FanFic: The Green Arrow: Rise of a Legend (conclusion)

FanFic: The Green Arrow: Rise of a Legend (conclusion)

The conclusion to my Green Arrow Story. Green Arrow against the evil Clock King and Alexander Cross.It is a bit long but Please read it if you have a chance.

I am close to releaseing the sequel to this so read it and enjoy.

The Origin and the beginning of the stor are here:

Green Arrow: (Our hero speeds through the streets of Star City swerving in and out of lanes to avoid cars. Then he arrives at Rumdays gets off the bike and stands in front of the bar). So here it starts. (He walks in and everyone turns to look at him. Some place their hands over their guns as he sits at the bar). Guy named Brickwell. You know him?
Bartender: Never heard of him. No weapons in my bar. (He places his hand on his shot-gun under the bar).
Green Arrow: You better take your hand off of that or they’ll be an arrow in your head before you can lift it off the shelf.
Bartender: (Bartender puts both his hands on the bar). Look, I have no idea of any Brickwell. So get out.
Man at bar: (Looks up at Green Arrow and the bartender talking). He begins to slowly get up and then runs out the door as fast as possible.)
Green Arrow: (Gets up and runs out the door) Here we go. STOP!! (Green Arrow chases the man through the alley and out into the street. Green Arrow pushes people furiously out of his way as he tries to get closer to the man. The man is faster than him but begins to grow tired and runs up the stairs to a train station. Green Arrow follows and takes out his bow and begins to takeout an arrow as the man goes across the tracks and the train speeds by after him, blocking Green Arrow from the man. The man stops and rests against the wall and begins to walk quickly away. Then Green Arrow shoots an arrow. We go into slow-motion as the arrow flies between two train carts and pierces the man in the back. The train passes and Green Arrow crosses the tracks and grabs the man and puts the man lightly against the wall with the arrow still in his back). WHO IS BRICKWELL?!?!(Screams Green Arrow at the man).

Man from Bar: Look man I don’t know. I just wanted to leave is all. That’s it I promise.
Green Arrow: (Green Arrow slightly pushes the man against the wall causing the arrow to go a bit more into his back). Do you know what it feels like to have an arrow go all the way throw your back? Let me tell you it doesn’t feel good. So you better no lie to me again. Who’s Brickwell? What’s your name?
Man from bar: My names Carter. Jason Carter. And look man I know…Well I really don’t know who he is. I’ve heard his name a couple of times and I’ve seen him but that’s it.
Green Arrow: Where have you seen him? When? I can’t help but feel like you’re holding out on me. (Green Arrow pushes him a bit more and a stream of blood starts to spill down Carter’s back).
Carter: Ahhhhhhh! Ok, ok, I’ll talk. He…He works for the mob, for a guy named Alexander Cross. I used to work for him too. But then the ass hole fired me for talking back and questioning too much. Brickwell was his left hand man, did most of the planning for him.
Green Arrow: Where can a find him, or Cross?
Carter: I don’t know. His base of operations was always for him and his assistants. Anytime he needed me or any of the lower guys he would call us and we’d meet him in his Cadillac. And I don’t have the number. It’d always be from a payphone or a restricted number
Green Arrow: Do you know the car, license plate or distinguishing features
Carter: No man nothing. Black Cadillac with no plates or registered number. Please man just let me go.
Green Arrow: Fine whatever. (Green Arrow drops carter and begins to walk away.) Who’s his right?
Carter: (pulls the arrow out of his back and yells) Ahhhhhhh!!! What?
Green Arrow: You said Brickwell was his left. Who’s his right?
Carter: I don’t know some new guy. He’s only got like half a year on him. Name’s like Hatchet or Hacker or something.
Green Arrow: (looks down in shock and then back up) Hackett.
Carter: Yeah that was it.
Green Arrow: (He storms away as everyone else looks around in amazement. Then he receives a call from Roy on his headset as he gets back on his bike) What is it?
Roy: Hey man, there’s been another murder. It’s the Star City Slayer. He’s stuck again at the club in Adam’s heights.
Green Arrow: I’m on my way. (He speeds away on his bike as he thinks about what Carter said. Could it really be Hackett? Who knows?).

The Green Arrow arrives at the club. He parks a block away and then shoots an arrow connected to a grapple and gets on the roof and walks to the roof of the Adam’s Heights club. He looks down and sees the police scrambling collecting evidence. Two bodies are out front. Both have rather large stab wounds in the stomach and most of their blood has been drained out but are not at the scene. The lieutenant Jim Cameron walks up with another cop Mort Papp.
Cameron: Holy… Jesus Christ o mighty. How does this guy keep getting away with this? We need to stop this guy. These are the thirty-second deaths in the past six months. I don’t know what to do anymore Mort.
Papp: What about Clock King, anything more from him?
Cameron: Nothing and for now that’s good. We don’t need people getting more scared than they already are.
Green Arrow: (scans the area looking for any other clues. Then he gets up and drops back down to his bike.) Roy we have to get Cross, before more people die.
The next day Oliver goes to see Dover. Dover has just returned from Gotham on business. He’s on the top floor of Queen Industries filling out paperwork at his desk as Oliver walks in they shake hands and Oliver sits down.
Dover: So what do you need Oliver?
Oliver: Just came to see you.
Dover: Well Oliver I’m busy so if there isn’t anything important. (Dover gestures towards the door as he fills out papers.)
Oliver: What is it a crime to see my father.
Dover: (slightly looks from his papers to Oliver) I’m not your father Oliver. I’m just the man that cleans up your messes
Oliver: Listen, what happened to Catherin…
Dover :( slams his desk) Oliver! Please, I’m very busy, come back later or something.
Oliver :( gets up from his chair and walks to the door). Well I guess I’ll stop by later.

