FANCAST: World’s Finest

FANCAST: World’s Finest

The fifth fancast of my DC Movie-verse and now it is time for it’s first team-up, of the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, together being the world’s finest superheroes…SuperDude style!

Hello everyone!! I know I’ve been away for a long time (and probably still will) but with school/homework and the rest of life I’ve been a bit too busy to continue my DCCU quickly but luckily I’ve just finished my World’s Finest fancast joining the two biggest heroes, Batman and Superman!
If you haven’t seen my previous Batman and Superman fancasts I highly suggest you look at them as not much is changed apart from the stories:
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NOTE: To those usual CBM fan fics writers that I no longer comment on, sorry I haven’t appeared to pay much attention, I do read your fancasts and such just it’s quite long to comment and when I do it doesn’t always post (e.g MrBlueSky your Uncanny X-Force cast is brilliant, unfortunately I wrote a long comment, twice even, and it never posted sorry)


And now let’s go onto the cast:

The Man Of Steel

Possibly the greatest hero that will ever live. Superman is early in his career but still saved the lives of possibly thousands. Not much is known about this alien figure, except some information obtained through brief interviews (one in particular being from reporter Lois Lane one year ago). He is mysterious, wise, courageous, and has a strong moral code that makes him the hero he is (inspiration for his hero identity mainly comes from the original Bruce Timm animated version played by Tim Daly instead of darker modern interpretations).
Clark Kent is a bumbling geeky reporter, whose writing talent sadly does not match the quality of his quick typing. Only been with the Daily Planet for a year an a half now, he has still made great contributions as well as great friends and allies.
However Clark Kent may be known by other names such as ‘Superman’ and ‘Kal-El’ as he hides his alien nature from his friends and protects them through a superhero identity. This causes quite an identity crisis for Clark as he is unsure to what kind of a human (or kryptonian) he really is.
From the last film Clark has developed more as Superman but is struggling to deal with his life as Clark Kent while keeping his true nature hidden.


I originally thought I’d give the role to Matt Bomer, but I just kept wanted the a bumbling well-built Clark Kent (think cross between Dean Cain and Christopher Reeve – bumbling, dorky, but also confident, average/normal, and quite a nice guy). So I looked and remembered Michael Trucco, who I’ll admit I’ve never seen in a large main role but from many of his small pieces I do think he’d be a great Superman.

The Dark Knight

After being left an orphan, and raised by his butler, Bruce travelled the world in his younger years. Throughout his journey he trained himself to become a symbol of justice and vengeance, aka The Batman.
This Bruce is stern, strict, and courageous like all his other incarnations, although he does have a more sensitive and a understanding side like most of Batman’s animated versions. Although this doesn’t reduce his darker side as the Batman as he will be far more fear imposing and dark than before, but also more high-profile millionaire who is not possibly thought to be a vigilante in a bat costume. All this however doesn’t disregard the important detective side of Bruce Wayne which would be fully demonstrated (all at least to the lengths of something like ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’)
From the first Batman film in my series Bruce has become more obsessed with his duties as Batman and this has lead to his own life becoming majorly unsteady and with quite the health risks.


I never used to be a fan of Dempsey as I only knew him from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ which I didn’t enjoy, but in the past two years I’ve seen quite a lot more of his work (e.g. Flypaper, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Made of Honor) and I actually really like his acting. Now none of what I’ve seen is a clear example that he would fit Batman, but I really think he has the range and ability to do it, while also bringing something new to the character. In my mind his portrayal would be something of a modern Michael Keaton version.

Respected fearless reporter for the Daily Planet

Raised by a General, this reporter not only has massive skills in writing but also courage. Winner of various prizes for her articles, and now known for her ability to report some of Superman’s greatest triumphs.
Lois and Clarks relationship would have developed much from the first film becoming almost intimate by the end (heavily hinted they will be together in a sequel).


I’ll admit this isn’t the most original choice, but I just can’t get the idea of McAdams as Lois out of my head. However I should say her Lois would not be anything like the character seen in ‘Superman Returns’ but a gutsy reporter that she is mostly seen as,

Loyal Butler of Wayne Manor

Alfred serves as Batman/Bruce Wayne’s loyal tireless valet, assistant, confidant, and surrogate father figure.


