FEATURE: Top 10 Superhero Movie Costumes

FEATURE: Top 10 Superhero Movie Costumes

Check out the best Superhero costumes from feature film.

Without a doubt, one of the primary things that separate’s superheroes from ordinary action heroes is their colorful attire. Whether it’s a billion dollar battle-suit or a simple spandex unitard, the costume is a quintessential piece of the superhero movie. Here is a look at the 10 best costumes to bring swift justice to the silver screen.

Okay I’ll admit that maybe it’s the way that Scarlet Johansen fills out the suit that is swaying me some. Nevertheless, the Black Widow’s costume featured in both Iron Man 2 and the Avengers looked the part. Her emblem belt and “Widows bite” blasters help to round out this shapely number. Perhaps a black bodysuit feels a bit nonspecific, but let’s face it, that is what she wears in the comic books.

#10 Black Widow With the Black Widow you can get away with this and still be accurate. Unlike the X-Men, who all where generic black costumes that are not even close to their comic counterparts.

#9 Batman (Returns)
Speaking of all black costumes, Batman Returns brought Michael Keaton back to the big screen with a new and improved Bat-suit. The original’s molded six-pack was dropped for a more armored look, while the cowl was given more sculpted expression around the brow.

One of the things I actually like better about this design compared to the Nolan films is the noticeably displayed Bat-symbol. The yellow background contrasts perfectly with the black bat and produces a more distinctive insignia. In the recent films, finding the insignia can be a bit challenging to say the least.

#8 Thor
Now here is costume that could have looked a lot worse. However, opting for the more modern age look made it all come together. Thor’s cape, chest plate and scale armor gave just the right otherworldly appearance to a costume that wouldn’t have worked otherwise. Although it would have been nice to have seen another scene or two with his winged-helmet in place, Thor looks better in action without it.

No Thor costume could be complete without the mighty Mjolnir. Thor’s War-Hammer looked great at his side, truly, tis a prop fitting for the god of thunder.

#7 Superman the Movie
The most dated entry on the list still remarkably stands the test of time. Superman the movies costume is incredibly faithful to the character’s inception. Christopher Reeve gets props for working out to fill the suit, rather than using a bunch of fake padded muscle.

I mean look what happened when they tried to update this costume in “Superman Returns”, the results leaved much to be desired. What can I say; a classic is always a classic.

I am very curious to see if the updated costume in “Man of Steel” will translate to the screen as well Superman the Movie’s costume did.

#6 Hellboy
Now maybe you feel that this is more of a make-up job than a costume, but to me it still qualifies. In fact, Hellboy’s look for the movie is one of the most comic accurate comic book translations to date, filed-down horns and all. The Right hand of doom, his over-sized revolver, and the trench coat all help to complete this masterful makeover.

Oddly though, my mother says that Ron Pearlman as Hellboy, bears an uncanny resembles the former governor of Minnesota, Jessie Ventura. I guess I can see that.

#5 Captain America: The First Avenger
Taking a human being and wrapping them up in the American Flag without making them look silly is no easy task. The costume worn in the first Avenger was a fantastic and fresh take on Cap’s costume.

The idea of integrating his costume with the look of a WWII airman’s uniform was a stroke of genius. It makes the costume feel genuine to the time period, yet still retained enough of the classic look from the comic books.

Painted wings on the helm instead of some sort of attached accessory was also a good move. The finishing touch of course is Cap’s Indestructible shield, it looks like an object made of metal and is convincing on screen.

#4 Rorschach (Watchmen)
Being one of the easier costumes to pull off, maybe I shouldn’t have ranked it so high on the list. But dammit, Rorschach’s mask was freaking awesome! I was simply mesmerized every time it appeared and morphed before my eyes on the screen.

The rest isn’t really that hard to pull off, trench coat, fedora-hat, some shoes, gloves and a scarf. Still, Rorschach’s presence is an essential part of the film, his costume may have been simple, but at the same time it made an incredible impact.

#3 Batman (Nolan Films)
Personally, I prefer the costume from “Batman Begins” to the sequels. The thicker panther-like cowl and the smother looking attire is closer to what the Batman from the comic books wears. The plated look has its advantages as it allows the actor to have more range of motion, but it also makes the costume feel more assembled than worn.

The second get-up also has a little too much shine to it compared to the muted tones of the first costume. Whichever your preference, one thing is for sure, the caped crusader has never looked better on celluloid.

#2 Spider-Man
Whether you fancy the more traditional design of the Sam Rami films or the newer edgier costume used by Marc Webb, they both looked marvelous on screen.

The Rami costume is probably as close as you can get to the comic version although it might be a bit difficult for a kid from Queens to produce on his own).

Webb’s concept takes more liberties with the design, while keeping the most essential aspects in place. I have to admit the new suit is growing on me. I think it’s the slightly darker blues and deeper reds that are winning me over. At a time when other superheroes costumes were being translated to all black outfits, Spidey proved that you can keep the colors intact and not make your superhero look like a joke, in fact he looked amazing.

and #1 is...

#1 Iron Man
Ah, what a life Tony Stark has, not only is he a billionaire, philanthropist, playboy; he also has the most kick-ass costume ever seen on screen. Sleek, stylish and outfitted with an impressive array of extras including; advanced weapons technology, flight capabilities, and a sarcastic version of OnStar called Jarvis. The Iron Man armor just looks outstanding on screen. C’mon this costume even assembles and disassembles itself, how freaking sweet is that!

The costume remains true to the character, while providing a sense of believability for the audience. When it comes to superhero costumes, Tony Stark really does get to wear the best suits.

Agree with a list? Disagree? Post a comment below to let us know!
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