Cross is sitting at his desk talking to his men as Carter runs in.
Cross: I thought I said I never wanted to see you again.
Carter: Man it’s important. This guy with arrows dressed in green. He’s looking for you and Brickwell.
Cross: What did you tell him?
Carter: Mr. Cross, the guy shot an arrow into my back. Look (turns and lifts his shirt revealing the hole made by the arrow).
Cross: WHAT did you tell him?
Carter: Just who you were and Hackett and Brickwell. I didn’t tell him where you were or anything that anyone would already know.
Cross: You squealed?
Carter: The guy was going to kill me. I had no choice.
Cross: (gestures towards two of his men who grab Carter and begin to take him out of the room). No one squeals on me.
Carter: Cross no, Cross, CROSSSsss. (A bang is heard and Carter’s voice stops).
Cross: No one squeals on my family. Hackett (he yells).
Hackett: (Hackett walks out of the darkness). Yes sir.
Cross: This man, the bowman. I need you to keep an eye out for him. (He gets up and pours both of them a drink, then hands one to Hackett.) If he comes anywhere near the station I want you to kill him no matter what he does or says. I have enough people out to get me I don’t need some glorified archer after me.
Hackett: Yes sir.
Cross: Also I would like to meet with the other mob bosses of the city, just Jeremy Tower, Vandal Caruso, and Kaiser Jenkins. The archer sounds just like another vigilantly ready to question this cities order. I need to know what they are going to do about him and the Clock King. Then I want you to take out the Clock King.
Hackett: (looks at Cross with a bit of a shock, but holds it down as to not have Cross notice his fear). May I ask why sir?
Cross: You see Jenkins and Caruso think they are the most feared of this city. If we take out the biggest killer of this city, there will be no question of who is the toughest of the city. The Clock King thinks he can make us run in fear, but I will show him the meaning of real fear and what real evil is.

The next day Oliver goes to have dinner with Amy. It is their first date and they go to a very prestigious restaurant.
Oliver: So Amy tell me about yourself.
Amy: Well I’m a teacher at Star City Prep School. I teach Math.
Oliver: Wow I used to go to that school. I always hated it but my Dover would force me to go. I would have gone a lot easier if you would have been my math teacher.
Amy: (chuckles) Yeah well things haven’t been going so well there. The Clock King just killed a teacher there so all the teachers are scared and the Star City Slayer has killed four of my students so all the students are scared. These are really hard times.
Oliver: (holds her hand) Things will get better I promise. You just have to wait and see.
Amy: I hope so. I really do. So why don’t you tell me what happened on the island you were on.
Oliver: (lets go of her hand and sits back in his chair)
Amy: I’m sorry I really shouldn’t have asked.
Oliver: No don’t worry. As long as you’re not a reporter or CIA I don’t care. It was an island off the coast of who-knows-where. I washed up and I met people that never in my life I thought I would meet. I made friends with people I would never talk to. And I felt love for someone for the first time. Before that island I didn’t know what true emotions were. I would laugh but not be happy. I would feel anger for no reason. After the island I found that I was living my life the way I thought it should be lived and not how I really felt. I would subdue all my emotions to the point where I don’t even know if I had any. The island was the only place I knew happiness, compassion, and love.
Amy: Sounds like a great place.
Oliver: It also had its down points. But why focus on the bad side of things.
Amy: Yeah I guess you’re right. So why didn’t you stay there?
Oliver: Had too much to do here. I helped that place and now I needed to help my home.
Amy: What do you mean…?
Oliver: (Oliver receives a call. He is annoyed to find that it’s Roy) Really not the time Roy.
Roy: Oliver you know that guy you really wanted to meet. The guy with the obsession for clocks and time. He’s struck again. Go to the corner of Blumebury and Lombard. Your bike and uniform are in the alley behind the restaurant.
Oliver: I’m on it. (He hangs up and lets out a sigh). Amy I’m really sorry, but I got to go. Something at Queen Industries needs me. (he puts down $300 and walks out the door.)

Green Arrow drives around the corner and arrives at a church and finds a Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Islamic priest tied together with a sword in each of them with the word DIFFERENCE? Under them written in blood on the street. Green Arrow grapples and climbs up to the bell tower of the church.
Cameron: (rubs his head and kicks over a trash can)
Papp: Don’t worry Cameron. We’ll get this son-of-a-bitch. Don’t you worry.
As this is said three cars begin to swiftly circle the block. Each of them with a clock spray painted on the side of them. They stop in a circle and a man comes out of the driver’s seat and stays in the middle of the cars. The man is an older man with glasses with clock hands pointed at 3 o clock, dressed in a brown suit with a brown hat and a cane. As the rest of the men dressed in black with clocks pointing at different times get out of the cars and they point their guns at the cops. The cops then point their guns at the men.

