Fantastic 4 Fancast

Fantastic 4 Fancast

My ideas for a Fantastic Four film set in the MCU.

Set In The MCU with J.J Abrams Directing: I think Abrams would be a perfect director for a Fantastic Four film. I liked how he had done Star Trek, I think he can do a good Fantastic Four movie in the same style. There are two reasons why I think The Fantastic Four should be set in the MCU. It helps expand the cosmic realm. The MCU is expand their universe with Thanos, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, and much more. Galactus and Silver Surfer are nowhere to be seen. Those two characters would expand the cosmic realm. Plus, I'd love to see Reed, Hank, Bruce and Tony all be science bros.

Patrick Wilson - Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

Matthew Morrison was my original choice for Reed but I think his casting would be too similar to Ioan Gruffudd's performance as Reed Richards. In my opinion, Patrick would be a great Reed! He can pull off his ingenuity, Reed's arrogant side, and his geeky side. Patrick can pull off that sort of scientist.

Hunter Parrish - Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

Hunter Parrish would be a perfect Johnny Storm. He can pull of Johnny's cockiness, playboy side, and much more. Not to mention, he looks like a doppelganger of Johnny from the comic books. He's basically the real life version of Johnny Storm.

Keifer Sutherland - Ben Grimm/The Thing

Keifer Sutherland could make a great Ben Grimm. He fits the angry guy that Ben Grimm, his gravelly voice would fit the Thing very well. (jarydevan made this one.)

Elizabeth Banks - Sue Storm

This was honestly difficult to cast because I couldn't think of anyone who could have good chemistry with Patrick Wilson and can pass as Hunter Parrish's sister. I started to think outside the box of who should just play Sue in general. Elizabeth Banks reminds me of Sue from the comic books. (JaryDevan made this one)


This is a brilliant manip of the Fantastic Four suit concept made my SkinnyGlasses. I think this looks exactly of how the suits looked like in the comic books and a new high-tech take on it. It would be perfec if each group member wore that costume(except Ben Grimm).

Stark Tower easter egg: I think the film should have subtle references, such as a Tesseract reference by a sketch of a cube or Johnny having a Captain America poster in his room (you should get the joke). I think the Stark Tower easter egg should just confirm that the franchise is part of the MCU. If the Stark Tower was even in the skyline for a few shots, that would just really solidify it.
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