I’ll be honest, originally I wanted Hugh Laurie but he would’ve been way too young for my Bruce Wayne who I didn’t want to change so Alfred had to be recast. I was thinking obvious choices like John Hurt and Malcolm McDowell, but I did want to go for someone a little more original even if it could be obvious, leading to Ian McKellen.
Now he is usually known for badass roles like Gandalf and Magneto in the CBM world so Alfred would seem a little of a down for him, however I’ve always actually seen Alfred as a little bit of a badass in his own right and anyhow McKellen must be getting a bit tired now at his age so a calm but main role might be a nice thing for him critically and personally.
Anyhow I think McKellen is a great choice for Alfred, as he has the ability to encompase all the other portrayals of Alfred, be faithful to the comics, and bring a sharp new twist to the character. And we all know McKellen is a badass anyhow.

Intern Photographer at the Daily Planet

Jimmy Olsen is a young photographer, just entering the world of work. Recently obtaining a lucky internship with the Daily Planet (although only a few to applied) his ‘great’ photography skills have been assigned to the help of reporter team Lois and Clark.


I’ll admit I’ve only seen Keir Gilchrist in the film ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’, but I also wanted to explore a more realistic direction for Jimmy which I felt Gilchrist would fit wonderfully. Unlike previous incarnations Gilchrist would keep his black/brown hair for the role rather than dying it red.

Gossip columnist for the Daily Planet

Cat Grant is a laid back shameless man-chaser working for the Daily Planet as one of their top Gossip writers.


I was originally going for someone younger, but I thought I should also try for something more original and unique. Anyhow after exploring some ideas I arrived at Eva Mendes, who I just thought had the right range of talent for Grant. Alittle gossipy, a little seductive, and still a little confident as a worker.

Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Planet

Like previous incarnations Perry White is strong, confident, and runs a tight ship, but also has a cheerful gutsy side that makes him the great Editor-In-Chief he is. And with his gutsy nature comes the catchphrase ‘Great Caesar’s ghost!’ and need to yell each staff members name, e.g. ‘Kent!’, ‘Lane!!’ ‘Olsen!!!’ (Just thought it was worth mentioning).


I was strongly considering Robert DeNiro, but up until a few days ago I just thought it would be too much of a waste not to use Alec Baldwin for White. Also I do think Baldwin would be better at Perry’s more comedic moments.

Commissioner James Gordon of the GCPD

Police Commissioner of Gotham City. Sharing Batman/Bruce Wayne’s own deep commitment to ridding the dark and corrupt city of crime, although now he is beginning to question his judgment of helping Batman as the media are beginning to turn on heroes.


I’ve pretty much thought Jeff Bridges could be a prefect Gordon since Gary Oldman began (although Oldman is already the perfect Gordon in my eyes, so Bridges is perhaps the second perfect choice in my mind). He just could pull it off brilliantly to me.

Best friend of Clark Kent

Pete Ross remains a close friend of Clark’s during his adult life, being one of the few people to know his secret.
Ross would have as much a role as someone like Jimmy Olsen or Cat Grant, although his character would be more developed than theirs as he will be helping Clark deal with his human life.


I chose Galecki as I’ve seen much of his work, found him to be an above average actor with great talent in some roles, and felt in his natural appearance he’d make a great modern Pete Ross.

Human Mother of Kal-El/Clark Kent

The caring and sweet mother of Clark Kent.
Martha would not have a major role, but would be significant in enhancing the Kent family replationship for the film.


I was going to go for someone more obvious but I did want a more original option, and if I’m honest I’m not 100% sure. However I am 99% sure Thompson is an amazing actress with the experience to play a great emotional character such as Martha Kent.

Great lost scientist of Kypton and father to Kal-El

Jor-El was a grand scientist of the planet Krypton, who now speaks to his now adult son through a saved AI of himself, providing wide knowledge and wisdom to the last son of Krypton through the structure known as the Fortress of Solitude.


Now I’ve always found Colin Firth kind of annoying, but I can’t argue he is a pretty good actor and I think with grey hair he’d be perfect for Jor-El.

Henchman/experiment of Lex Luthor and Professor Ivo

Only seen as a robotic henchmen of Lex Luthor whose personality is highly altered into a dark and evil manner, although at his death he is quickly seen to revert to normal and has a quick emotional scene.