Clock King: The clock strikes five…How many more will I have left alive.
Cameron: Fire on my signal!
Clock King: Now, now Lieutenant. That doesn’t seem wise now does it? Do you like my decoration? It sure did take some…time. It took ten minutes, forty-three seconds, and twelve milliseconds to be exact. Shows how useful your men are.
Green Arrow: (pulls out an arrow and aims it at Clock King)
Cameron: Give me one reason why I shouldn’t have my men blast you all over the pavement.
Clock King: Easy lieutenant…It isn’t time yet. I’m doing so much good and you don’t even notice it. (he snaps his fingers and one of his men bring out a person with a bag over their head). Oh and of course if you do try and kill me I’ll kill the person under this bag. Don’t bother asking who it is because it isn’t time to tell you yet.
Cameron: What do you want Clock King.
Clock King: Hahahahahaha. Don’t worry about the reason Lieutenant. Soon this will all be over. (He takes out his pocket watch and looks at the crime scene.) Time of death August 27th, at 10p.m. (As Clock King gets back in his car and drives away more men in clock suites sneak up behind the cops and begin to hit them with tasers and bats.)
Green Arrow: (seeing this begins to fire arrows frantically at the assailants. Then he drops down and begins to shoot the men. Multiple clock men approach him with bats, but he is easily able to disarm them with a few kicks and punches. The cops, not knowing who he is, also begin to try to beat him with their batons). Come on guys I’m with you. (Unable to stop them he begins to jab and punch them lightly, but enough to knock them out.)
Cameron: (turns and points his gun at Green Arrow).Who the hell are you?!
Green Arrow: (panting) Green Arrow nice to meet you (he aims his arrow at Cameron).
Cameron: You’re under arrest for assaulting multiple cops.
Green Arrow: All the people around here actually assaulting cops and the only person you point your gun at is me, the guy trying to help. That kind of sounds ridicules to me. (Green Arrow trying to think of a way to get out of the situation kicks an arrow on his leg that unleashes a blast of smoke that covers the square. Cameron discharges a bullet but Green Arrow is able to evade it and get back on his bike and escape. Although due to the smoke a lot of the clocks were able to escape in their cars.
Cameron: Well at least their all gone. (Shortly after the clock tower of the church explodes)

Green Arrow arrives back at his cave and finds Roy firing arrows at the moving targets. The computer screens are tapping into the police database and looking at different traffic cameras of the city to find the Clock King.
Roy: So…How’d it go?
Green Arrow: Well not as good as I’d hoped. I’m probably on the top of the police most wanted list. You know right under Clock King and the Star City Slayer. I don’t know how to get them man. I just don’t know. (Oliver takes off his cowl to reveal his heavily sweating face).
Roy: Yeah well, on a lighter note Amy called you. (he shoots another arrow at a target) She wanted to know how things were going. She wanted to see if you were alright.
Oliver: If she calls again tell her everything’s fine. I can’t deal with that right now.
Roy: Oh so the usual deal as always right. Meet them first then leave them.
Oliver: Well considering the circumstances…I don’t really have time for messing around with women.
Roy: I thought Oliver Queen would rule the morning and Green Arrow would rule the night, but I guess Green Arrow took over everything.
Oliver: What do you want? For me to ignore my city and pay attention to what I want. I WANT to call her I WANT to be Oliver Queen. But the way things are I can’t focus on big parties and girls. I thought you would be proud of me.
Roy: Oliver I am, but you can’t be stressed all the time. Maybe being in a relationship would take your mind off the problems of the city for a little while.
Oliver: Yeah whatever, if she calls again take down the number and I’ll call her back (Oliver gets back into a normal suite and walks up the stairs leaving Roy firing arrows at targets).

At the police station things are going wild. Everyone is in a panic over the last attacks, but with the entire scramble still nothing is being found.
Police Officer: Nothing yet on Clock King. Traffic cams didn’t pick up his car and we still can’t figure out a pattern in his murders.
Cameron: How the hell is that, he couldn’t have just disappeared. Find him.
Police Officer 2: Also, the press wants to know about the Star City Slayer’s latest killings. What should we tell him?
Cameron: Tell them they made up his name they can make up a story. And they can quote me on that one. Next?
Police Officer 3: The Green Arrow was seen speeding on his motorcycle down The Plaza.
Cameron: Then where?
Police Officer 3: I don’t know sir.
Cameron: (slams the desk and throws his coffee cup at all the wall and it shatters to the floor) IF YOU GUYS WERE MORE USELESS I WOULD WONDER HOW ANY OF YOU HAD A JOB. NOW GET OUT THERE AND FIND ME SOMETHING.
Papp: (Papp walks in as the other 3 officers walk out). So…I guess no luck then.
Cameron: Yeah, and with that vigilantly out there I can’t really hope that anything gets better right.
Papp: Maybe he’s just trying to help lieutenant.
Cameron: Don’t be naive Papp, when was the last time you saw someone that really wanted to help this city. There’s a hand full of people that want to do the right thing and help this city. But there are thousands of people that would wish to tear this city down. Remember that Papp. Remember.

