Freakazoid-The Live Action Movie!

Freakazoid-The Live Action Movie!

My ideal cast for a Freakazoid movie.

On the entirety of the site, I have seen no mention or reference to one un-sung hero.....the super-teen extrordanaire, FREAKAZOID!

His show was funny, full of so much parody it could rival the movies of Mel Brooks, and it's a wonder no one has thought of giving this the live action treatment. So it has fallen to me to give an idea for a decent cast. So, without further ado, here is the first casting, the hero himself and his dorky alter-ego:

Freakazoid-Andy Samberg

Andy looks the part, and with his SNL background, he can really bring Freakazoid's sheer lunacy to life. That, and someone out there will want to hear him say "poo gas".

Dexter Douglas-Jessie Eisenberg

I liked his performance in "The Social Network", and I wondered if he could play a really dorky computer geek with a comedic twist.

Now, on to his friends and family:

Douglas Douglas-John Goodman

I thought Goodman could easily do Dexter's dad.

Debbie Douglas-Julie White

I was inspired by her performance in the first Transformers movie, and she really does resemble the character model.

Duncan Douglas-Nate Torrence

I just thought, with this role, the tables turn on his previous characters!

Steff-Lauren Conrad

She could easily play the part of both Dexter's crush and Freakazoid's girlfriend, unaware of the two being the same person.

Sgt. Mike Cosgrove-Ed Asner

He was the original voice actor, and the guy was modeled after him. Otherwise, I would have also gone with Ray Wise. Besides, if there was one of those warnings to stay quiet during the movie playing, it be one of him pointing his finger at the audience and saying "Cut it out."

Professor Jones-David Hyde Pierce

Pierce's role as Nigel on Fraiser is what gave me the idea, and I think he resembles the character's VA, the late Jonathan Harris.

Roddy MacStew-Mike Myers

I can't help it, the guy looks the part, and he does a great Scotsman impression!

Professor Heiney-Jim Carrey

The guy could easily do the accent, and he looks the part, and he's HILARIOUS.

Now then, let's BRING ON THE BAD GUYS:

The Lobe-Simon Pegg

I'm positive he could do the whole evil genius thing.

Medulla and Oblangata-Anthony LaPaglia

He'd be a good fit for the Lobe's twin goons.

Caveguy-Kelsey Grammer

If he could play Beast, he can definitely play the erudite neanderthal that Freakazoid fights.

Longhorn-Dwayne Johnson

Come on, who wouldn't want to see him play a carjacking minotaur!

Cobra Queen-Anna Faris

She is definitely funny enough to play this scaly former shoplifter. Just think Julie Newmar's Catwoman with more hissing.

Candle Jack-Robert Englund

I think it's time for once that the former Freddy Kreuger ham it up! And I'd love to hear him say the famous line "I'm going to need more rope."

Armando Gutierrez-Antonio Banderas

The Shrek movies proved he could be funny, and I think he'd be great paying tribute to the late Ricardo Montalban. Plus, the eyepatch!

Waylon Jeepers-Jason Alexander

I'd love to see this guy tackle the supernatural, especially with a watch that can turn beavers to gold!

Vorn the Unspeakable-Doug Jones (motion capture), Keith David (voice)

Speaks for itself.

Invisibo-Corey Burton reprising his role

Also speaks for itself.

Arms Akimbo-Michael Richards

He looks the part, and I'm sure he can play a mob type to a comedic degree. Especially if he has to have his arms on his hips the entire time!

Deadpan-Rachel Dratch

I'm pretty sure she'd do a great deadpan manner.

Dr. Mystico-Ricky Gervais

He's perfect for the role. I'm sure Tim Curry would be proud.

Kid Carrion-Bill Hader

He can definitely do scary and funny at the same time. He did play Vincent Price on SNL...

The Nerdator-Ray Park

Need I say much?

Now for five other characters central to the mythos:

Expendable Lad-Michael Cera

Freakazoid's one-time sidekick, he'd be a perfect fit for the former Scott Pilgrim, as he could definitely portray the guy's weakness to milk very naturally.

Fanboy-Jonah Hill

He can easily play, what else, a fanboy.

Lord Bravery-Hank Azaria

He did a good British accent in Mystery Men, now let's see him imitate John Cleese!

The Huntsman-Jackie Earle Haley

We've seen him in a lot of dark roles, let's give him something to make people laugh about, in this case a superhero who can't seem to find a city teeming with crime.

And finally, Joe Leahy returning as himself, the narrator.
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