Frogman Casts Aquaman Movie

Frogman Casts Aquaman Movie

My cast for an Aquaman movie...

Well with news that an Aquaman movie is in the works, I thought about who I would like to see cast.

First as Aquaman, I think Kevin McKidd would be able to pull off the role convincingly.

As Mera, I would like to see Amy Adams because not only does she look the part but I think she has the acting ability to play the character.

For the villain, I wasn't sure which character it should be so I picked my two favorites.

For Aquaman's half-brother and foe, Ocean Master, I chose Clive Owen because he is a brilliant actor and I think he would stand out in the role.

Or for the role of Black Manta, Michael Ealy because he just seems to fit.

I am thinking of casting for other villains and any suggestions would be great.

As for sidekicks I think they should be left out (plus I couldn't think of a suitable cast for Tula, and Lorena.)

A last addition is Taylor Lauter, (idea proposed by Daniel blacklantern) as Aqualad.

Well these are my ideas for now and I would be pleased if I saw an Aquaman movie with this cast in it.
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