September 20th

A meeting is being held at a Queen Industries factory. The General of the Army is there and so are Dover and the rest of the company’s head. They are looking at new missiles being created for the army.
Dover: As you can see General the size of these missiles may be small, but the destruction it would create is more than you have ever seen before.
General: Well Mr. Dover all of this does look amazing, but I don’t know.
Oliver: What don’t you know? Do you not know if you want your enemies to run in fear? Do you not know if you want enough fire power that you’d only have to press a button to win a war? Or do you not know if this actually works?
Dover: Oliver…
Oliver: No…No wait let me tell him. If you want I can let you fire off one of these babies in the parking lot or a football field. Whatever it takes for you to want business with me.
General: Mr. Queen I have never had a problem with any of your arms, but this thing sounds too destructive. I mean I’ve seen power but this, it sounds like it could be almost as powerful as the a-bomb was in WW2.
Dover: Well sir if I may, you don’t have to buy this. You can leave today empty handed, go back to your base and tell everyone you couldn’t find anything you wanted, but one way or another, this will be sold. Wouldn’t you rather be the person using it than the man feeling its effects?
General: (becomes much more serious). You would sell arms to an enemy?
Oliver: (lets out an awkward laugh). No of course not. He’s just trying to say that our arms would be much more useful with you guys than not being used at all. (Another awkward laugh)
Dover: (smirks) of course General.
General: Well if you give me some time to think about it I’ll get back to you (the general walks out with the other members of the company. Oliver and Stanley walk to their limo).
Oliver: What the hell was that?
Dover: (looks to the sky). Wasn’t it beautiful? All the power all the destruction it holds. All compressed into a tiny missile.
Oliver: Dover, what the hell is wrong with you man. You used to be able to seal a deal like no other person I know. What the hell happened?
Dover: (looks from the missile to Oliver) Nothing has happened to me. I am merely admiring our companies work. Is that a crime?
Oliver: (Oliver feels under his seat and finds a book and begins to read the title). Magdalene D…
Dover: (snatched the book and waves his finger in Oliver’s face). THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
Oliver: Ok ok calm down.
Dover: It’s just a book I won in England. Nothing important.

That night Oliver Calls Hackett into his office. Oliver looks much angrier than he’s ever been. Hackett sits down. Oliver gets up and pours both of them a drink.
Hackett: There a problem boss?
Oliver: (walks to the window). You know Hackett. When I was on that island I got a lot of time to think. Who could I trust? Who was really my friend? I used to think everyone was my friend, anyone I met I would consider a friend. But back then I didn’t know what friendship was. Now I see that my true friends were George, Peter, Catherin, Roy….and you. Or at least I thought you.
Hackett: Oliver. I am your friend. I’ve known you since you were a teenager. Why would you question that?
Oliver: Oh please let’s cut the bullshit and let’s really talk. Where were you when the guys attacked the boat?
Hackett: Oliver…
Oliver: SHUT UP! Let me talk. You were supposed to be some weapons god and you couldn’t fight off one guy. But maybe they did get to you. But then how did you get back unharmed.
Hackett: Oliver. Once the boat started moving I got off. I hate sailing. I always have you know that.
Oliver: Your right I do. (Oliver laughs). I believe you. Don’t worry. But I do think I know who kidnapped me.
Hackett: Who Oliver?
Oliver: There’s this guy Alexander Cross. His m.o. matches the guy who kidnapped my friends. I was about to call the police, but I thought I’d tell you first.
Hackett: (he shows a bit of a worried face.)
Oliver: There a problem Hackett?
Hackett: Um no sir. I just…I don’t think it’s a good idea to blow smoke up this guy without being sure. He is the biggest crime boss of the city.
Oliver: Don’t worry about it Hackett. The police force will handle them just fine.
Hackett: Well sir. If that’s all you had to tell me I must go. I have to take your car to the shop. (Hackett gets up and walks quickly out the door).
Oliver: (Oliver smiles then walks to his bookshelf and presses a button behind a book that causes the shelf to spin and reveal his suite).

On top of Queen Industries Green Arrow sees Hackett’s car speed out of the garage and start out. Oliver shoots out his grapple and begins to jump to nearby building following Hackett’s car. The car is quickly swerving around other cars and running lights as fast as he can. Green Arrow is starting to get tired from running and jumping on buildings, and then the car stops at the old police station. Green Arrow stops on the building across from the old police station as Hackett walks in.
Hackett: Cross we have a problem, and a pretty big one.
Cross: What is it?
Hackett: It’s Oliver. He knows that we kidnapped his friends. He’s going to tell the cops.
Green Arrow: (we zoom out from window of the station and see an arrow with a high intensity microphone on it stabbed into the wall next to Cross’s office)
Cross: Hackett don’t worry. I know plenty of cops in the SCPD. They’ll just pass it off as insufficient evidence. The cop will touch me.
Green Arrow :( crashes through the window with a kick and knocks a guy in the back. He punches the guy and then uses him as a shield as the other men shoot him. Then as a man rushes at him he doges and throws the man out the window. Then the last guy comes up with a knife but Green Arrow takes out an arrow and jabs it into the man’s hand and beats his face till he passes out. Then Hackett approaches; they each throw many hits at each other until Green Arrow trips him and slam his head against a shelf causing him to fall unconscious. Then all the men are knocked out and Green Arrow jumps on Cross’s desk and aims an arrow an inch from his face). Your right the cops won’t touch you, but I’m not a cop

