Galvanic Comic Book Series

Galvanic Comic Book Series

Our world has ended and another begins.

Hey Everyone,
I wanted to show you a project of mine that's currently in development. I've always wanted to break into the comic book scene and recently took the initiative to do so.

What was supposed to be an animated short film, turned out to be overwhelming for one person to handle. These films consist of modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, rendering, compositing, editing etc etc. So rather than throwing out my designs I turned to one of my closed passions and hobbies: Playing Cards.

Last year I created a Bicycle brand deck called Galvanic (See below) which consisted of custom designs such as the ace of spades, back design, jokers, court cards and tuck case. 2,610 decks were printed by The United States Playing Card company and was a great success using Kickstarter.

Now I want to push myself further. This story has been in my head for years and want to tell everyone I could. So I thought why not bring everything into a comic book series?

Below is the start of the first issue in the run.

Our world has ended and another begins.
Robotic intelligence has been created to survive the human apocalypse.
Their purpose: to study earth and our universe in ways we could have never imagined.
Galvanics are a race all on its own and consist of individual thought and
feelings. They have a core power source in their chest which is what gives them life. Without it being present, their life is terminated.
However, Galvanics aren't the only race that survived. Now it's a race to be the last ones standing and protect the Galvanic cores.

I would love to one day have this has a monthly series and to be in print.
It will consist of cgi art and everything is done by me. This includes the 3d models, rendering, texturing, touch ups, outlines, lettering, lighting and story.

Well what do you guys think?
I would love honest feedback to help me out.
Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this!

Sean Whelan
3D Artist

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