I’ve only seen Pellegrino in a couple TV shows and various media but even from that I feel he is a great actor and would do good for this quick terminator-like role.

Intelligent scientist, mathematician, philosopher, and CEO of LexCorp

CEO of LexCorp and worldwide known businessmen, with a hidden dark side which is largely more prominent in this film although still hidden from the media.


I’ve never seen Toby Stephens in a Luthor type role (or at least my version of Luthor), but I do think he definitely has the talent for to play a fantastic Luthor.


A sinister professor with a strong fear of mortality, hired by Lex Luthor and has been made to produced weapons in various manners e.g androids and robots, and Ivo does so for unknown reasons but is hinted to do with technology he can’t obtain or money. Ivo would only appear in a human form, no mutations from serums or such like in the comics.


Most people who know of Lindsay probably remember his as the dad ‘Ben Harper’ from the British sitcom ‘My Family’ although apart from that he has a large theatre and dramatic background and from that acting I think he is just amazing and would be perfect for my version of Ivo.

Leading Professor of the Mind at Arkham Asylum

From the last film Strange has become far more obsessed with Batman and massively sinister in his science.


I really want Craig in a villainous role (like some of you may remember from my Doctor Who film fancast), however I just really think he’d be such a great Strange. If you take away his acting as the womanizing-exciting-action-spy James Bond and view his other work I think you might agree he is great at other more dramatic roles and I think he could be such a dark and mysterious Strange.

I’ve gone of many stories in my head but couldn’t write it clearly so here are the basics (this isn’t a final idea, just rough story ideas of how I’ve got it in my head so don’t harshly judge the detail, and sorry if there are any holes or major flaws):
- The story would begin being told from two points of view, one Superman’s and one Batman’s, turning into a more casually cinematic film when they meet.
- The story revolves around Lex Luthor’s discovery of Kryptonite and scientific uses to threaten Superman.
- After discovering what Kryptonite exactly is and what it would do to Superman, Lex sends an experiment him and Professor Ivo had been working on AKA John Corben/Metallo to attack Superman.
- For those who haven’t read my Superman cast Lex hasn’t yet developed a villain role, he is just the CEO of LexCorp and now owner of the Daily Planet, however he is attacking Superman as he is not only disrupting Luthor’s more illegal operations but also a human/god/alien philosophy of Luthor’s in which he hates Superman for his power. So Lex hasn’t yet developed his full rivalry with Superman yet but there is a subtle battle the two have without any major knowledge between them.
- Superman destroys Metallo, and so Luthor goes to another scientist as Ivo has disappointed him: Hugo Strange whose background in science and psychology would help him manipulate the effects of Kryptonite while he is also aware Strange has a shady past in his experiments. This idea is a success and Strange turns the Kryptonite red.
- Strange is also seen to secretly have an obsession with Batman, to the lengths at which he plans to kill him in order to find his identity.
- While this is going on we follow the life of Clark and Bruce separately struggling with their settled lives as secret superheroes. Clark is having trouble staying as a reporter and hero while not destroying his career and relationships with his family and friends, while Bruce is shown becoming obsessed with the idea of being Batman, practically leaving his bachelor cover and only fighting the crime of Gotham which troubles Alfred as it is clear Bruce is only human and is destroying himself and his denial of this is also troubling his mental ability.
- Lex and Hugo are shown to have experimented with the red kryptonite and various toxins in order to control Superman.
- Although they aren’t positive of its effects, Lex pushes his plan forward and blows up a train track, in which Clark hears and goes to save the passengers. He is successful in stopping any massive destruction but finds a device with a location of its’ controller. This leads him to the top of LexCorp tower, where Luthor is standing waiting for him.
- Superman and Lex converse about the bomb and it beings Luthor’s idea. Luthor walks closer and closer to Superman, distracting him with his philosophical views and admitting his hatred for superhumans, when finally he gets closer enough he brings out green Kryptonite to disarm Superman’s abilities and places a red kryptonite device onto Superman’s neck.
- As the Kryptonite begins to take over Superman, Lex explains of it origins being of Krypton but also that he has engineered it in various methods with an Arkham inmates blood) in order to use it as a mind controlling device on Superman.
- Lex finishes his explanation, and finally commands Superman to destroy Metropolis as the hero’s eyes turn red, and with that Superman flies of and begins to set the city alight with his heat vision.
-However we discover Strange has instead uses the device to remotely direct Superman into Gotham, to find and kill Batman.
- The rest of the plot would involve Lex killing Strange after discovering what he did, Batman Vs Superman fight., both heavily injured till Batman uses Kryptonite to weaken Superman and remove the device.
- Both heavily damaged take a few days to recover with Batman taken Superman into the Batcave whilst he has been unconscious for days.
- Superman awakes, Batman explains he has been researching the device origins and so on.
- Lex is seen to have been using a Professor (Ivo) to build him a weapon against Superman, now realising he must have removed the device as he has not appeared in days. This is shown to be his battle suit, powered by Kryptonite. Although it is implied Lex also has another plan up his sleeve.
- Superman and Batman argue at first but eventually begin to get along.
- They track the device to Strange who is found to be dead (and rotting), luckily Batman is able to obtain evidence linking him to Lex. They then travel to LexCorp tower where together they find Lex himself in an underground lab.
- All dark with few lights (e.g. Iron Monger appearance against Pepper scene in ‘Iron Man’) and out of nowhere Superman is hit across the room as Lex is scene in his large battle suit. Lex chases Batman through the large complex whilst rambling about his now mad ideas and upsetting life.
- Loses Batman, btu then is attacked from behind from him.
- The rest is a long battle moving from underground to the Daily Planet, at which the globe is blasted off, ending in Superman and Batman teaming in some way to defeat Lex. He is seen injured and being taken away by police, although the next day there is no mention of him in the newspaper reports and as Batman deduces that the police were his own men and every piece of hard evidence linking Lex to whole event is non-existant whilst his whereabouts are unknown.
-Batman and Superman agree their teamwork did aid their abilities and mutually agree doing again wouldn’t be a bad thing (although Batman is less eager).
- We are seen with a montage of Batman and Superman leading their separate lives again, although this time more stabilised as they realise they can deal with both identities and make things better (these normal identities haven’t been mentioned in my writing but they would also be a large part of the film, especially Clark’s growing friendship with Lois hinted to becoming an intimate relationship). This all goes on as Lex narrates what he plans and various things off-sceen. Towards the end of this we see Batman we a small piece of Lex’s suit being analised with his computers in the batcave while Bruce is researching other ‘threats’/ heroes in the world, and television news reports are seen to be growing a negative opinion on heroes after it is said ony Superman and Batman caused the event that destroyed parts of Metropolis.
- AFTER CREDITS SCENE: Lex and Professor Ivo are seen building a sleek android in a dark lab with the scene ending as the robots eyes begin to turn on.