Cross: (slowly claps his hand). I’ve always loved a good entrance. Although you could have done the same through the door.
Green Arrow: It’s over Cross. I know you’re the Star City Slayer.
Cross: (evil laugh). That’s what all this is about. You think I’m the Star City Slayer?
Green Arrow: You tried to kill Oliver Queen and you killed all of his friends. The Star City Slayer rose around that time. You kill young people just as he does. Face it I know it’s you.
Cross: (starts to grow a bit annoyed and angry) Look Arrow I’m getting tired of this. When I kill people I do it for money. I would never kill a teenager for no reason. HELL I HAVE 2 TEENAGERS YOU THINK I’M NOT WORRIED ABOUT THEM.
Green Arrow: I don’t care if you have two teenagers I don’t care if you have five the thing is I know you’re the Star City Slayer all the evidence adds up. You stabbed all of the people you kidnapped in the same place where the Star City Slayer stabs his victims.
Roy: (Roy starts to talk through Green Arrow’s head set) Green Arrow…He’s telling the truth, the Star City Slayer just struck again.
Green Arrow: One of your men maybe.
Cross: My men wouldn’t take a shit without me telling them too. Plus they know my rules and they know they can’t attack innocent people.
Green Arrow: (jumps off the desk and puts one foot on the window sill and shoots his zip-line arrow out the window)
Cross: It must kill you to know that you’re wrong. That you came in here maybe killed a few people and all of it for nothing.
Green Arrow: It wasn’t for nothing, I know you’re a criminal and that you’re not the SCS, you may think you’re untouchable but one day you will fall and I’ll be standing over your body with a big fucking smile on my face.(Green Arrow zips out the window leaving Cross alone).

The next day in a dark room in the old police station all the mob bosses are gathered. Everyone is there with their bodyguards, and Cross is there with Brickwell and Hackett.
Cross: Now gentlemen, as you all know The Clock King has been taking all of our business. Our buyers are dead and everyone’s too scared to do business. So I’m here to propose a solution.
Caruso: What kind of solution?
Cross: (signals towards Brickwell and Hackett to come forward). There was once a time where the person with the most power was the one that was most feared. I hope to bring those days back. You see The Clock King has us all running in fear, but if you were to face the old man man-to-man he wouldn’t stand a chance. So my men will take out the clock and everything will go back to the way it used to be. For a price of course.
Tower: How will you take him out? The guy knows everybody’s next step before they take it.
Clock King: The man brings up a valid point. (Clock King comes out of the darkness). I am much smarter than all of you.
Cross: (signals his men to shoot)
Hackett and Brickwell: (they pull out there guns and shoot but only the clicks of an empty chamber can be heard).
Clock King :( smiles) Everyone else can try too.
Cross: My men can still pull your head off.
Clock King. True, very true, but I took all the bullets out of your guns, where do you think they went to (he puts his hand inside is suit jacket). Also there may a bit more surprises around the building.
Caruso: We’re not afraid of you.
Cross: Everybody out but us four and the clock.
Jenkins: What do you want?
Clock King: Well (he picks up a pack of cigarettes and begins to throw them in the air as he walks around the table) as you know soon my show will be coming to a close. I just wanted to make sure all of the pieces were in place.
Cross: This is ridicules…
Clock King: No you’re ridicules; you want people to pay you to kill me. (He drops the pack of cigarettes on the floor). They can do the same thing you can do. And even if they did pay you sooner or later they’ll kill you (he goes down and picks up the pack and throws it to Cross who catches it). Well I guess I should be going, no use staying here (Clock King exits).
Caruso: one million.
Cross: (pulls out cigarettes and passes them around the table and then calls Brick) Brick
Brick: What?
Cross: (puts the cigarette in his mouth and lights it as everyone else lights their). Kill him.
Brick: (storms out of the lobby slamming the front door and runs out after Clock King and finds him already in his car.)
Clock King: (throws a pocket watch out the window and Brick catches it and reads a paper inside.)
Brick: Oh shit. (he runs back into the office and throws open the door to find everyone on the floor gasping for air and twitching on the floor. He puts a cloth to his face to protect against the poison. As he goes to leave the room Cross grabs his leg.)
Cross: Pl…Plea. Please help me.
Brick: (goes down to give him his hand but then pulls back his hand and begins to violently stomp on Cross’s face then he drops the pocket watch and walks out. The watch reads “The Clock Strikes 4…Soon There Will Be No More”)

