Everyone here (including myself) scrutinizes actors for being (or not being) a good fit for CBM characters. Well, how about we turn the tables here a little and see which CBM character WE would be a good fit for, in terms of looks, personality, acting ability, and whatnot...

I, and many others, have recently been giving Shailene a hard time lately for not being a good fit for Mary Jane. Well, truly, I doubt she either reads or cares what the rest of us lowly simpletons think of her but let's just roll with it for now. We aren't cynical, skeptical douches all the time though. Sometimes we'll have our dream fancast, such as Jensen Ackles as Hal Jordan, Neil Patrick Harris as Barry Allen, Gina Carano as Wonder Woman, or Michael Fassbender as everybody.

We all seem to be very passionate scrutinizers in matters of casting actors and actresses as characters that we have grown to love and care about. So, how about we switch it up a little bit and scrutinize ourselves. Look at yourself as a potential candidate for a role in a comic book movie. Your gender, age, looks, complexion, ethnicity, height, sexyness... all of it. And then fancast yourself.

Now, I know the title says "as a Superhero" but I only chose that because it sounded more flashy. Really, you could fancast yourself as Jimmy Olsen for all I care. Anyways, these are the criteria that I have chosen and my stats.

GENDER: male

AGE: late 20s

ETHNICITY: african-american

COMPLEXION: milk chocolate (yummy)

HEIGHT: 5'11.5'' - 182cm

PHYSIQUE - somewhat muscular, but far from bodybuilder physique

LOOKS - average.

SEXINESS - a little above average, considering I can get laid most of the time when I try, but not exactly swimming in pussy all the time.

ACTING - average. I actually am a part-time actor, and am doing so-so in that line of business.

CHARISMA - way below average, should've seen me try stand-up comedy. epic failure.

ADDITIONAL NOTES - I suppose the physique thing can be altered by some extra trips to the gym. I am known for an almost "permanent poker face", and overly intense in my "vibe" to "serial killer extents".

ANALYSIS - male, black, tallish guy with not an awful lot of charisma but looks like a creepy murderer. I am immediately disqualified from characters that are female, not black, very short, very tall, funny, charming, adorable, and have not killed anyone. With a few extra trips to the gym, I'd say Blade works all right.

I don't know too much about this character. But our physicality matches for the most part. He is about 2.5 inches taller than me at 6'2''. But Wesley Snipes is 5'9'', and nobody seemed to have much of a problem about that, so I'll let this slide. The character could use charisma that I am lacking in, however I can certainly pull off the dangerous murdering vibe. There are other less important characters who also fit me as much as Blade, but Blade was the coolest of them, so I'll go with him.

So, who are you going to fancast yourself as?
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