- The point of the title being World's Finest whilst the media is turning on heroes slowly is more an idea of the audience will still be viewing them as heroes while they are actually the heroes of humanity knowing the truth and also themselves feeling hope after the end rebuilding their lives. It's less a comment on their power and supernatural heroism but more an artistic comment and dramatic idea.

-Both Superman and Batman’s costume would be updated from their last appearances, nothing major just small details that would appear to have more practical uses (like realistic updates).
- Apart from that everything from the last films would remain the same although the cameras/light/colours would be a mixture of the two and more dark comic book styled (think of how the Avengers cinematography was almost a mixture of the previous Marvel films). This Avengers-like idea would also apply to costuming of smaller characters and setting by simply updated everything to subtly join these worlds of Gotham and Metropolis together.
- In basics everything would be slightly more comic book styled than the previous films whilst remaining it's realism.

Unlike my others DDCU-verse casts I’m included a song in this that sort of represents the film’s overall score and soundtrack. Now for this film I’ve chosen the instrumental of My Chemical Romance’s ‘Sing’. The song wouldn’t nessacerily feature in the actual film, but it would be played during the credits, while also giving you a more in depth feel of what the movie would be like (e.g. Take That’s ‘Love Love’ used in X-Men: First Class). However usually upcoming films have newer more recently released songs so maybe this wouldn’t work perfectly but I still hope this gives you feel of sound of the film (perhaps someone like Muse or Kasabian instead):

FILMS TIMELINE:This section will be updated after every fancast for my DC Universe.
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I hope you guys all like this, please comment and thanks for reading!!
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