Oliver walks down into his layer and finds Roy developing some new equipment and working on the computer.
Oliver: (walks over to the working bench and picks up a boxing glove and looks at it as if it were a joke) Am I really supposed to use this?
Roy: Man I’m just coming up with ideas I only make like half of them. How’d it go with Cross and Hackett?
Oliver: Dead end, he’s not the Star City Slayer. Just another mob boss, as long as the cops are on his payroll no one can touch him.
Roy: (they look at one of the TV. screens displaying the news and there’s a breaking news report.) Maybe not
Reporter: This is channel 8 news. Alexander Cross, Vandal Caruso, and Kaiser Jenkins were found at the old SCPD station this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. The alleged mob bosses of the city were killed with toxic nerve gases Tabun and Sarin that were inside of cigarettes that when lighted unleashed the gas into the air and they all died within minutes. The attack seems to have been done by The Clock King because of the pocket watch left at the scene.
Oliver:(smiles at the thought of Cross dieing)
Roy: Looks like someone could touch him.
Reporter continues: Further investigation into the crime lords brought up unexpected results. When Vandal Caruso’s penthouse apartment was raided he was found to be the Star City Slayer. His apartment was full of news and police reports about the Star City Slayer. A list of people was found scratched into his bedroom wall just above the knife that matches that has blood stains of the last victim.
Oliver: Holy Shit.
Reporter continues: Also, Oliver Queen’s bodyguard may have been working for (Oliver mutes the TV)
Oliver: Well I guess that’s one down. (As he says this another breaking story is happening on a different screen)
Reporter 2: This is channel 6 news. Moments ago a fire erupted in the middle of Jackson Park. A sky view of the fire reveals that it is a number 3…
Oliver: I’m gone(Oliver quickly begins to suite up and race out of the layer on his way to the park he arrives and sees the huge fire and firemen trying to put it out).

Green Arrow goes to the top of the building next to the fire and a line of fire erupts next to him with the Clock King on the other side.
Clock King: I knew this would get your attention.
Green Arrow: (loads his bow with an arrow) I should blow your head of right now.
Clock King: Arrow…I thought you would have liked what I did. I killed the four biggest mob bosses of this city. I’m shocked at you.
Green Arrow: It’s over Clock King.
Clock King: No, it’s just begun, 3…3 has always been my favorite number. What month are we in…September? I like September, so to keep you all from waiting I think I’ll just finish the last six in October.
Green Arrow: Why are you telling me? Why not Cameron or the press?
Clock King: Well I just wanted to meet you, you can tell them if you want, far be it from me to stop you.
Green Arrow: I’m going to get you Clock King; I swear to god on my mother’s grave I WILL kill you.
Clock King: (lets out a small laugh as another line of flame explodes higher next to Clock King and he disappears)

Green Arrow gets back to his layer and finds Roy shooting Arrows at targets, and all of the police reports about the Clock King murders scattered all over the table.
Green Arrow: Why don’t you quit fooling around so maybe we can find this guy. (he goes to the table and starts to look at the reports)
Roy: Dude come on calm down. We’ll get this guy I know we will. All you got to do is space your time out a little. Why don’t we go see a movie or something?
Green Arrow: What’d you say?
Roy: Go see a movie?
Green Arrow: No about spacing the time out. That’s it. There has to be a pattern linking the days of the murders.
Roy: Yeah the cops have been saying that for months now.
Green Arrow: Yeah but they don’t know what I know.(he circles the dates of all the murders) Ok so we know that the month corresponds to the number of people he’s going to kill but backwards. The first murder happened on the 24th the next one on the 21st. 24 minus 21 equals 3. The next murder happened on the 15th. 21 minus 15 equals 6. The next one was the 3rd. 15 minus 3 equals 12. He skipped nine. Why? Because 15 minus 9 equals 6 and he used 6 later. So he skipped to 12 and then he used 12 again because 3 plus 9 is 12. So if the last murder happened the 21st plus 24 is October 15th.
Roy: What about the time genius or the people.
Green Arrow: I don’t know but…but at least we have something.

October 3rd
Today is the big Celebrity Casino Night fundraiser in Star City. All of the famous people that live in Star City sit at a game for the night and people come up and play with their favorite rich person. Oliver goes with his date Amy. They get there and Oliver is assigned to black jack and Amy to Texas’hold’em. As the night begins to end Amy goes to Oliver who is still sitting at his table alone.
Amy: Oliver, you ready to go yet?
Oliver: Unfortunately I still have five more minutes, but I’ll probably be able to get off soon. Why don’t you go wait in the car.
Amy: Ok. (she walks away as another man walks up behind Oliver)

Man: Hey you up for one more game.
Oliver: Of course sit down. (As the man sits down Oliver looks at him and is astonished to see who it is. The Clock King, but with almost no hair and looking much older.
Clock King: Would you like to play Oliver.
Oliver: (stands up and gets in Clock King’s face)
Clock King: There a problem Oliver. I would advise you to sit down and play…you wouldn’t want to cause a scene and show people who you really are.
Oliver: (sits down as Clock King does) So what’s your name sir?
Clock King: William Tockman. You seem kind of surprised, what you didn’t think you would see me until the 18th right.
Dealer: (deals them their cards)
Oliver: No I’ve never seen you before.
Tockman: Of course not(smirk). You know I was thinking why wait to have my last few shows over the next month when I could have them all tonight.
Oliver: What?
Tockman: (small laugh) You see as we speak my stage hands are preparing the show. Everything is almost in place.
Oliver: I’m going to stop you. I swear I will.
Tockman: Oliver I have a riddle for you(he flips over a card). You, George, and your little girl-friend Amy are having dinner at a restaurant and the bill is for $25(he wins the hand and they continue playing). So to pay it equally you all put down $10. So now we are up to $30. The waiter brings you back $5.(a new hand is dealt) You all take back $1 so each of you paid $9 and you leave a $2 tip. Why don’t you calculate that all for me.
Oliver: 9 times 3 equals 27 plus the 2 for the waiter is…29(he wins the hand again).
Tockman: So what happened to the last dollar? I’ll leave you to ponder that for a while. Why don’t you go tell it to Amy and George the three of you are part of the finale act anyways.( he gets up and gives two chips to the waiter as a tip) I would advise you not to come after me. You wouldn’t want me to cause a commotion would you?

