" Steve, "You broke some bones, but you´re pretty tough, you´re healing pretty well. by the way if they ask, i didn´t run the red light, you were the one J walking." he smiles.

Some time later:

WW gives her mother some schpeal about wanting to return to mans world as Ambassador for the Amazonian´s. She says she´s needed, as a beacon of strength for women and humanity, and to protect the vulnerable from the evil man is capable of.

Queen H, tells her "Yes" but then looks at her daughter seeing through her rouse. "You miss him don´t you?" (without need for a reply) "Then go to him my child."

Her mother grants her her wish and lets her know she´s always watching and never to far.

Ares has disappeared.

In the offices of Cadmus. Amanda Wallas looks over a file. We see that its called, The Meta-Human Problem?

She then looks at her screen, its a secret Cadmus lab. Amanda Waller watches from her office computer screen. We then go into the secret lab. The scientists state they have been able to set different coordinates on the Portal. They open it. We see an Ape manning a starship. The ship is entering the portal obviously set to auto pilot. The scientist´s discuss Grodd the chimps chance of survival. One says "I Don´t like his chances" We then acquire the chimps point of view as he´s set to Space Jump. From his camera Point Of View, we go slowly through the vortex, with Grodd the Chimp. The Chimp lands on a “Mars” like World, but fire burns from it´s pours.

The chimp in shock sees a statue carved from the mountain like rock, of a figures face. We know that figure to be Dark Seid. The end.

Notes On Choice Of Villain

Why not Hades of Cheetah?

Hades Why Ares and not Hades? The reason is Ares ties into the so many modern themes. He could insinuate himself into War Zones to gain power. He´s also a real match for Wonder Woman and has very cool powers. I also think this film should be about Wonder Woman fighting for women, and all those others like blacks and gays, who don´t get a voice in the super genre or the world for that matter. I think she should be a superhero re-imagined for the marginalised, those considered weak and the voiceless.
That´s why her story is so in need of being told.
Wonder Woman needs to fight the epitome of Modern Man gone wrong, and the disastrous wars we´ve embarked on in recent times. Ares is just that, he´s Wonder Woman´s Lex Luthor or Joker. He represents everything she isn´t.

Cheetah - Chetah is a great villain, but again I just think she needs to be saved for later chapters.
She´s an arch villain, but for the sake of real contrast to define WW in the first film you need an enemy that is her opposite and is a formidable match for her, visually Chetah will need someone else backing her, to raise the stakes high enough. Maybe another female villain, an Amazonian who thinks men are weak and pathetic and wants to take over our world.
If anything I think the female villain in the first movie should be Etta Candy; and she should just be a rival love interest for Steve´s affections, who clearly uses her sexuality to present herself as weak and vulnerable and in need of help to do anything lest she break a nail.

The main villain in the first film has to be Modern Man himself. That´s why the God Of War is a potent villain.
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