Fantastic Four Fan Cast

Fantastic Four Fan Cast

How I think a Fantastic Four movie should be.

First off I didn't totally hate the earlier movies of the FF4 but they were very far from perfect. I want a cast and story that would do them justice. The worst parts of the past movies were Doctor Doom because he wasn't very evil but more of a douche. The second one was Galactus and I don't really have to explain that one because it is sort of self explanatory.

A quick summary of this movie is the Fantastic Four are fighting Dr. Doom's evil plan to destroy the planet until The Silver Surfer shows up and warns of Galactus's arrival. Along the way the Fantastic Four team up with Namor and the Atlanteans. The FF have to defeat Doom and an impending destruction of the planet.


Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic- Andrew Lincoln

I don't know why but I think this could work. Lincoln is a pretty good inteligent type actor who can also be tough. He is seen on The Walking Dead which is a great show btw.

Susan Storm/Invisible Woman- Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of those great actresses that just happen to be gorgeous as well. She would be great as the strong willed Invisible Woman.

Johnny Storm/ Human Torch- Ryan Kwanten.

He is a fan favorite for the character and he just gives a bad boy vibe which I think the Human Torch should have.

Ben Grimm/The Thing- Mark Strong

I thing Strong would be great as a good guy for once and I wanted an original choice for the Thing.I have I feeling that I will be getting crap for this but whatever its my cast.

Alicia Masters- Autumn Reeser.

I'm just am going along with this one.

Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom- Jeremy Irons

This is the character that you all have been wanting to see. Jeremy Irons has one of the coolest voices ever and he sounds so sinister which is a perfect match for the world's greatest villain.

Namor-Eric Bana

Eric Bana is a fantastic actor especially in Star Trek where he portrayed one of the coolest villains I have seen in a long time. Do I have to say anything else.

Galactus-Michael Dorn (voice)

Not much to say but AWESOME!!!

Silver Surfer- Lawrence Fishbourne (voice)

This is one ofthe few things I liked about the last movie and I think it should stay.

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