Oliver: (waits a minute for Tockman to leave and then runs after him. He goes out the front door and finds a pocket watch on the floor that says “The Clock Strikes three…So much fun for me” Then he hears to bangs inside the casino and runs back in and see clock men grabbing Amy and George. Then he quickly goes to the alley and rips off his suite to reveal the Green Arrow suite)
Clock King: (walks out from behind a stage curtain with a shotgun in one hand and twirling his cane in the other) How is everybody doing tonight. No reason to be alarmed I just came here to get Amy Taylor, George Weisinger, and Oliver Queen. I have Amy and George but where is Oliver Queen.)
Green Arrow: (as this is said Green Arrow crashes through the ceiling and lands on the stage an aims an arrow at Clock King)
Clock King: Hello…Arrow long time no see.
Green Arrow: It’s over Clock King no there’s nothing between us but my arrow.
Clock King: You’re right. You really are but why don’t you look up at the balcony.
Green Arrow: (he looks up and sees two people with sacks over their heads and nooses around their necks standing on the edge of the balcony) I’m sick of your games Clock King this ends now.
Clock King: Or does it. Why don’t you look at the screen? (As he says this a screen comes down on the stage.) As you can see you can either save a prince and princess of Star City Amy Taylor and George Weisinger or the Mayor elects of Star City.( The screen shows the two people up for mayor chained to the bottom of a pool slowly filling with water). Your choice Arrow, you have 10 minutes to save the royal family and 20 to save the future mayors .I’ll be seeing you later.
Green Arrow: (goes to shoot the ropes but then out of nowhere Hackett grabs him and throws him into a poker table). What are you doing Hackett?!?
Hackett: My boss is dead I needed to find a new gig. Killing you sounds like a good one. (he jumps and lands feet first on Green Arrow. Then Green Arrow grabs Hackett’s foot and throws him into the wall. They begin to fight punch for punch each one blocking the other ones hits) You can’t defeat me Arrow.
Green Arrow: I beg to differ. (He grabs an arrow and rips the plastic from the top and sticks it into Hackett’s chest and the arrow lets off a huge electric shock into Hackett’s body causing him to collapse and seizure. Then he looks up and sees two clock men about to drop George and Amy and shoots a zip line at the wall next to them and snatches Amy out of the air but George falls and begins to choke on the noose, then Green Arrow shoots and Arrow that rips throw the rope causing him to fall on a roulette table. He runs over to the body and finds that George was already stabbed in the back with a sword and was dead before he was put on the balcony.) Holy shi…
Amy: Oh my god. (she begins to cry) You have to stop that lunatic, you have to.

Green Arrow: I will (he walks back into the alley and gets on his bike then he calls Roy.) Roy I need you to find Mayor elects Johnson and Carrey. Check every traffic cam and every computer you can hack into, you have 9 minutes.
Roy: I wouldn’t know where to start.
Green Arrow: JUST DO IT!!(He races through the city trying to check every warehouse, but finds nothing. Then he thinks about the video, the room had high windows and a low ceiling so it had to be a basement. Then he thinks of something else.) Roy I need you to check back all the traffic cam videos from the last hour and see if you see any of Clock King’s cars.(he starts to watch back the video of the men in the pool on his bike).
Roy: Nothing man, nothing no car nothing. Last they were seen was at a debate in the Mayor’s Mansion.
Green Arrow: I knew it. (He turns his bike around and begins to speed back to the opposite direction, then he arrives at the Mayor’s Mansion and crashes through the doors on his bike as everyone inside turns to stare at him, he gets to basement door and blows it open with a rocket-arrow drives down and finds the two men drowning in the pool, he takes out another rocket-arrow and blasts it at the pool causing it to break and the water to pour out. He looks at the bodies and sees that Johnson is alive but Carrey drowned. Then he looks at a paper stuffed in Carry’s throat. “The Clock Strikes Two…How many more will I leave blue”. As he goes to leave he sees something scratched into Carry’s back, a drawing of the clock tower in the plaza.)

Green Arrow arrives at the clock tower and takes out his bow and arrow and begins to walk up the stairs. Everything is dark he gets to the top floor and sees the girl under the sack from murder 5 he rips off the sack and finds it to be a machine that moves when a button is pressed on the back. He turns around and Clock King whacks him in the face with his cane and he falls to the floor.
Clock King: I got you.(he takes off the top of his cane and a blade comes out)
Green Arrow: I stopped your last murders why did you bring me here.(He takes out an arrow with the stick and the top sharp making them sword-like, then they begin to sword fight)
Clock King: No you stopped murder number two. You see I killed George and Carrey as a lure, the real fish were Amy and Carrey.
Green Arrow: Who’s number one?
Clock King: Green Arrow(laugh) it’s you. Sure at first it wasn’t but then I changed it to you. ( he begins to strike faster and stronger than before)
Green Arrow: Why me what did I do?
Clock King: What all of them did. You see all my murders have been to help this city. I killed corrupt cops, selfish doctors, teachers that teach our children to be evil, reporters that lie to us and make us want to kill each other, prostitutes, convicts and mob bosses that fill our city with filth, priests that cause religious wars, and business men and mayors that could help our city but do nothing. You see I have been trying to help us. Make this city what it used to be.
Green Arrow: You’re sick.
Clock King: You’re not much better Oliver. You parade around like Robin Hood thinking you can do the right thing. Well I tell you the right thing doesn’t exist anymore. I know who you are, the fancy rich boy who thinks he can redeem all the bad he’s done by fighting crime. Tell me did you even care when your parents die,(chuckle) I bet you didn’t let out a single tear.(he goes to do a huge slide slash on Green Arrow but then Green Arrow catches the clash with his blade and propels him into the clock and breaks it open causing Clock King to fall to his death. But Green Arrow shoots a grapple arrow and it pierces into his leg and Green Arrow drags him back up. Then he ties him to the hour hand of the clock.) You think this is over arrow(Green Arrow starts to walk out) It’s just a matter of time till we meet again. JUST A MATTER OF TIME!!!!(MANIAC LAUGH)
Green Arrow gets back to Queen Industries and takes the elevator up to his office and begins to take off his gear when the door opens he sees Stanley Dover with his sleeves and a knife covered in blood and human hair in his other hand.
Dover: Oliver? You’re you are the Green Arrow?
Green Arrow: What did you do Dover.
Dover: (Dover begins to tremble) The book said I could bring her back. It said I could save her. (he throws the book that Oliver found in the car)
Green Arrow: (Oliver begins to walk forward) Who’s blood is tha…(he looks and sees Amy’s body covered blood and stab wounds).
Dover: She looks just like her…Like Catherine
Green Arrow: (goes down and picks up her body) WHAT DID YOU DO. You came here to kill me. DIDN’T YOU?!?! You’re the Star City Slayer!!!
Dover: No never you Oliver. I would never hurt you. You were like a son to me. I knew she would be up here…I knew after what happened after the casino you would tell her to come here. She got here and I…she looks just like Catherine.(He stands up and begins to recite a spell. A white mess begins to grow around Dover and then the spirit of Catherin starts to grow). Yes Oliver I am the Star City Slayer. I was driving by the old police station when the cops were coming out then I saw Vandal Caruso’s body and raced to his penthouse and made it look like I lived there.
Green Arrow: (stands up with an angry look on his face, and then he brings out an arrow with a leather case over it. He shoots it and as it flies through the air the case blows open and a boxing glove comes out and hits Dover in the face breaking his neck, then it continues and breaks the window behind Dover causing him to fall through it and the spirit to disappear. Green Arrow goes to the window and takes out his cell phone and begins to call someone.)
Women: 911 emergency how can I help you.
Oliver: This is Oliver Queen there’s been a murder in my office…The Green Arrow killed Stanly Dover and Amy Taylor. Get here quickly.(he drops to his knees and begins to cry)

Minutes later the police arrive at the scene Oliver is sitting with Roy on the couch next to Oliver’s office. The police are collecting evidence and Lieutenant Cameron comes up to Oliver.
Cameron: I’m sorry Mr. Queen. Can you tell me what happened?
Oliver: Just like I told the other cop. I got her and found Green Arrow standing over Amy’s body knife in his hand. Then he left out the window.
Cameron: Ok you’ve been through a lot. You can go home now.(Oliver and Roy begin to walk out) It’s a shame really. Just when I thought we could trust the Arrow.(Oliver nods and walks out)

The next morning Oliver is staring out the window of his apartment when Roy walks in.
Roy: Oliver? I thought you would be sleeping. It’s 7 in the morning and after last night…
Oliver: Stop. Please. Last night opened my eyes. You know Clock King might have been a psychopath but he was right about something. All the people in this city that could and should do the right thing don’t. The people who should be our example are just as corrupt as the criminals they fall to. The cops, the mayor, the president, and nothing. None of them do anything.
Roy: Oliver, with the Green Arrow you can start to lead people to do the right thing.
Oliver: No Roy. There are a lot of things the Green Arrow can do. But leading the people isn’t one. As Green Arrow I can stop the criminals, but I can help the people.
Roy: So what do you want to do?
Oliver: Carrey died and the elections coming up soon. I want to be on the ballot. I’m going to run for Mayor of Star City. (As he says this a siren can be heard in the distance) Looks like duty calls. (He goes to his elevator and then we see him on his motorcycle blast out of the tunnel from his layer to the city). Yeah maybe what I did was stupid. I took the fall for a murderer. Green Arrow goes down as a killer. But Dover wasn’t a bad guy; he was just caught in bad times. His name shouldn’t be tarnished for that. I still miss Amy and George but I remember that they would have wanted me to go on and be something more than Oliver. And that’s who I am I’m the prince of Star City, I’m Oliver Queen, and I am The Green Arrow.

Please read, comment, and rate. Thanks for reading I hope you like it and a sequel will come soon.
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